September 12, 2007 at 12:54 am (Attitude in Overdrive, Black Stone Cherry, Crazy Shit, Family, Friends, Nate, T-Bird, Work)

September 11th is winding down to a close.

I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to post about. Nate, Jeff, me, work, the #4, I mean, so much fodder for blogging.

We’ll start with the #4. On Friday, I waited on 34 people and I made $104 in tips. The time on the bank when Nate and I stopped at the stoplight was 4:44 and it was 94* outside. The trip odometer at the stop sign down the road was 444.4 and we were on our way to my 14th Black Stone Cherry show. On the way home, I got pulled over the 4th time this year, four blocks from my house.

Speaking of getting pulled over, it appears as though Officer D. and I will be having another meeting. Seems as though he forgot to tell me that I needed to return to The Point in order for him to see my new registration, now, the State wants to suspend my license. I’m not happy about that. Also not happy about the fact that Officer D. only works Fri – Mon, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Oh, joy! And to think, I’ve been back to The Point TWICE since he first pulled me over. Now, if I can just find my new registration card…

Nate has been moved to a new class at school which is for boys with ADHD. He was very unhappy about this… at first. His father, even more unhappy. Me, trying to get both of them to give it a chance and find out more about this program. Jeff just kept yelling about coddling him and how kids will make fun of him. Nate finally came around and said he would give it one week to see how things went. Jeff totally showed his ass this evening, bellowing, screeching, screaming into the phone about everything from Nate’s hair and clothes to the size of his book bag and how since he took care of Nate over the summer, he should get part of his child support back.

Hmmmmm… well, Court doesn’t see it that way. Court says only overnights count and that didn’t change at all. As a matter of fact, if you count the times that Jeff couldn’t care for his son because he was drunk, I’m pretty sure I’d come out ahead in that. Jeff also complains that he doesn’t see Danlel, so why should he pay child support? Now I’m trying to figure out which way it should go… don’t see your child, pay no child support – see your child, pay no child support… I think he needs to make up his mind.

He made the comment, “So, you gonna try and turn Nate against me? HUH? HUH?” I thought, “Why? You’re doing a fine job all by yourself! No need for me to get involved when you got that covered on all bases.” I think he may have been nipping at the bottle a bit.

Nate and I went to T-Bird’s to see J3, who had his 8th birthday today. I said, “Remind me again why I slept with Jeff.” You don’t want to know her answer. It involves me being an idiot and Jeff being good at sex, which the thought of these days makes me want to vomit. Don’t you love truthful friends?

In other news, one of my cousins has been diagnosed with adenoma carcinoma, which I understand means, canceralloveryourbody. He’s 43. My other cousin is in rehab. He’s 47ish. I think I’ll stay 39 forever.

My dad was extremely ill from the effects of heat exhaustion, to the point he actually spent a couple of days in bed. Does my mother call me? No. Had she called me I would have prescribed Gatorade, and Goodys headache powders. Does wonders for heat exhaustion. For some reason I’m very susceptible to dehydration and heat exhaustion, so anytime I’m outside in the intense heat for long periods of time I alternate water and Gatorade, like I did at X-Fest. So, my dad lays around with his electrolytes all screwed up for two or three days before it dawned on my mother to force feed him Gatorade.

Am I actually adopted? Honestly, have you ever wondered that?

Just another day in paradise.


  1. Vince said,

    I don’t know if you’re adopted or not, but you sure live in a unique world.

    I’m not sure I like the idea of an ADHD class. I would hate for Grasshopper to be in a special class just for Autistic kids. He’s doing so much better being mainstreamed with the other kids. Maverick is doing just fine in regular classes with all the other kids. He doesn’t even get services any longer. Of course, it’s the medication that keeps him focused. A short wait and see is probably not a bad idea.

    I’m just shaking my head at Jeff. Totally clueless, isn’t he?

    It’s been my experience that 98% of women stop aging at 39. My MIL was 39 for close to 30 years. She said so every birthday.

  2. Mahala said,

    I have often pondered.. or fantasized.. that I was adopted, but unfortunately there’s no denying my father’s evil green eyes or my mother’s figure. When I was little, I used to wish Elvis was my real father lol. Or that my mother would leave my dad and marry Elvis.

    See? I was nuts from a very early age lol.

  3. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Jack Benny died when he was 39. So be careful.

  4. Jammie J said,

    We only have electrolytes until we’re 39 or 44 or something like that. No, no, that was heat exhaustion that made you get involved with Jeff, wasn’t it? Gosh, I think I’ll go drink some gatorade now.

  5. Jammie J said,

    P.S. That comment I just made was designed to make no sense whatsoever…

  6. Julie said,

    Every girl is allowed to “stick” at some point, haven’t you seen Sex & The City? I think 36 sounds nice, personally. And especially since Jammie just informed us that we won’t have electrolytes after 39. I will stick and leave myself some breathing room between me and the no-electrolytes age. Yeah, that’ll work.

  7. Inanna said,

    Vince, I don’t have much info about this class yet but Nate seems much happier everyday… not sure. I’ll talk to the principal on Monday.

    Mahala, nuttin’ wrong with wantin’ the King to the yo daddy!

    Thanks for that reminder, Hoss.

    Jammie, wow, I haven’t used that excuse before! Yeah, heat exhaustion.

    Julez, you know, I’ve never been a big watcher of Sex & The City, although I’ve heard I should.

  8. Tina said,

    “I am an idiot and Jeff is good at sex.”

    I think we have ALL been through similar situations! Sometimes lust takes over and you lose all sense of reality. 🙂

    Yeah, Gatorade is the bomb. Powerade is OK. I drink it all the time when it’s hot or I am at amusement parks. I will try that headache stuff sometime as well.

  9. Seamus said,

    Lots of past relationships have that ring: “I am an idiot and Jeff is good at sex.” Guess we just live and learn.
    So what about these 4s??? Hmmmm?

  10. brightonandbear said,

    Yes, you are adopted. I know that thought makes me feel better too : )
    I’m so sorry about your cousin. That’s just too young.
    Jeff. Well, we all have major fuck ups in our lives, at least something good came from that one in Nate.

    Stay strong!

  11. se7en said,

    Gatorade is great when you need it, but it’s loaded with carbs and will really pack the weight on you if you drink it regularly. For the calories you may as well just eat ice cream LOL

    Great job on the tips and I hope it goes well for Nate!


  12. kenju said,

    Ha! I KNOW I’m adopted, so I don’t have to wonder. Mr. kenju loves Gatorade and now that he cannot get out to buy it, I will wean him off it. That stuff is too sugary for constant consumption, but in your dad’s case, it was just the thing.

    YOU GO with the tips!!

  13. Hale McKay said,

    Whew! For not knowing what to blog about you sure put up a lot for us to absorb.

    I let 39 slip by some time ago. Does it work if I stop at 59?

    That’s sad news about your cousin – so young!

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