Something Evil This Way Comes

June 15, 2007 at 9:58 pm (Cats, Crazy Shit, The House)

Something is definitely lurking about in my house. I have all but dispelled this thing from my abode but a proper cleansing and blessing must take place. The sea salt, sage smudge stick, besom, and wand at the ready. You haven’t seen my lovely besom (broom) have you? My wonderful cousin got for me as a housewarming gift. I would post a picture but I’m just too lazy and tired to do it right now. It is beautiful though. Once I can, I’m getting some special hooks so I can hang it over the door. Right now it is sitting in the corner, waiting.

I always thought spirits were, well, nice. Actually, a priest is the one who made me rethink that. I very forward thinking priest who made the observation that if you believe in good, then you must believe in bad, in evil, for without one, the other cannot exist. Without one, there is no balance. I saw a lot of wisdom in those words.

 While at the apartment one evening, a wicked wind blew and something blew in with it. At the time, I stood and defied it. I recognized it for what it was. I still recognize it, this cranky little poltergiestish asshole. Not quite as evil as it would want to be but still a worthy opponent.

My cats are well aware of its presence and have not been acting themselves. Jack, our little pickaninny, is sick. He had a trip to the vet to rid him of a nasty case of worms and a URI. Since then, he’s been a bit lethargic and vomiting clear liquid. I got him some wet food and he did eat that. Since then, he’s been more like Jack. Hermione is just aggravated to death and twitches her tail now, even when she walks. Macy, ever watchful Macy, stands guard at the front door but has also taken to hiding, even with just me and Nate and that pissy spirit here.

I’m not real happy. Not at all. I’m tired and honestly, my luck hasn’t been so great lately. I’m hopeful that a fresh start will do us all some good. I know I could use it, and a big lump of cash.


  1. boo said,

    I never thought of the good vs evil balance before. I’ve always tried to see only the good. Maybe that is why I am so off balance.

  2. kenju said,

    Without the evil, you wouldn’t be able to recognize the good (and vice-versa). I’m hoping that your good trumps the evil soon – and we could all use a big lump of cash!

  3. LisaBinDaCity said,

    So you have burned the sage while simultaneously offering prayers?

    Seems to have worked for me in a former semi-haunted home.

  4. LisaBinDaCity said,

    I forgot to mention, Ally da Pup used to routinely look over my shoulder at something I could not see. And it obviously unnerved her. Pets and children see what we often don’t.

  5. Catt said,

    It’s amazing how animals and babies can see things.

  6. Seamus said,

    Perhaps your little shade is just passing through – pay it little mind and it’ll get bored. It is amazing how the animals can sense them.

  7. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Did you ever make a choker for anybody?

  8. Jammie J said,

    Hmm, maybe I really should come visit you. Spirits don’t like me.
    Too bad it’s not a mouse spirit — then the cats could play with it!
    Hopefully it’ll make like diarrhea and be a passing memory. Not pleasant, but passing.

    Now that’s talent, I must say, to bring up poooooo with respect to spirits.

  9. KtP said,

    Huh. A lot of conversations I’ve been having lately bring me back to you. One in particular is how without the bad, we don’t appreciate the good; without the evil, we don’t appreciate the good. Hard to sum up via a comment, but, yeah. Thanks for the empath info, mah Peach.

  10. Vince said,

    Start charging the spirit rent or tell it to move out.

    That was a wise priest. Many people are willing to beleive in God but not the devil. There really are evil things in this world. Hopefully, you can rid your place of this spirit quickly and restore peace in your home.

  11. se7en said,

    If evil spirits are going to hang about, the least they could do is help out around the house. Otherwise, hit the road! Out damn spirit! =)


  12. Jen said,

    I hope you get whatever it is that is lurking your way. I loved the pic of you and Nate down there with blue tongues 🙂

  13. Beth said,

    Sorry, but for a second there I thought you wrote, “You haven’t seen my lovely bosom, have you?” And that just made my afternoon even hotter!

    Just for that, I’m going to send good vibes your way and hope it brings a wad of tax-free cash. 😀

  14. cybele said,

    “Good” and “bad” are judgements. Made by us. About things. Things are. Some of them we like and get along with; others, not so much. “I don’t like the way this feels and I don’t want it around” is different from “This is bad and it must leave.” You understand? One is ‘nothing personal’ whereas the other is confrontational. Which, if you’re dealing with spirits who have goals that are not in alignment with your own, might be an unwise thing, confrontation. I think cleansing and blessing are both wonderful ideas, and perhaps a respectful request to move along.

    Because even if “pissed off” is neither good nor bad, it’s cumbersome to deal with.

  15. Inanna said,

    Thank you for all your wonderful advice and wisdom. I especially like Vince’s idea of charging this wayward spirit rent. I’m still amassing a humdinger of a house blessing but these things take time and preparation.

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