Fire… It Follows Me

April 25, 2007 at 8:48 pm (Crazy Shit)

Like a petulant child, its lip puckered, scuffing its feet, dawdling. Waiting for my back to turn, for my third eye to close, for my sixth sense to numb. I know you, Fire. I have faced you, I know your secrets, I have traced your path. I see your puckered lip, I hear your scuffing, shuffling feet, I know you loiter. My back will never turn, my eyes will never close,  I will never numb myself, because I know you, Fire.

I was looking for a quote about fire but nothing seemed to fit other than what I decided to write myself.  Monday, I spent a lot of time at the house, which is coming along beautifully, no thanks I’m sure to the fact I crawled up someone’s ass and sat there until I got my crew back. I noticed that someone had thrown a box over the fence into the brush beside of the railroad tracks. I hadn’t noticed it over the weekend so I figured someone had done it Sunday evening after I left.  I had to get to work but I hadn’t been there very long when my phone rang. It was Ron asking if I wanted the bad news or the other bad news. Seems as though that box and the brush had caught on fire.

Since I have no water at my residence, my neighbor on one side was gone, and the neighbor on the other side, SpiderWoman, didn’t have a hose, Ron called the fire department to put it out. In the fifteen minutes it took them to get there, it had engulfed the entire area in front of my house, causing smoke to drift into and fill up my house, again. I told him to open the windows.  Frankly, the fire was probably caused either by broken glass and the right angle of the sun or a cigarette, tossed by me or someone else, and a stiff breeze.

Then, today, first day at my new job, I’m sitting at my new desk doing nothing but twiddling my thumbs, when the fire alarm goes off. I just kind of sat there for a minute to see if it was a false alarm and then it appeared it wasn’t so I took my purse and went down the stairwell. At the bottom of the steps there was  a crowd of people. The thermostat had caught on fire and flamed out against the wall, kicking breakers on the first and second floors.  I recommended that they pull the still smoking and burning thermostat out of the wall before it caught the interior of the walls on fire. Once that was accomplished, I went back upstairs and continued with my day.

Fire… it follows me, and I will never close my eyes because I know you, Fire.



  1. cybele said,

    Whoa. Is the whole world feeling your heat? Is the Goddess pointing you towards a new career? What do you need to purge that you haven’t purged already? Whoa.

  2. Inanna said,

    The hell if I know Cybele. T-Bird said I could either see it as a sign to pack my happy ass and leave or that it comes in threes and I’m done. I know a lot of things that could use purging but water is as cleansing as fire. Thank the Goddess I don’t live in a flood plain.

  3. Zelda said,

    Oh my god that sucks. In a way it sounds like Trashman with his irrational fear of spontaneous combustion.

  4. Vince said,

    You just need to kick Fire’s ass a couple of times until he leaves you alone. Once it has a healthy fear of you, it will go bug someone else.

  5. KtP said,

    That’s pretty eerie, my dear.

  6. tinyhands said,

    Alright dammit, stop smoking already. 😐

  7. Inanna said,

    Zelda, perhaps Trashman and I should put off a meeting for a bit longer.

    Vince, I’d love to kick its ass.

    KtP, I’m a pretty eerie person.

    (not so) tinyhands, damn, now there’s a thought!

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