July 9, 2007 at 9:55 pm (Beading, The House, Work)

I promised Julez a week ago or so that I would post some pictures of my beadwork. 

This lovely piece survived the fire, however, the thread is degrading in the strap so it will have to be replaced before sold.  Malachite donut and 4 mm beads shown against black and white background.



Next is lovely piece which also survived the fire. It is actually a strung piece instead of beadwoven and also needs to be fixed. Seems it got knocked around a bit and the wire broke free of the crimp bead.  The teardrop center is, I believe, jasper and the other beads are mixture of jasper, jade, and maybe some dyed turquoise. I can’t remember.


I just finished this piece today. The center donut is rose quartz and unfortunately I don’t remember what the pinkish, purplish beads are. They are iridescent to a degree and I believe someone said they were a type of opal or pearl or something totally different than how they appeared.


And a close-up of the center


Next is a chevron necklace with dichoric beads.


Earrings, we all love earrings. All of these are complete except for poor Nemo, he still needs a mate.


And, there’s always the “works in progress”

An amulet bag, minus half the fringe and a strap. This is only about 1 1/2 by 2 inches.


And this lapis donut with sodalite beads


And naturally, Nate and I have to model a few pieces.





And because you all want to know where I lay my precious head, and you want to see my brand new bed that I love so much.


And, that is all.

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Jacque Chihuahua

July 8, 2007 at 10:43 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Nate, Relationships)

That’s the newest nickname for our Jack-Jack. Nate mentioned the other night that he had ears like a Chihuahua so we renamed him Jacque Chihuahua, except we pronounce Chihuahua as, “she WAH WAHHHHHHHH”. It sort of has a Chinese feel to it.

Date with E. didn’t happen yesterday. I wasn’t really feeling it so it didn’t hurt my feelings that he didn’t call as he said he would and I didn’t call him. See, if someone says, “I’ll call you tomorrow night,” then I expect them to call me at the designated time and if they don’t then I assume either they don’t want to talk or something came up that’s keeping them from calling and me calling them would just make things worse.

Plus, we had a bit of disagreement. I know, already??? Not me! He called and while talking he said he had thought of three questions to ask me and I should think of three questions to ask him. I was sooo not in the mood for one question, much less three, however, I played along. Later, when he called back, he asked what my question was. I asked him if he would like to have lunch/dinner at a particular place.

He responded then said, “Well, I was expecting something a bit deeper than “where do you want to eat?” I wanted something that was going to make me think.”

Really, well, here was his deep, thoughtful question, “When was the last time you were in love?” About two years ago. Next deep, thoughtful question. It kind of pissed me off, so I asked him, “Okay, when was the last time you were in love?”

“Oh NO! You can’t ask me the same question I asked you!” What is this, third grade? I know you are, but what am I?

As I pointed out to my friend Juan, deep, meaningful conversations are not made, they’re born. Also, I’m sure if I had asked him to compare and contrast “The Ladder of Love” from Plato’s Symposium and chapters 2 and 25 from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet that he would have whined about that too.

Also, and oddly enough, we were supposed to go on a sight-seeing tour and I told him that I had thought I’d better drive and before I got “drive” out of my mouth he blurted out, “NO!” Hmm. He then said, “Oh, you were going to say something else?” Yeah, like its a very curvy road and given that I’ve driven on said road and you haven’t and given that I have seen all of the sights perhaps it would be better if I drove so you wouldn’t have to worry about navigating said roads and instead could enjoy the sights.

I also have no tolerance for someone who suddenly has to prove they’re right and I’m wrong, and I’m shallow and they’re deep, and they’re an intellectual and I’m just a redneck, country girl from the South who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground. Well, he got part of it right, I am a redneck country girl from the South, who also happens to know when an ass should be in a hole in the ground.

For all interested, I did make a phone call but it was after hours on Friday. We’ll see what happens on Monday. My depression has not lifted but I’ve been trying to spend more time in the sun and take it “one day at a time.” Hell, sometimes I’m happy to make it through the next minute.

