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April 24, 2007 at 10:48 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, Shop, The House, Work, Writing)

I’ve been a little busy.

The little league I’m working with on getting all of their uniforms keeps adding more items, a day apart, which means, more shipping charges.  I told the coordinator after the 3rd time that I was going to have to start charging shipping on all items after the first two orders. I just finished taking the 6th order, or was it the 7th????

Speaking of the shop, I have to e-mail a photo to a client.

 I start a new contract job tomorrow. It comes at good time because I’m about flat broke. I’ll be working on another class action where I actually get to send people money. What a great feeling. It will only be for a few weeks but may keep me out of the poorhouse.

Nate is going on his first long class trip on Thursday. They’re going to the Carnegie Science Museum in Pittsburgh and then to a Pirates game. Whoo hoo…. other than he has to be on the bus by 5:30 a.m. Argh.

Still trying to get a more part-time deal with my writing job and still working on my magazine idea.

They started putting the heating and cooling in my house today. And, lo and behold, they had a full crew working on my house as well. One who actually knew what he was doing besides Ron. And one of the guys putting in the heating and cooling was this green-eyed cutie that I’m sure I could teach a few things. He looked like he was 18, which is old enough for me.  The creepy guy was there too, the one who tried to railroad me on the heating and cooling. I got a much better deal with the folks I went with, plus the owner is hawt, not creepy, hawt, and rides a Harley. Yum.

T-Bird’s nephew’s grandfather passed away so I ran down to watch the other nephew and her son while she paid her respects.  J3 went to a ballgame and I put the littlest one in the bathtub, which he hated, put a diaper on him, gave him his binky/bippy/pacifier and a sippy cup of water, he cried for 2 seconds and fell asleep.  If only Nate had been so easy.

Trying to get an order ready for Tamarack.

Trying to scrounch together the money to go to Rock on the Range in Columbus on May 19th. I had tickets, then sold the tickets because of a really stupid reason and then decided, I’m going. I need to see my guys from Black Stone Cherry, although I’m sure we won’t get to hang out much because of all the bands and security, but my friends Kim and Matt will also be there and I need to be there too. I’ve missed 3 BSC shows since this fire and I’m tired of it.

Nate and I will go up to my parents’ place and go metal hunting on the farm. They have a lot of old pipes and fittings due to old gas lines and that metal is worth a lot! I NEED THE MONEY!  I knew Nate’s metal detector would pay for itself one way or another.  Plus, Jeff’s brother, who lives in GA, is coming up here to get hay for his horses. Because of the drought and fires in GA, he can’t find any.  I also coordinated the purchase and transport of said 20 bales of hay between me, Jeff, his brother, and my dad.

This is why I haven’t blogged in a while and why I haven’t been by your place.

I’m tired ya’ll.


  1. cybele said,

    Big commission on that hay coordination, then, Nan? Have fun metal hunting!

  2. se7en said,

    Congrats to Nate on his first big field trip, cool! And get some rest Nanner, you need it! 🙂

  3. Vince said,

    Damn, you’re busy. As always.

    You need a donation to get you to the concert? I’d be willing to send you a little something. And let me know when your magazine is ready so I can subscribe.

  4. Inanna said,

    Cybele, I WISH! At this point, I hope our metal farming brings in big bucks.

    Se7en, I hope to take a long nap at some point…

    Vince, I appreciate it, but with my new job, I should be able to handle it! And when I get my magazine going, I’d be happy to sell you a subscription.

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