Uh Oh, I’m In Trouble With KtP

June 6, 2007 at 10:56 pm (Black Stone Cherry, Cats, Friends, Music, My Travels, Nate, The House)

Ummm… has it been a week already? Wow, time flies! And nothing gets unpacked. Friday, the 1st, I spent unpacking and attempting unsuccessfully to catch up on my sleep amidst having to pay the mortgage, and the electrical problems, and people running in and out all day long, including my parents and the contractors.

That evening I went to see my buddies in Jubal Kane at a local watering hole. Yeah, I was late because I was too busy sleeping and being stuck in a sobriety checkpoint to make it on time. I stayed for a while and then took my happy ass home and back to bed because the following day I went to visit my friends, Kim and Matt, in TN.

Then, we went to visit our buddies Shep,


Joe (during sound check),

and Chris, Jon, John Fred, and Ben,

Β in Chattanooga. I almost got into a fight because some peeps were messing with the equipment and guitar picks and I told them to leave it alone and then I told Dave, who also told them to, “Keep your hands OFF my stage.” The guy involved didn’t like that so well so when Dave walked off he called me the “C” word a few times. Sticks and stones, love, sticks and stones.

Then we hung out for a bit and we drove back to Kim and Matt’s and I slept and then drove home on Sunday. Monday, I went to the my hometown out in BFE to pick up a TV my aunt gave me. Tuesday, my little man graduated from Elementary School…*sniff* How DID he grow up so fast???

Can you tell what I ate the most of when I was pregnant with him?

Nate showing his horns and happy, happy to have passed the fifth grade…

Then, there’s Jack.

Who can get anything done while watching this sprite entertain himself and us with his antics. That mouse hangs from the closet door and squeaks when the cats play with it. Middle of the night *thump* *squeaksqueaksqueak* *thump* *thump* *meowwrrr* *squeaksqueaksqueak*

The contractors have also had quite a blast playing with Jack, especially Ron. I think this is why my house STILL ISN’T FINISHED!

Nate’s antics are just as entertaining…

Toga/Superhero party!

Slither under the bed like a snake….

And, of course, I started back to work after having taken last week off for the move and the house isn’t even close to being in the shape I want it to be, but, it’s livable and that’s what matters. We have the weekend, after a sojourn at the pool, weather permitting, to get everything unpacked and situated. I hope. Doesn’t look tooooo bad, does it?

Notice my bed is missing, yeah, I don’t have one yet! However, I do have a Roman solider/superhero guarding me.

Nate’s room looks the best… at least from this angle.

And that’s what we’ve been up to and Nate and I wish you good day and give you the Blue Tongue Salute, totally befitting a Roman solider/toga master/superhero and his Momma.


  1. Susanne said,

    Great pictures!!! And the house looks awesome =)

    Much love, you two!!

  2. kenju said,

    I love seeing all the pics!

    I should introduce Nate to my 11 year-old granddaughter, who said while here on a visit last week, “Grandma, I am of the opinion that you can’t have TOO many strawberries!!”

  3. boo said,

    House is looking good. You look happy again.

    (man Nate has a long tongue)

  4. Liz said,

    Congrats on getting back into your home. It looks fantastic. You and Nate look so happy together. πŸ™‚

  5. se7en said,

    Lots of great pics! Love it when you’re smiling! πŸ™‚


  6. cybele said,

    Gawh-jus! You look happy and rested. It’s good to see.


  7. Aimee said,

    Oh Nanner–I LOVE what you’ve done with the place! πŸ˜‰ (Seriously, your floors are gorgeous).

    Happy, happy news. This is such a wonderful post. (But that Ben–what is he, like 16 or something? Sheesh, he’s such a young’un!)

    Much love to you both. xoxo

  8. KtP said,

    Why is Aimee sending love to Ben?

    Okay, I’ll quit being a jerk. Peach, you’ve been BUSY! As someone said above, you look happy again, and I’m glad. Blue tongue and all! Congrats to Nate, onwards and upwards!

