I Spent A Lot Of Money

April 29, 2007 at 2:14 am (The House, Uncategorized)

Cuz I got the green light to buy my appliances and furniture! Say WHOO HOOOO!!!! 

So, a new refridgerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, couch, loveseat, two chairs, queen mattress and box springs, twin bedframe with mattress and boxsprings, a curio cabinet, new desk, and an office chair… yeah, I’m about flat broke, even my fire fund is just about broke. Appliances are coming on Tuesday, half of the other is coming on Friday, the rest two weeks after that, my parents will bring my stuff down on Friday, I’ll have my clothes and other things delivered sometime in the next two weeks.

There are still a few problems at the house though. One, they didn’t ask for a new hot water tank which I then had to tell my insurance adjustor about when he sent me an e-mail telling me he was sending another check, sort of like a final check. I sent him a long e-mail, detailing my complaints with the contractor’s management.

Then they got said water tank but the dumbass picked up a propane hot water tank. *Sigh* So, then they got a gas hot water tank and Ron called to tell me it had a big dent in it when they took it out of the box, so, now I have not just one, but two defective hot water tanks in my living room. Maybe the other one is already gone… I don’t remember.

My floors look incredible ya’ll. In-fucking-credible. I now have a monster heating and cooling system. It’s pretty. I heart my new heating and cooling. My heating and cooling guy was hot too… or did I mention that? Okay, he was hot. Now I’ve said it again.

T-Bird went with me to review my selection of ceiling fans. She knows what my floor, cabinets, and countertops look like in the kitchen. I switched my countertops from a sand color to something with sand, cream, chocolate, and black in them. They rock. So, I got a black ceiling fan. I know, odd, but I think it will really pull everything together.  Sand looking floor with cream, ivory walls, white ceiling, oak cabinets, aforementioned countertops, white appliances, and a black fan. Trust me, it will look good.

That was about the only ceiling fan we agreed on.  I found pics of all the ceiling fans but Nate’s. His is a space hugger and it has… a remote control.  Holy Hera.

So, we’ll start with the living room…


My sofa and loveseat. The tables are similar to this coffe table but they have glass tops.  Instead of getting the ginormous chair to match, I picked something a little different to match.


This is not the exact style or color but close enough. No ottoman either.


And, the ceiling fan. I’m not sure why this picture is so much bigger than the others.

And my new appliances…


18 cu. ft. of good eatin’


Somethin’ to cook it on…


Somethin’ to wash the dishes in…

and my black ceiling fan…


and the light kit for it


I can’t get the picture of the microwave to resize… oh well.

Now, one of the MOST irritating things for me here has been having to share two washers and dryers, which I have to throw change into. Ya’ll have to remember, I have never lived in an apartment. I’ve always had my own washer and dryer. Having to share and pay and not being able to do clothes at 2 in the morning while I blog has been a royal bitch, on top of everything else.

NO MORE!  To make up for it, I got a 3.5 cu. ft., 17 cycle, four wash temps, four rinse temps, four wash speeds, 2 rinse cycle washer. Yeah, take that! The dryer is… just a dryer. It dries clothes and I couldn’t find a picture of it.  This is very extravagant for me. Still within budget but also extravagant for an ole country girl. I showed it to T-Bird and we agreed the only thing better would have been a front load.

I said, “Wow, 17 cycles, I wonder how many of those I’ll actually use.” 

We stared at the washer for a few seconds and answered at the same time.



and here’s kind of the chair I’m putting in the computer room. Couldn’t find a real pic of it. Nate picked it out. It’s a chocolate recliner. It is very comfy. Nate plans on laying back in it to play his DS while I work on the computer.


And the ceiling fan for the computer room


And the ceiling fan for my bedroom


Its called “New Orleans.” In honor of my cousin, Kama, who drew me a most excellent Black Stone Cherry picture and had it framed, and our buddy Se7en, and because New Orleans was where the first BSC video was shot.

