Happy Turkey Birthday To Me

November 22, 2007 at 10:48 pm (Family, Friends, Memories, Work)

My birthday will never be on Thankgiving, however, this does not mean I don’t think the turkey and trimmings are all for me.

What I did on my birthday:


No, there aren’t any antlers on that deer, but still a worthy kill.  She weighed about 84 lbs. field dressed and we’ll get about 50 lbs. of meat from her. 

I spent time with my family… all of them. Then I went to work and they all spoiled me with food and drinks. And more drinks… and some more.

Then I went back to my parents’ place today and hunted (after temps dropped 30*-40*) but didn’t see much. Ate turkey. Spent time with family. Came home and soaked in a hot bath. Now, I’m ready for bed.

I’m working tomorrow and we’re anticipating a big crowd. I hope so. I could use it.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Now, on with the leftovers.


  1. se7en said,

    Now that’s what I call a wild birthday! hehe

    Hope you survived work!


  2. Jammie J. said,

    happy birthday, happy thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. Jammie J. said,

    p.s. tony says to tell you that you killed bambi. 😥 he’s scarred for life.

  4. Michael said,

    Happy birthday to you. Hope your day was better than that poor deer’s, Bambi-killah.

  5. Vince said,

    Damn, what are you, Ted Nugent with boobs? Nice looking kill there girl.

    Glad you had a good Turkey Day and Happy Birthday!

  6. Inanna said,

    Se7en, I did survive work, thanks.

    Jammie, please inform Tony that Bambi was “Prince” of the Forest. I killed Bambi’s mom. That goes for you too, Mikey.

    Vince, I am Ted Nugent with boobs, thankyouverymuch, except I’m prettier.

  7. Pand0raWilde said,

    Great, now I’m craving venison sausage. See how you are? ;Þ

  8. SagaciousHillbilly said,

    Another good looking blond who claims to be my daughter shot one very similar this afternoon. What’s with you blond girls and all this carnage?

  9. Tina said,

    Damn,girl! That’s a good kill! Congrats!

  10. kenju said,

    I am sorry that I didn’t get here to wish you a Happy Birthday, but now that it is over, I hope you had a great one. Sounds like it.

  11. Trashman said,

    Good shooting SunShine.

  12. Seamus said,

    Happy Birthday NannerBelle. It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving! 🙂

  13. restless angel said,

    Happy Birthday & Thanksgiving!!!!

  14. Inanna said,

    Pandora, I’ll have some before too long, but I don’t think it ships well.

    Juan, we’re just those kinds of girls.

    Thanks, Beanie!

    Kenju, worry not, I didn’t make a big fuss of my “big” day.

    Thanks, Trash.

    Seamus, it was a worthy holiday.

    Thanks RA!

  15. brightonandbear said,

    Ewwww, that’s what Travis will be doing next week. Ew.

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