  9. Ashley said,

    First, you look fantastic in those photos!
    Second, the house looks great even if it isn’t done.
    Third, I am very very very proud of Nate! Tell him I send my congratulations his way, please!!

  10. Kent said,

    Hey girl!

    Everyone’s right, you’re looking’ good. Glad to see it, and glad you’re finally back home and getting settled. Lil’ Jack’s a cutie, but so are you and Nate so he gets it honest! πŸ˜‰

    Congrats Nate!! You are growing up TOO FAST little man!

  11. Vince said,

    Who are those kids you’re hanging with! My god, what are they, 17?

    Congrats to Nate. Maverick graduates elementary school next month. When did we get old, honey?

    The place is very colorful! I like it. So what if stuff is still in boxes. It takes time to unpack.

  12. Inanna said,

    Thanks Susanne, much love to you!

    Kenju, Nate and I are also of the opinion you can never have too many strawberries! We would love to meet your granddaughter!

    Boo, thank you love. Nate and I both have rather long tongues. We have Gene Simmons genes.

    Liz, we are mucho happy since moving home, although it is still a bit odd.

    Se7en, I love having a reason to smile.

    Cybele, happy am I, rested I not be. πŸ™‚

    Aimee, the floors are definitely a warm addition to the house. I hope to have it cleaned up a bit with pictures on the walls soon. Ben is 21, having turned so 3 days afer my birthday.

    KtP, Aimee sends us both love because she already knows Ben is a brother of my heart, plus, he’s cute. Okay, I’ll stop being a jerk too. πŸ™‚ Onwards and upwards was the theme for Nate’s class… I hope I can encourage him to live up to it.

    Ashley, of course I look fantastic! LOL! I will send your congratulations on to Nate.

    Kent, you and the little lady will have to stop by for a visit and see just how much my little man has grown up!

    Vince, those “kids” are between the ages of 21 and 24. Chris just turned 22 on the 4th of June. And I’m not getting older, Nate is though. LOL! It is colorful with the red doors and I try to make my bedding lighter and colorful. I’m really antsy to get things on the wall.

  13. kama said,

    The house looks incredible. Jack is adorable. Glad you had such a fun week. AND I’m thrilled you my painting, even if it is one of the early ones and not my best. Love ya lots.

  14. Zelda said,

    Sounds like you had a well-deserved bit of fun. That kid on the right in the BSC picture could be your little brother. And the house is looking great.

  15. Tina said,

    That’s an awesome-looking photo of you and the cuties from BSC. πŸ™‚

    The house is looking awesome! I will have to stop by sometime soon!

    Congrats to Nate! That guy is just growing up WAY too fast!

  16. Inanna said,

    Kama, the picture is perfect to me and that’s all that matters.

    Zelda, yeah, he could be my brother, actually, he sort of IS like a little brother to me.

    Beanie, LOL! Yes, my guys are quite photogenic. Stop by anytime you can find me home.

  17. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Love the blue tongues!

  18. Catt said,

    WOW! I can’t believe how big Nate has gotten! Geeze – he’s a little man now!

  19. Foundme said,

    Love this picture post! NO FIRE PICS! And the guard in your room is precious! Alex finally grew out of this stage, and it’s sad, so enjoy it while he’s still there!

  20. Julie said,

    Are your sure Nate isn’t Gene Simmons’ son? That tongue, my god. πŸ™‚ Congrats to the little man on his graduation. Keep up the good work, Nate! And the house looks great – it always takes me months to unpack after a move, you guys are doing fine.

  21. Michael said,

    Black Stone Cherry, Strawberry Nate and Peaches pix.
    My kinda fruit medley.

  22. brightonandbear said,

    Gene Simmons Jr. there, girly! How great to be HOME!!!

  23. Pand0ra Wilde said,

    Aww, I’m just in love with the little fuzzybutt, Nanner! What a gorgeous face! Jack fits nicely.

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