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July 15, 2007 at 10:37 am (Beading, Friends, The House, Work)

I had the first visitors to the newly refurbished Casa Peach yesterday. LisaB. and Se7en made a stop on their way back to the Big Apple and treated Nate and I to dinner. We also got to meet the famous Ally da Pup, and she is perfectly precious. It was wonderful seeing Se7en again and meeting Lisa, who is just as warm and interesting in person as she is on her blog. I believe I kept them too long though, just so happy to have them here, yet they were very tired, having driven up from Memphis. If you ever get the chance, please come back and visit me again.

Over at HiddenMahala’s, I found that I can get paid for blogging about certain things. I’m not sure I’ll be accepted because I can have an atrocious potty mouth at times, but, you may be seeing more interesting posts from me in the days to come. I’ll even blog more often. I gotta make money somehow, somewhere, folks.

I took Se7en and Lisa to a local family restaurant. I had written an article about their restaurant for my writing job and I liked the food so much I went back again and again. I mentioned to one of the owners that I was looking for more regular work and she said to come and see her on Tuesday and she would put me to work. AWESOME! Frankly, I really want to work in the bistro, but work is work. I told her I had had an interview but if it didn’t pan out I would see her first thing on Tuesday. *WHEW!*

I’m also getting ready to join a craft guild of sorts. Its actually a gallery where I could work and/or display my jewelry. They also sponsor shows and such and there are different types of artisans involved in the group – painters, a Bargello quilter, a sculptor, and others. It will cost $50 a month but with the number of shows I could do, plus they have the gallery at a local “WV made” outlet in the months of November and December, it could be very, very lucrative. Lucrative IF I can get more supplies in here!

I’m working on a new bracelet for me. It is something I have designed myself based on Turkish kilims. I should have it finished today. I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

Have a beautiful Sunday, I know it is here.


  1. Lois Lane said,

    I’m glad you got to spend some time with Sev and Lisa. They are awesome! Good luck with the job. Fingers are crossed for you!!

  2. Mahala said,

    Good luck with PPP. I’m paying off a credit card with the little extra I make with it.

  3. Juan Morales said,

    “I had the first visitors to the newly refurbished Casa Peach yesterday.”

    Senorita!? What am I? Chopped tortillas?

  4. Inanna said,

    Thanks, Lois.

    Mahala, well, some is better than none.

    Juan, a thousand apologies. I meant the first BLOGGER visitors to Casa Peach.

  5. se7en said,

    Hi! It was great seeing you again, the house looks great! Had a lot of fun at dinner too! Nate was funny, I’m glad I finally got to meet him.

    We’re back in NYC and settling in. OMG we we were so dead tired when we arrived last night. A good night’s sleep and I feel a lot better.


  6. brightonandbear said,

    How very fun! I can’t wait to visit Casa Peach myself one of these days : )

  7. Catt said,

    Good luck on the job front!!

  8. LisaBinDaCity said,

    So much fun to finally meet you and Nate!!!

    And I loved seeing your house – it looks wonderful! Thanks for the great time.

    I hope to see you in da city one of these days 🙂

  9. Vince said,

    I’m so jealous! I need to meet more bloggers.

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