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May 5, 2007 at 7:19 pm (Music, Relationships)

Oh my, Nanner just awoke from a four hour nap on her new couch. Don’t get excited, the house isn’t finished. I got there a little after 11:30 with brownies, milk, and a coffee for me. I talked to Gary and Jimmy and then decided a nap may be in order. When I woke up, it was almost four hours later and I guess they had worked around me for a couple of hours and then left me slumbering on the couch.  I still had my coffee beside of me, still 3/4s full. I drank it anyway.

I was tired because I was out until 4:30 this morning. I came home to the birds singing.  I received a message on MySpace yesterday morning that Jubal Kane was going to be back in town. That’s  Go check these guys out. Blues, rock, jam band. They. kick. ass! 

Fred, who plays harmonica and sings, saw me at a table and swung by.

“Hey girl, glad you could make it! I was afraid I didn’t send the message in time.”  I thanked him for sending the message to start with.

Buckwheat, one of the guitarists came by.

“Young ‘en, what’s your real name?”  I laughed and told him but also said, “I’ll answer to Nanner, too.” He sat down to talk about the fire. Seems he had one more than a few years ago but his burned to the ground. Luckily, he said, he had just moved all of his equipment to a different building. I’m not sure how old Buckwheat is, but he just had stents put in his heart.

The bassist, Michael, told me his wife does lampwork beads. I sent him a message to get the website. Scott, the other guitarist/singer, came over and sat down. Seems at least Fred, Buckwheat, and Scott are “fans” of my Myspace blog, or at least have kept up with what’s going on.

I finished the night with Mike, the drummer, sitting me on his stool while he packed up, saying, “I’m listening, talk to me.”  He’s hot. Smokin’ like the blues. And he’s a sweetheart, too.  Hugs are good and he gives good hugs. He also took a great picture of me and Buckwheat. I was stroking Buckwheat’s long beard. Then we took a self-portrait.

Yes, I have a little crush which only got worse last night when I actually got to talk to him, instead of just admiring him from afar, like I did the last time they blew through town.  We were talking about the fire and I guess I got this look on my face and I’ve noticed that I start to play with my ring when I start thinking about and talking about my cats. He just reached out and hugged me. I like that in a person.

But, ya’ll also know I’m a free spirit and I guess that is why I find myself gravitating toward younger men who are artistic in some way. Musicians, artists, carpenters, (okay, Ron is older than I am but he’s an exception). During a conversation, Cybele pointed out what I already had figured out, I’m not a full-time relationship kind of person. I’m unconventional and I don’t like being tied down completely, while still wanting a meaningful relationship.

I’m not sure if those two aspects of my personality will ever be able to co-exist in a relationship with someone. I’m up front about how I feel too. I don’t want someone telling me what to do and I don’t feel like micro-managing someone else. I have enough going on. I feel like if someone wants to be with me, they will be, and not because I insist they stay stuck up my ass 24/7 or vice versa.

Yet, it seems a lot of men I meet equate love with being controlled and held down by their partner. I have found a lot who say they don’t like that, but when you don’t fuss about them going out and doing their own thing, they think you don’t care about them or you’re off messing with other peeps. I’m not sure I’ll ever figure that out. I guess, I still haven’t met that right person yet.


  1. kenju said,

    They are all full of paradox – but women are too!

    Thanks for the visit, Nanner. Remember the new blog……LOL

  2. cybele said,

    Wait… there are capable, sweaty men with leather toolbelts around you, working, and you fell ASLEEP?

    Dammit, girl.

  3. Jammie J. said,

    I’m glad you had a good nap — naps always rock!

    Honey, you’ll know when you find the right guy. You’ll know because you won’t believe it. You’ll look for dirt (fi you know what I mean) and you won’t find any. No ulterior motives, nothing.

    Personally, I don’t think I’d like someone stuck up my ass 24/7 either. Rather uncomfortable, all things considered.

  4. Foundme said,

    Thanks for your kind words today. Of all the moments in my day so far, that was by far the highlight. I needed to read that comment this morning after a bad night at work.

  5. Cootera said,

    Heya, schwee’pea! Ees me, absent Ang. Afore I forgit: your home looks like it’s really coming together… I popped over a few days ago and took a gander. Niiiiice!!

    Sounds like you had a hoot the other night, and a well-deserved one at that. As for the whole relationship thing, shit. I hear ya loud and clear! Join the club and all. Unfortunately, I think my powers of reading other people are non-existant: I had a date last week (first one in MONTHS… ok, YEARS), and the next day found out he has a girlfriend. Jebus…

    I think I’m meant to be single.

  6. Lois Lane said,

    After all of your hard work, it’s good that you got out and had some fun and someone to talk to. The progress looks great!!!
    P.S. I may have kissed the washer too. 🙂

  7. brightonandbear said,

    I hear ya Nanner, I think you and I are a lot alike that way.

  8. Doug said,

    Howdy youngin’

    Old Doug here 🙂 I’ve noticed that with some of my “Not single” friends, which are most of them. Not all of them worry about what their other half is doing, it’s kind of half and half… some dude’s worry about the women, and some women worry about the men. Seem’s like some kind of insecurity issue going on. Personally, I HAVE to have some alone time or I swear, I’ll bust. But then sometimes it would be nice to have a nice female to hang with, you know to share some of the cool things you do and see while I’m out on the road. Problem is, when you go on the road with someone else…. be it man or woman, then you gotta cater to their way of thinking and I’m so damn spur of the moment, I like to just go where ever I feel likeit and if I want to find a cheap camp ground, take a bath in the cold creek and sleep by the fire, by God, that’s what I’ll do. If a motel is in order, then, so be it. I guess that sounds selfish…. oh well, that’s me.

    I’m not sure that I could find that in between place to co-exist either.

  9. Inanna said,

    Kenju, we’re all full of paradox… and I won’t forget your new place. I just need to change my links.

    Cybele, they have two good teeth between them, maybe less.

    Jammie, yep, someone imbedded in my posterior is quite uncomfortable.

    Foundme, you’re welcome sweets. Wish I could do more.

    Cootera, maybe the gods are saving someone special for us girlfriend.

    Lois, I kissed my dryer too and yeah, I liked talking to Mike.

    B., I’ll keep tryin’ or lookin’ or waitin’ or somethin’.

    Doug, someone once told me that when I find the one, i won’t mind that I won’t be able to spend as much time by myself, not that I won’t, just that I won’t mind that it won’t be as much.

  10. Doug said,

    Yeah,, I kinda think that maybe they’ll be on the same page as me…. Don’t think I’ll settle for less. Really couldn’t, ya know. Lifes to GRAND, and too short.

  11. se7en said,

    There’s no doubt that finding the perfect mate is difficult, I’ve yet to find mine as well. Don’t stop believing! 🙂

  12. Vince said,

    I envy you hanging out with bands like that. I love to just hang with other musicians.

    I still think there’s a guy out there somewhere for you that’s just right. Someone who wants to be your partner in the relationship. Being a free spirit doesn’t mean you can’t have a full time relationship.

  13. Inanna said,

    Doug, my life is getting back to pretty grand around here, other than the obvious financial shithole.

    Oh, Se7en, I never stop believing!

    Vince, you know, I’ve thought of you quite a few times and wished you could have been around to shoot the shit with my band fellows. We would have a great time! And, I know that being a free spirit doesn’t mean I can’t have a full-time relationship, I guess, again, I just haven’t found that right fellow yet.

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