And, I should have more pictures tomorrow of how things are going in the house, floors, walls, cabinets, and other sundries, including the fact,  I now have a toilet. (Just for you, Jammie J.!, well, and me and Nate).  Oh, and we have a kitten on hold. A little boy who is, naturally, black and white. I’ve named him Jack and if you know OUR Jack, then you’ll know why. (snicker)  More on that later.


  1. Doug said,

    Sweet. Man you sure know how to fix a place up. I’ve still got the original paint from when I moved in. Typical bachler I guess.

    Oh, BTW…. did you get any “Fire Detectors”??? 🙂

    Hope that’s not bad form…. I know this whole thing must have sucked big time, but looks like your puttin’ it back together very well.

    AND, check your frind space and add me!

  2. Myles said,

    ooooooo! nicey nice!

    very cool. looks like your re-done home is going to be very cozy and welcoming. I’m so glad things are beginning to come together and you’ll be able to be home soon.


  3. Aimee said,

    YEE! I can’t wait to see it all come together in YOUR NEW HOUSE! Very exciting, Nanner, and about damn time.

  4. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    You are doing really well picking and choosing, Nanner. When it’s all done, you will not forget to send us pictures of same….

  5. restless angel said,

    It’s gonna look awesome when it’s all put together 🙂

  6. kenju said,

    Nanner, you done good! I know what you have been through was horrible, but this part must be nice, huh?

  7. Foundme said,

    What fun! I’ve always wanted to just go buy a bunch of new appliances and start a house from scratch! Just not the way you had to do it… At least this was a good day!

  8. Vince said,

    Very nice stuff! So when you gonna get this place all to yourself again?

  9. Julie said,

    It’s almost like having a brand new house, which is kind of cool. Not the same as having your old place, I know, but kind of exciting nonetheless. I just wish your kitties could be there to enjoy it with you.

  10. se7en said,

    Wow, that’s looking great! Nice stuff! You sound really happy too! I’m glad everything is finally pulling back together for ya hon! 🙂

  11. Inanna said,

    Doug, ha, yes, I have four hard-wired fire detectors with battery back-up. I had the original paint in my house too, typical bachelorette.

    Lady Myles, what a paradox, some place warm and inviting where very few tread.

    Yes it is Aimee, especially since I should have been in 3 weeks ago.

    Of course, Hoss.

    RA, they got the ceiling fan in the kitchen put in today… it makes a big difference.

    Kenju, again, a paradox, excited about a 17 cycle washer and still sad all at the same time.

    Foundme, amen girl, amen.

    Vince, should have all of the major furniture by the 18th of May. But, I’ll be spending a lot of time there before then.

    Julez, I so wish I could just have them but it is just like having a brand new house.

    Se7en, yes, I’m happy things are coming together. I wish it was happening this quickly for you.

  12. Esther said,

    Looking good! When are they going to finish up so you can finally put it all together?

  13. Susanne said,

    Im glad things are coming together for you, hun !! I cant wait to see pictures of the rooms =)


  14. Zelda said,

    Looks like you’re starting to see the glimmer of silver lining. I’m so jealous of your furniture, I’m considering burning my own house down. Actually, I’d consider burning my own house down even if I weren’t getting any furniture….

    If that was tasteless, I’m sorry. But you’ve seen my house…

  15. tinyhands said,

    Just when I thought this wasn’t going to be a post about BSC…

  16. Inanna said,

    Esther, probably never, it will continue until the end of time, at least it seems.

    Susanne, I can’t wait for the rooms to be finished!

    Zelda, but I love your couch!!!! Your home is fine, lived in, just like mine.

    (not so) Tinyhands, it wasn’t a post about BSC! I could have said, well, here’s the room where I’m putting all of my BSC memorabilia! And there’s the washer I wash my BSC shirt in! And there’s the refridgerator to hang a BSC magnet! Be thankful… 🙂

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