I Had An Awesome Mother’s Day

May 14, 2007 at 12:53 am (Nate)

My Mother’s Day started with Nate jumping out of the bedroom at midnight (in his underwear) with a big, “Happy Mother’s Day!” and a hug and a kiss and then I told him to get his skinny butt to bed.

This morning, I went to take a shower and Nate told me he was going to fix himself some breakfast and I could, “Just fix your own.” I said, “Okay, Bubba.” Now, this is following the fact that he told me, “DON’T LOOK!” As he went back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom, filling up the tea kettle. (Nate hates the way the water tastes in the kitchen and has found the best tasting water comes from the bathtub faucet.)

As I’m getting ready to shave my legs, he comes into the bathroom and asks me to look out of the shower curtain. He’s standing there, still in his underwear, with a cookie tray and on it is a bowl of oatmeal and toast with blackberry jelly on it. He says, “Its cinnamon and spice oatmeal, Momma, I know it’s your favorite.” Awwww… don’t you just love him?

I told him I still had to shave my legs but if he hurried he could probably make his own oatmeal in that time and we could sit down together for breakfast. Little did I know that he would dump all kinds of packing stuff out (peanuts, shredded newspapers), in an attempt to cloister Hermione and Macy so they wouldn’t eat my food while he fixed his. He’s so sweet.

After a delicious (and well-made breakfast), Nate said that today was my day and I wouldn’t be cutting grass at the house, as I had planned. I said, “Fine, Momma wants to take her Macy’s gift cards and go shopping.” My cousin and my aunt both sent gift cards so we had almost $200 to play with. And play we did. Nate told me after our marathon (for us) two hour shopping spree that he then understood the meaning of, “shop ’til ya drop.”

Let’s see, we got a sheet set for me (400 count queen set with two extra pillow cases) ON SALE, a twin sheet set for him ON SALE, and then he wanted his own little set of towels (bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth) in GRAPE. They are very pretty and they were ON SALE. Then since we had a good bit of money left and Macy’s was having this uber-awesome sale, we went to house wares and found a Rival crock-pot with a bonus Little Dipper pot ON SALE. Nate was so excited to get the Little Dipper.

Then we looked at picture frames, dishes, and shoes before I found the CUTEST crocheted purse. Now, I had a knitted purse with a drawstring that I carried with me to all of the shows because it had a cord that would go over my head and I never worried about loosing it. Well, it burned, at least partially. I had crocheted myself a purse but it still reeks and the strap isn’t finished. This purse is SO ME!

After all that, I still had $13.77 on my card. You see, I’m not the kind of person that goes to Macy’s. First, I can’t afford it and second, I could tell they didn’t really appreciate their clientele wearing cut-off jeans shorts and a Harley Davidson t-shirt or the fact that Nate dropped his water bottle and it rolled over the edge between the Plexiglas and the escalator. Luckily, it missed anyone on the escalator and that big display of dishes at the bottom of the escalator. Yeah.

This meant, I really had to get my money’s worth and I was trying to buy things for the house that I’ll actually be reimbursed for, which was, just about everything I bought. But finding something at Macy’s for $13.00 is tough, even ON SALE. Then I told Nate, “I bet I could find some underwear.”

The poor child is weighted down by two bags and I have two bags and the Unmentionables section is way off in no-man’s land. I’m looking for the best deal, not to mention the cutest Unmentionables possible, when I see Nate drop his bags and crawl through the Unmentionables section and under a table with a long skirt on it.

(Stage whisper) “DUDE! What are you doing?”

(Stage whisper) “I’m hiding. Duh, my MOM is looking for underwear!”

Fair enough. So, I find a couple of cute pairs and take them to the register and find out they are ON SALE, so I got two more. I had a $1.09 left on my card. And for being such a good Bubbas, Nate got Dippin’ Dots. Then we went to the house for a few minutes, then to T-Bird’s, then to watch J3 play his baseball game, and Nate played in the dirt. It was a really good game except the end, where the opposing team’s coach decided to call the game in the fifth inning, of course, while his team is two points up. Umm, dumbass, that doesn’t mean your team wins, it means you forfeit the game. What an ass.

Then we went down to T-Bird’s for a while, then Nate and I went to the house and I cut the grass and then T-Bird stopped by after a short visit with her mother and I threatened to kill the boys for climbing like monkeys and yard apes on my new furniture and T-Bird and I measured and discussed the arrangement of my new furniture.

Nate and I came home, he watched TV, I did some laundry, and I went to lay down with him and told him what a great Mother’s Day I had and how much fun I had with him. But really, he’s such a great kid, they should call it, “I Love Being Your Mom Day.”


What’s not to love?


  1. Foundme said,

    Aww, what a precious picture! My kids were rat finks the entire day. And I don’t know anybody who shops at Macy’s unless they are having a sale. I worked at Famous Barr, which is now Macy’s, and there was no particular “clientelle” but then I live in a small town area where getting dressed up is wearing jeans. So don’t sweat the Harley gear. Oh, a friend of mine just showed me the CUTEST baby Harley outfit she got for our pregnant friend!!!!

    Ok, I’m walking away from the comment section… it’s 4am, and I’m wired!

  2. Esther said,

    Nate hiding in the underwear section is too funny. He is such a sweety!

  3. kenju said,

    He is so cute! I love his smile, Nanner, and I am sure it lights up your days. Glad you got some good shopping done (free)!

  4. Vince said,

    What a great kid! My kids’ Mother’s Day gift was not to make her crazy yesterday. They pretty much succeeded.

    Glad you had such a great day. You really deserve it.

  5. Julie said,

    That is a good boy you’re raising there, Nanner. 🙂

    And I hate Macy’s. It blows. It’s overpriced and I never find anything I like there. And it’s crammed full of tourists. Yours probably doesn’t have that last problem. But I’m glad you found things you like, and very happy that you had such a great Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

  6. Inanna said,

    Jamie, had we been in the same time zone, you could have just called me. It was rather late(early) when I went to bed last night.

    Esther, he keeps me in stitches.

    Kenu, he definitely keeps me on my toes with that smile.

    Vince, yep, I got a great kid.

    Julie, He is a fine feller Julez. See, you have the real Macy’s and we have the po man’s knock-off.

  7. restless angel said,

    Nate is a riot… all Macy’s is good for is the sales… of course, that means finding what you want on sale… Woo-hoo!!

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