November 11, 2007 at 8:41 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, General, The House)

Here I am again. I was sitting on the porch today wondering if there was something I should be writing about and I can’t think of a thing. At least, nothing I feel like delving into with both feet.

I will tell you all that Sean Dustman, from Doc in the Box, is being featured in the History Channel documentary, “Band of Bloggers,” which explores the blogging medium regarding raw and immediate information of the Iraq War from those fighting it. It is on again tomorrow (November 12th) at Noon and 6 p.m. EST. It was a pretty decent documentary although I was a bit miffed that it didn’t mention the blogs nor screen names of any of the men and woman they featured.

I keep subscribing to the notion that good things come to people who wait… and wait… and wait… I’ve kicked that notion to the curb. I finally got my insurance to pay out the final amount of money due me from the fire after a three month wait. Since the check was supposed to have been cut on the 2nd of November and mailed the same day from KY, I expected said paltry, yet important, sum to reach my doorstep no later than Tuesday.

*Crickets chirping*

I e-mailed my contact again and inquired as to where the check had been sent. 48 hours later and with crickets still in my mailbox, I was informed the check had been sent to the address which I have not lived at in over five months. I suppose it is too much to ask that they remember where my residence is since this has been the center-point of the whole deal to start with. My fire, remember? Remember me moving home at the end of May?

I sent back an e-mail that should have read: Dear Fucktard: How the hell could you have forgotten my home address? I think you’re passive-aggressive and need immediate intervention. Do not ever think KY is so far away that I won’t track your ass down and beat the shit out of you. You are a stupid, fucking idiot and it amazes me that you keep your job. Further, had you realized it was YOUR fault that the receipts had not been processed and giving me lip service only increases my ire, then perhaps I wouldn’t have sent that last e-mail regarding my payment, in which I also attempted to keep a civil tongue on the page and not tell you what a lying moron you are. To send my check to my TEMPORARY address is beyond stupid. Honestly, it IS passive-aggressive behavior because I called you to the mat over taking so long to process my receipts – through NO FAULT of my own.

Bite my ass, bitch. I loathe you. If given the chance, I will fuck with you, hard. Except I’ll do you the pleasure of informing you that it is I who is doing so and why.


Further, I’m also faced with another fucktard that can’t get her shit together. This also involves MY MONEY. Why do people think that your money is their money and they must protect it at every cost? No people, my 401(k) is not YOUR MONEY. That is MY MONEY that you are mishandling and I will not stop until I have wrenched every dime of it from your scum sucking, bad investing hands.

Telling me that it isn’t anyone’s fault but it’s your “workload” is insufficient and incompetent. You’ve know for FIVE MONTHS that I wished to take my money off of your hands. FIVE MONTHS. This is not insufficient notice. I believe that to be more than enough time to print out some paperwork for me to sign. Yes, I know all about the penalties. If you get me my motherfuckin’ money, all of those penalties will be offset from the tax break I’ll get because of the fire, numbnuts. That is, IF you are capable of disbursing my money before the end of the year.

No, I don’t have any sympathy for you nor your “workload.” If 50 people walk through the door of my restaurant, I can’t look at my boss and say, “I just can’t handle the workload.” I would be fired or severely reprimanded. If my “workload” is more than I can handle sufficiently, I ask for, and receive, help. Perhaps you could learn a bit from my work environment. Also, I may point out, that my former boss, the man who you have to have sign my forms as well, would not tolerate a “too heavy workload” excuse from me and I certainly don’t expect to hear it again. Again lady, not five hour or five days, but FIVE MONTHS. Get off your ass.

Fucking morons.

In other news, I’m seriously contemplating purchasing a wood stove, should I have ever have sufficient funds to do so. Wood is free. My parents just bought 9 acres of land that needs to be cleared. They have an additional 500 or so acres of woodland where they live now. Its rather stupid of me not to have a wood burning stove in my house regardless of how I feel about burning wood in my house. Much cheaper and if the power goes out, oh well, I’ll be warm and toasty.

The way I figure it, the stove would cost about $500. Gas to bring wood to the house would be about $160 a year. I haven’t gotten my new electric and gas bills since its gotten really cold, but my bet is, I’d save a boatload of cash. And, the cost of utilities will continue to rise and my wood will continue to be free. So, there we are.

Guess I had more to write about than I thought. A bunch of complaining that doesn’t help anything.


  1. Trashman said,

    Hey Sunshine. Get the stove. You’ll make your money back before the winter is over.

  2. kenju said,

    It may not help the situation, Nanner, but it helps to voice it! I hope it all gets better soon.

  3. Vince said,

    Those are vaild complaints. Is it a lot to ask for people just to do their jobs? Without any excuses?

    Wood buring stoves rock. We had one in the house when I was a kid and it would warm up the whole house, baby. Sounds like a good investment. Especially if you connect it to your heating ducts. I had a friend who’d dad did that. They’d stoke it at night and keep the place toasty till morning.

  4. Jammie J. said,

    If you can afford the stove, get the stove. My grandfather put a wood burning stove in the house I grew up in, it was the warmest thing ever. Just make sure the door is shut when the fire is burning 😯

    Yeah, I was gonna say, for not having anything you wanted to delve into with both feet, I think you did a pretty good job. I hope you were wearing rubber boots, because the shit got pretty deep there for awhile. The shit of incompetent people, I mean.

  5. KtP said,

    That’s so funny what people said about wood burning stoves, because I don’t remember the one we had in the house I grew up in (or the one in my sister’s house now) emitting all that much warmth.

  6. Jamie said,

    I remember my mom’s, so warm! I ‘m going to have two gas stoves when I move into my house. I’m excited! Gas is sooo much cheaper around here.

  7. Lois Lane said,

    Holy shit! Not much to say is exactly what I was thinking. LOL!!!!

    I’d get the wood burner too. Even with the cost of a new one, it’ll pay itself off in one year.

  8. Julie said,

    Our friend Randy has a woodburning stove and it is so, so warm. Even in a house in the middle of the woods in upstate NY in winter, so that’s saying something. Get the stove – since the fuel’s free, you’re doing yourself a favor. 🙂

  9. AJ said,

    Whoa…serious ventage. You go girl…get’ em!

    Drop me a note as to a good time for a catch-up call if you’ll have the time this Thursday or Friday, okay?

  10. Pand0raWilde said,

    Definitely go for the wood stove–it’ll easily save you big bucks.

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