Move Along, Nothing To See Here

August 22, 2007 at 11:34 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Black Stone Cherry, Music, My Travels, Nate)

Okay, now that I have the tangled web that is my sorta sex life out of the way, how about a post about the things I forgot to blog about!

Let’s start with a visit from Kenju! Kenju came to town for a class reunion and is good friends with the owner of the building I work in and had already eaten at the restaurant . That didn’t stop her from eating again (Fried Green Tomato BLT) Unfortunately, I was extremely busy that day with a large group in another room but did pause long enough to share the story of being stopped by the po-po and have this shot snapped.


Notice the not so subtle glow of sweat about my brow.

I was also fortunate enough the following day to meet Kenju’s clone, I mean, daughter, while I was working. A beautiful family and a tall one. I’ve also seen her friend on a few occasions since then and it’s always a joy when she comes in.

I can’t believe I didn’t tell you peeps that I saw Black Stone Cherry over the weekend at the Kentucky State Fair. I saw some big, big cows while I was there, lots of chickens and pigeons, the most adorable bunnies evah, and some pretty incredible artwork. You should have been there, especially since a lot of the rooms are AIR CONDITIONED. In addition to seeing BSC, I got to spend some time with Kim and Matt, saw Jess, hugged briefly, and met a few more folks. It kicked ass, as always. I love going to see them in Kentucky because the crowd is everything it should be.

Except… while standing in line, I had my BSC shirt draped over my purse and some very, not so nice, ASSHOLE, stole it. You know, the one I MADE. By the way, butt-munch, that’s the shirt I puked on while in flight to Denver, and I hope the same nasty pukes plague you until you find a way to GIVE MY FUCKING SHIRT BACK, you, as Jess would say, DOUCHE BAG!

For anyone marking their calendars, I will also be seeing BSC September 1st and then, of course, I’ll be seeing Alice in Chains in New Orleans on October 1st. I’m super psyched about X-Fest on the 1st of September as the line-up also includes Papa Roach, Buckcherry, and the mad, bad, burning balls of Hinder.

I really, really wanted Kim and Matt to come up for X-Fest and stay at Casa Peach but Matt had heard it can be pretty wild (mosh pit, body surfing, general debauchery) and when Kim pointed out that I had went to X-Fest last year and survived, his reply was, “Well, Nanner is a badass.” Its good to know my outstanding qualities are recognized and taken to heart.

Nate is starting Middle School next week and I’m not sure who is more nervous, me or his dad. Nate, he just doesn’t want to have to go to school, middle or otherwise.

That’s about it from Casa Peach. Ya’ll have a nice evenin’.


  1. kenju said,

    Thanks, my dear! It was lovely to meet you and next time I go back home, maybe we can share a meal together – wothout you having to serve it! LOL

  2. KtP said,

    You look so tan and cute!

    And I love me some Buckcherry! Glad to hear you’re a bit more upbeat tonight, Nanner darling.

  3. Mahala said,

    Look at all that beauty on one page 🙂

  4. Moon said,

    This is the great pic I saw on Kenju’s page that got me popping over here to read your blog…Great photo! You are both lovely!!

  5. Vince said,

    Badass is the exact word I would use to describe you. I don’t think I’d be braving a mosh pit any longer at my age.

  6. Ashley said,

    Your blog is sooo hard to catch up on! You wrote so much over the past few months haha

  7. Julie said,

    That blows that someone stole your shirt – I really liked it!

  8. se7en said,

    Man, there’s not much worse than a stinking t-shirt thief! That sucks!

    I was just catching up with your posts, if you come to N.O. let me know! I’m in the middle of moving right now so I haven’t been around much lately.


  9. blackpunkin said,

    Kenju, now that would rock!

    Katey mah Peon, of course I’m tan and cute… its why people love me.

    Mahala, I’m surprised my computer didn’t blow up.

    Moon, and so are the pics of your new puppy!

    Vince, I don’t exactly brave mosh pits anymore, I learned my lesson at Pantera/Skid Row many years ago. However, I’m not afraid to be near one or even bump a few peeps myself. I’m totally badass. Everybody knows it.

    Ashley, honey chile, it has been a light month of posting… you’re lucky!

    Julez, ya know, I can make another one, but the other one had so many memories attached!

    Se7en, yeah, stinkin’ t-shirt thief. You know I’ll be in touch about Orlean.

  10. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    What a beauteous couple!! I never knew….

  11. blackpunkin said,

    Oh, Hoss, you knew!

  12. TRUST FANZINE » Matt & Kim said,

    […] Move Along, Nothing To See Here […]

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