First Day

July 17, 2007 at 5:49 pm (AZ, Shop, T-Bird, Work)

Well, I survived my first day on the job. I haven’t dropped anything, yet. I love my co-workers. Everyone was very helpful and I trained with a great guy. The food looks delish. Still learning so I’m worn out. My muscles started quivering there for a minute but my nerves were also almost completely shot. And yes, my shoulders are aching. But, I really enjoyed it.

We have family meal every morning at 10 and every afternoon at 4:30 or so. If you work morning shift, the kitchen crew fixes everyone breakfast. If you work evening shift, the kitchen crew fixes everyone supper. On Fridays, the wait staff fix breakfast and supper for the kitchen crew. If you work a double, you get fed twice. This morning we had Southwest scrambled eggs, buttermilk pancakes, and bacon. IT FUCKING ROCKED because ya’ll know, I LOVE FOOD!

I’m watching a thunderstorm roll in on radar and I can hear it also, plus, it’s getting pretty dark. I’m about ready for a nap. I didn’t fall asleep until after 11:30 and I was awake well before the alarm went off. Nerves, I tell ya. We did have a bit of excitement today as an attorney, who is a regular, got upset with some guys that he said parked in a parking spot designated as handicapped. The men disputed this and the attorney called the police. The men left the table to wait on the police and we ended up comping their lunches except for the beer, even though they were eventually able to eat.

Practically everyone I know around here is having some kind of employment crisis. Steve and Lex were both canned from their jobs as DJs because of a format change. T-Bird’s old man lost his job. Of course, the shop is slow so the guys are struggling to get 40 hours. I’m extremely fortunate to have this job and I hope that I catch on quickly.

I got Steve’s wedding invitation in the mail today. I absolutely refuse to go to this shindig by myself. Refuse. Refuse. Refuse.

This brings me to Officer D. He didn’t return my call, however, I’m not even sure he got the message. Looks like I’ll be hanging out at The Point this weekend.

That’s all from this end. Hope you all had a Happy Tuesday.


  1. Tina said,

    They both lost their jobs? WOW! I actually got a great job so I have to consider myself VERY lucky, especially when Southern WV doesn’t exactly have a good rep for providing good jobs.

    That thunderstorm today was nuts. When I was driving home I ran into lightning, HARD rain and then DRY weather. Strange.


  2. KtP said,

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: You GO, girl!

  3. se7en said,

    That’s great, rock on, except you didn’t mention which place you went to work for. 🙂


  4. Mahala said,

    We’re having a hard time finding anyone who wants a job here. There are “help wanted” signs all over the place.

    Good luck with the new job. I LOVED waitressing.

  5. Vince said,

    Congrats on being employed! Sounds like a pretty cool place, even though the work is tough. Still, a good waitress can clean up on tips. Good luck there!

  6. Esther said,

    Sounds like a great place to work. Congrats!

  7. Pand0ra Wilde said,

    Sounds like a blast–here’s hoping the tips rock as much as the environment.

  8. cybele said,

    If the job does nothing but feed you, you’ll come out ahead. Good going, honey!

  9. Tina said,

    Hey where is the restaurant you are working in anyway? 🙂 Not that I want to stalk you or anything. LOL!

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