Rain Wizard

June 18, 2007 at 6:18 pm (Black Stone Cherry, Family, Memories, Shop)

That’s the opening song from Black Stone Cherry’s CD. Its based on local folklore that rain wizards would bring rain during times of drought and lived in caves in the area of KY where they are from. On a home movie made by them, it actually shows them taking the crew to one of the caves and while they are exploring this area it starts to rain. Knarly, huh?

 I’m ready to blast this song from my rooftop. 100* today and we haven’t had any substantial rain for weeks, maybe months. We had a slight thunderstorm the other evening but it maybe rained for three minutes. I know WV isn’t suffering like GA and other southern states and I can’t imagine what they’re experiencing. The grass is just dead. Gardens are wilted. The heat in WV for this time of year is at least 20* above normal.

The shop is stupid hot. Stupid. Hot. I had to do touch-ups on three cases of shirts today. Ink is thick and doesn’t have the same properties as watercolors or oils; it doesn’t spread well. Using a paintbrush, even a small one, hasn’t been very fruitful in the past. Once Steve told us we would have to do the touch-ups and me specifically since I pulled from the dryer, I told Rich he needed to find the scalpel we use to cut vellum.  No way I was attempting this touch-up with something no better than a mop.

 Using the straight edge and the fine tip of the scalpel made the touch-up a breeze and it looked great. I. Rock. Thank you.

I found a biblical verse in a shop that carries a lot of primitive type furniture reproductions. I really wanted to get it because it said, “Rejoice evermore, pray continually.”  That is a version of 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17.  I prefer, “Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing,” which I guess is the older version. A family story handed down via my mother was that my maternal-paternal-great-grandmother (meaning the mother of my mother’s father), did just that, prayed without ceasing.

If she were sewing or baking or doing anything or than speaking to another person, she prayed, without ceasing. Can you imagine? No singing to the radio, talking to yourself, no cussing people in traffic, you pray, without ceasing. Try it for an hour, hell, try it for half of an hour and see how far you get. Anyway, maybe I’ll make a beaded version.

I’ve been really into the family history thing lately after sending a friend an essay I wrote about my family and Jesse James. It got me all interested in my family history again. I want to take Nate down to Breaks Interstate Park (VA) so we can visit Potter Flats, Potter’s Knoll, and Belcher, KY. I hope to compile a listing of family stories for our next family reunion. That would be cool.

 Speaking of cool, ya’ll stay that way. I’m going to go hug my air conditioner now.


  1. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Doing my little rain dance thing now. Hunka bunka reamalay….I got the Punk some rain today.

    Is that enough?

  2. blackpunkin said,

    Hoss, I see you didn’t get the whole “pray without ceasing” thing. But, that’ll do.

  3. Seamus said,

    Apparently the rain is stopping here … of course that makes it humid and hot! TG for AC!

  4. charmed said,

    I love that verse, great words to live by, I’m trying that myself, notice I said trying…..

  5. Zelda said,

    Did you ever read Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger? That bible verse features prominantly. Good book.

  6. Vince said,

    Of course you rock.

    It’s not that stupid hot here, but hot enough. We definately need rain as well. Love the pray without ceasing quote. It certainly isn’t easy.

  7. Julie said,

    I can probably cuss without ceasing, but praying? Not so much.

    Have you ever seen that old movie “The Rainmaker” with…oh, I think it’s Burt Lancaster and Katherine Hepburn? I love that movie. 🙂

  8. cybele said,

    I guess I pray without ceasing, mostly, if words of thanksgiving and gratefulness are considered prayer.

    Except when I’m cussing out the dumbass in the car in front of me, being grateful he can’t hear me. That’s probably not prayer.

    Thankful for air conditioning is good.

    Have you ever seen that movie ‘Rainman’? Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise. Got nothing to do with rain, actually.

  9. Catt said,

    Weird weather here, too. No surprise, since we’re not THAT far away! We finally got some rain yesterday evening – for about 1/2 an hour. Sad.

  10. Inanna said,

    Seamus, it didn’t stop here, just passed through!

    Ang, we’re all trying honey.

    Zelda, I haven’t read it, I will have to find it.

    Vince, I’m glad you realize my greatness… *snort*

    Julez, I have not seen that movie but I’ve heard of it!

    cybele, no haven’t seen all of Rainman either, however, there is a quote from Rainman on my cereal box. Coincidence?

    Catt, yep, 1/2 of an hour and then it’s like it never happened.

  11. se7en said,

    I know it’s been damn hot here, I had to buy a more powerful A/C earlier this month. I’m now too cool for my shoes! 😉


  12. Cootera said,

    Maybe the storms we got yesterday and last night are headed your way. Sure cooled things off, that’s for sure. Now if I just wasn’t so hungover from seeing the Honeydogs last night, I’d be out frolicking in the yard. Or maybe just weeding the garden… Anyhoodle, here’s hoping you get a nice cooling rain soon, Nanner!

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