October 17, 2007 at 8:36 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Crazy Shit)

Fear not, I will continue my New Orleans trip report in due time. Good things come to those who wait, and wait, and wait…


For some reason I’ve been reading the news lately. Perhaps it’s that WV has once again garnered national attention by way of a young man missing in the Monongahela National Forest. This young man is 18 years old but is severely autistic and basically nonverbal.

I have spent a great deal of time in Tucker County, WV, where this is all transpiring and while the beauty is awe inspiring, it is no different than any other patch of woods in the world. It’s isolated and the next tree, rock, and flower look like half a dozen others you passed in the 10 feet you’ve walked. Lucky for him, the bears are getting ready to hibernate and aren’t all that hungry right now and the weather is exceptionally mild, even at higher elevations. I pray for his safe return.


I also noticed in the news that more parents are using bogus (or real) religious or philosophical reasons to NOT have their children vaccinated against childhood diseases. Ummmm… that’s stupid. If your older child had a severe reaction to a vaccine then I would understand.

So, tell me, if you use a religious excuse (bogus or real) to not vaccinate your children and then all of them die from diptheria or measles, is that not murder? Could you not be charged with attempted murder if you took your child to an international airport? Really, do you think people from 3rd world countries don’t fly? Do you think people who visit 3rd world countries don’t come back with little nasties on their person? Do you NOT know that even vaccinated individuals can still contract diseases, the symptoms and severity of which are decreased but STILL CONTAGIOUS?

And while I’m at it, and just raring to piss peeps off, if you’re of a religious organization that doesn’t permit vaccinations or blood transfusions or other possible life-saving interventions, and your child is not of an age in which they can make an informed, adult decision as to whether or not they want to trust in the blood of the lamb or in Dr. Feelgood, then I think you should HAVE to provide that care until said child is old enough and of sound mind to determine for themselves whether or not said medical intervention should stop or be administered.

Can you imagine being a hemophiliac born to Jehovah’s Witnesses? Sorry son, but if God had meant for you to live you would have been born a guilt-ridden Catholic or writhing and speaking in tongues with the Pentecostals. Better luck next time.


Did ya’ll see where Al Gore (and the IPCC) won the Nobel Peace Prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change. . . ” I thought Hurricane Katrina did that two years ago? Must be me.


Have you all seen Ellen DeGeneres’s plea for the puppy patrol to let her hairdresser and kids keep the dog Ellen gave them? The one they took because Ellen didn’t read the fine print? An estimated 4 to 6 MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized each year in America. Ellen spent an obscene amount of money on this dog, THREE. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. and the puppy patrol said, “Sorry.”

I find something very, very wrong with this.

According to the puppy patrol, they confiscated said pooch because the hairdresser’s daughters weren’t 14 years old. Come on! Britney Spears is allowed to breed, TWICE, but an 11 year old can’t have a fucking DOG!?!

Welcome to America.


I have many blessings today but count your own.


  1. kenju said,

    Well, that’s an eclectic post. I know Tucker Co. too, and I certainly would hate to be lost in those woods. It is a blessing that the weather is milder than usual. I hope he is found.

    I definitely agree with you about the puppy – and about B.Spears. She shouldn’t be allowed to breed!

  2. Jammie J said,

    Huh, sad to hear about that lost boy in the wilderness. I hope he gets found. Kind of scary.

    As for vaccinations, I’m not against them. Don’t know why some people are, they’re pretty standard. What I am vehemently against is mandatory HPV vaccinations. That particular vaccination should be voluntary and up to the parents & child to decide if it’s right for them.

    Umm, wait, Ellen DeGeneres has a HAIR DRESSER? Why?

  3. Jammie J said,

    I should clarify that I’m not against childhood vaccinations…

  4. blackpunkin said,

    Kenju, Tucker Co. is not somewhere that I would like to be lost.

    Jammie, I know, I thought the same thing about Ellen… “She has a hairdresser and she still looks like that? Fire her but give her back the dog.”

  5. Trashman said,

    About the vaccine thing, could it bepeople are just tired of the government telling them what to do? The schools around here tell you (in the form of very large signs) that your childe will not be admitted without all the proper shots. I like to point out to them every year they are breaking federal law by doing that. It’s fun to watch them stutter and stammer while trying not to admit all I need to do is sign a piece of paper to enroll my children. My children have all their shots just like my dog does. It’s just fun to mess with them.

  6. thedailyrandi said,

    I don’t understand The Ellen Thing at all. She gave The Dog to A Nice Family! I think that some of the people who run Rescue Organiaztions may be Freaky. You know, like in A PETA Way. (No offense if you are like, All PETA, and Stuff.)


  7. blackpunkin said,

    LOL! Only you Trashman. Just because the gubbermint says to do it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad.

    TDR, I agree about rescue organizations… I think some of them are freaky and over the top, including PETA.

  8. brightonandbear said,

    I can see both sides of the Ellen thing having rescued all of my pets. If they let one person break the rule then it sets up the next person to do it. I do think these organizations are a bit manic in my opinion. The dog should have been returned to the hairdresser’s kids pending a home visit.
    I am all for shots, and yes, both of my girls 10 & 15 have been vaccinated for HPV. I have HPV and wouldn’t wish it on anyone after my experiences.
    Hope they find that young man, how scary for him.

  9. Seamus said,

    I hope they find that young man soon; although the weather might be mild now, it can change all to quickly this time of year.

  10. Vince said,

    I heard about the autistic boy on CNN yesterday morning during breakfast. It alwasy grabs my heart and squeezes very tightly. There but for the grace of God go I.

    I never understood those crazy religious reasons not to see a doctor. God never intended for people to be all legalistic and follow all sorts of rules to go to Heaven. Shit, He really only gave us 2 rules: Love God and love your neighbor. Ain’t much simpler than that.

    I must live in a hole as I wasn’t aware of this Ellen thing. But when the Wife was trying to adopt a dog, it amazed me at how many adoption agencies but so many obstacles in the way of adopting a pet. You shouldn’t have to fill out 15 page forms and give 17 references just to get a dog.

  11. blackpunkin said,

    Brighton, I can understand wanting animals to go to the proper homes, but it seems to be a bit Draconian on their part to just yank the dog. Shots were developed for a reason… to keep kids alive.

    Seamus, they did find the young man alive and not a day too soon since we’re expecting a cold front any moment.

    I thought of your son, Vince, when I heard of this young man. Although your son is much better off in terms of communication and survival skills. I can understand filling out forms and such, especially for difficult to place dogs like pit bulls or a severly abused or mistreated pooch that may become violent, especially around small children, but yes, you have to fill out forms, give blood, and swear a child to adopt a dog but can have as many children as you want at will… frightening.

  12. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    I just love it when you let it hang out. This is all “right on,” Sistah.

  13. blackpunkin said,

    Hoss, it feels good to say what’s on my mind.

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