Nate had a great birthday. I bought tickets to the midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” so his birthday will continue for a few more days. Everyone have a wonderful week.

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Pardon My Depression

July 6, 2007 at 1:39 am (Crazy Shit)

I know I’m depressed. I know with all the lovely days we’ve been having I should be much browner than the Indian brown I am now. I can’t seem to force myself out of the house. Part of this I know is the fact I haven’t slept soundly for a month and five days. I hope that will change when my mattresses arrive tomorrow, or rather, later today.

 Not sleeping soundly is a first class ticket to depression. I’ve also been thinking of the cats a lot lately, to the point of big tears. I know it is part of the process of healing, biting off only what I can chew and swallow. Its also almost “that time” of the month, and while I’m always happy to see my menses arrive, I do hate their arrival. Why can’t it just show up and say, “Whoo, hoo, I’m here, I’m gone now!”  No, it must linger. Yet, far better than any other alternative.

However, all of this hermiting has proven beneficial for beading. I have completed several pieces and are working on several more. I will post pictures very soon.

Second date this weekend with E.  Ummmm… I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I’m going tomorrow to get my registration taken care of. Do wish me luck as I step out of the Courthouse and make a very important phone call.

 Sunday is Nate’s 11th birthday. How the hell did that happen????

Other than a few bumps, Nate, myself, and the cats have settled in to the new old house. Hermione has put on a few pounds. Can’t say I blame her, she just turned 35 in human years.  I felt a cat rubbing against my foot the other day and found that it was Macy, who hates feet and men, above all other things. She’s even taken to rubbing up against Nate’s legs but not his feet. Jack, conversely, loves feet, especially if he can chase them as I walk across the floor or just as you’re stretching out on the couch. He’s a delightful little sprite.

Ah, the clothes are finished drying and I must be off to bed. Have a wonderful weekend.

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A Rare Sighting (From Mother’s Day Weekend)

July 3, 2007 at 11:09 pm (Family, Memories)

Nate and I went to the farm on Saturday to visit with my parents, my brother, and my nephews. A cow from a neighboring farm had wandered in and we were out trying to corral the old girl into the back of a horse trailer so her rightful owner could cart her home and reunite her with her calf. After that was accomplished, my dad and I stood talking at the back pen which houses a rather old cow with a new calf, oh, and a rooster. I’ll get to that rooster in another post.

My dad says that a couple of people in their area had reported seeing a bald eagle earlier in the week. I asked him what day. We go back to the house and he and my mother hem and haw around and finally decide it was on Tuesday. What made that odd is that on Tuesday, I thought I saw a bald eagle.

I had just come out of a heat press shop about a half a mile from my house when I heard a screech. Screeches are not unheard of in our neck of the woods because even the suburbs are inundated with red-tail hawks. My parents probably have 10-15 from their house to the head of the holler. While Nate and I were metal hunting, one in particular was flying fairly low, screeching a lot, and definitely a mature bird because it had developed the distinctive red tail. If you’ve ever seen one in flight, the pattern of light and dark feathers as they soar through the sky is unmistakable, at least the ones that we see around here.

Yet, when I looked into the sky, I did not see the tell-tale pattern of light and dark feathers, I saw dark feathers and a white head. I thought, “Is that a bald eagle??? Nahhhhh…. they’re not this far south, but, damn that looks like a young bald eagle.” I didn’t really notice the tail feathers but that white head was very clear.

Bald and golden eagles are indigenous to West Virginia but are mainly located in the northern part of the state, especially near the Potomac Highlands, where you can take a train ride down the South Fork of the Potomac to do some eagle watching in their natural habitat. Yes, I’ve done that.

I’m really glad I stopped to look at the sky when I heard the screech. A bald eagle is a rare and beautiful thing. Although my dad, he really takes the prize. As we were walking back to the house, he gestured toward the fence post and said, “Yeah, those red-tails, they’re brave. Why, one even sits right on that post and lemme tell ya, he watches this place like a hawk.”


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