The Little Memorable Moments

August 26, 2007 at 7:11 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Crazy Shit, Empathy, Memories, Work)


I’m tired. *Yawn* I didn’t get home until 1:30 this morning. I felt like I had sweated off about ten pounds by the end of the evening. It was a smashing success. Did I tell ya’ll it was an engagement party for a young couple and 250 of their closest friends?


When we arrived, there was a huge white tent with the sides drawn back in the front yard and two large fans. A few tables with chairs and five high tops without chairs. Tables for the buffet and bar, a place for the band, and on the back patio/terrace, another bar was set up. There was another buffet set up inside the house as well. Large, fragrant bouquets of flowers, perfectly manicured lawn, even matching flowers and greenery planted in the ground for the occasion. Small, medium, and large, pink, lavender, and white lantern balls appeared to be floating from the tent ceiling.


It was absolutely beautiful and much more than any of us (staff) could ever imagine for ourselves.


The host, hostess, and their family were wonderful, classy folks. I suppose we all carry stereotypes of rich and poor folks, and I’m sure we all know folks who belong to one or the other class that destroy that stereotype and those who personify it. I meet both types, which is what makes my job infinitely entertaining.


One such entertaining chap was a man who the Gods of yore surely smiled upon. Literally, he could have graced the cover of any magazine without blinking an eye. I first saw him later in the evening, as I had been working the bar, floating through the house, floating through the crowd, delivering drinks, busing the tables, delivering ice, making drinks, making more drinks, and delivering more drinks.


Obviously I caught his eye before he caught mine because he made it a point to compliment me on my superior people skills, my bright smile, and how he could tell I truly enjoyed my job. (Actually, I think he asked when we had started serving quail and I referred him to one of the evening servers.) He works for the insurance company that underwrites our insurance at the restaurant, so he’s very familiar with it. The last time they came in for a meeting in the conference room, he happened not to be with them. Schade. This lead to a brief conversation as to how I came to work at the restaurant and literally how I bullshitted my way into the job with the barest of actual experience.


The next time I brought drinks around, including a set of chilled shots, he told me he’d better not imbibe because if he did he may become too intoxicated and start hitting on women (which gave me the feeling that he meant me). I raised my head to say something and as I did he bent down. I said, “I think you’re good looking enough that no one would mind.”


Suddenly, he’s looking directly into my eyes, and they softened, “Thank you.” I smiled. I made a few more rounds and eventually wound up back at his and his friend’s high top. This time they had joined some rather lovely ladies. As I delivered the drinks, Adonis said thank you and looked at me again and I was overcome with the, “Omigod, he’s thinking of kissing me! May Day! May Day! Abort! Abort!” I missed part of the conversation since demigod and I were standing there staring at each other but heard this, “NO! I want to meet your little friend.”


Oops. Someone explain to me why Adonis is standing there staring at me like he’s going to tip me backwards and land a Rhett Butler on me while his date/girlfriend/whatever is standing right there???? Booze? Cad? I’m astounding beautiful and he couldn’t help himself?


One would think after hearing “little friend” that she’s going to pitch a major hissy. Yet, when we introduced ourselves and shook hands, I only felt a twinge of pure cattiness beneath her beautiful exterior. However, Adonis and I were both silently chastised and did not speak for the remainder of the evening. Matter of fact, we both went out of our way NOT to even look at each other.


I sure am having brief memorable moments this year. Maybe they’re preparing me for something bigger. Yeehaww!


  1. Jammie J said,

    First of all, I don’t think I have 250 friends. Let me think… nope, all my dearest are in my cell phone’s address book (including my dentist and GYN, if they’ve seen my innards, I count them as a friend) and I know I don’t have that many contac’ss.

    Second of all, I hope you “haaaaa’ed” on him, you know, breathed your glorious breath? It’s possible you spread your summer cold — it’d only be fair. What a jerk.

  2. Inanna said,

    Awww, Jammie, he’s a nice guy, just a little intoxicated. I can’t blame him, I am irresistible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Charmed said,

    Yes Nannerbabe, you are irrisistible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Tina said,

    Engagement parties? They actually have those? Damn.

    You are hilarious (and irresistible) girl! So he was ALL that, huh?

    Damn, I don’t ever think I have had quail. I will keep that in mine for my engagement party….


  5. Vince said,

    “Someone explain to me why Adonis is standing there staring at me like heโ€™s going to tip me backwards and land a Rhett Butler on me while his date/girlfriend/whatever is standing right there???? Booze? Cad? Iโ€™m astounding beautiful and he couldnโ€™t help himself?”

    It’s because you’re astonishingly beautiful. Who could help themselves if they were in your presence? Not I.

  6. Julie said,

    You know you’re amongst the rich-rich when you’re at an engagement party. That’s something only the upper echelons do, at least in my experience.

    May you find an Adonis who does not have a girlfriend at your next engagement party. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Glad you had a moment!

    And I agree with Julz ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Moon said,

    Funny how such brief moments can make your toes curl eh. lol
    Wow 250 ! for an engagement party…wonder how many the wedding will bring. I got married last yr..counting me and my husband, we were 27 ppl LOL…but then..we didn’t invite everyone like relatives u never see like cousins and uncles etc etc…we wanted only the very dear to us…did it in a 5 star hotel…best of menu’s, best of service but all worth it because we were a small group, so able to afford something very special.

  9. Serra said,

    Better check the local Craigslist for Missed Connections…

  10. Inanna said,

    Charmed – Like I said in my e-mail, no more nicknames!

    Beanie – Yeah, like I’ll have stuffed lobster tails at my engagement party… LLLLMMMAAAOOO!!!!

    Vince, I knew it!

    Julez, may I find any Adonis that doesn’t have a girlfriend! LOL!

    LisaB., ya know, sometimes it is the little things…

    Moon, actually the mother-of-the-bride said the couple doesn’t want a big wedding, so there will be considerable FEWER people at the wedding and that’s why the ‘rents threw the big engagement party.

    Serra, I would, but he knows where I work…

  11. Jammie J said,

    Tee hee, you may be irresistible, but he obviously wasn’t.


  12. FUBAR « Anything Goes said,

    […] Remember the Greek Adonis from the engagement party last year?ย  Yeah, you know, I’ve had a mad crush on him ever since. […]

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