April 6, 2007 at 1:54 am (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, Shop, T-Bird, The House, Writing)


Was not such a good day. Having my period and dealing with all of this crap is a lethal combination. Not only do I have PMS but also PFS, or Post Fire Syndrome. They sprayed fungicide on the sub-flooring today. However, my cabinets are still sitting in boxes in the living room. I have no toilet, or stove, or refrigerator, yet, oh yeah, or floors. Essentially, I still have nothing because I have no where to put anything and I’ll be damned if I’m moving everything twice. It was hard enough to move Nate’s new chest. I missed out on a great sale on mattresses. I’m still wondering whether I should get a full-size bed or stick with my Queen sized bed.

I asked Cook today if he had an idea when I could move in and he just shook his head. It was just Cook today and no one else. Nathan is on vacation and they keep pulling Ron, Bob, and Jimmy to work on other things. Most of the inside walls still need a second coat of paint, none of the plumbing is done, I still don’t know how much I can spend on a stove, I’m supposed to be taking a short trip the 3rd weekend of this month and I’m not sure how I’m going to do that, although I really need to. I need to get away from here and be spoiled for a weekend.

I’m frustrated with my writing job. I had an inside opportunity to write an article about our new NASCAR driver, backstage access, photos, etc. etc. Our newspaper just didn’t seem interested. Then, I heard that a full-time position came open for the entertainment magazine. I was supposed to be interviewed for that and never was. Which leads me to believe they are all going to be very sorry when I start my own magazine and then have to buy me out for millions of dollars. Fuckers.

They also screwed me on my check. They can’t seem to get it right so far this year and I talked to my boss today as it appeared, oops, they lost the accounting of all the work I had done for the month of March, which pays over half of my mortgage. Given the fact just yesterday I shat down the neck of yet another incompetent city worker, I was quite nice although I had every right not to be, since this is the THIRD TIME they have screwed up my pay.

I told Matt, “I have no patience right now, especially with incompetence. None. I will advise that this is not the best time to irritate me because my mouth will open and the truth will come out.” Just like it did all over the incompetent city worker who didn’t have the brain cells to apply my deposit to my last bill so now the city owes me fucking money which I won’t get until some imbecile signs it at a City Council meeting later this month. I think I may have to show up in person to receive said check and simultaneously inform said council of that asshat called a building inspector and the incompetence and idiocy of the entire fucking city.

Especially since I have to turn right around and make another fucking deposit on my water bill to turn the fucking water back on!!! And you know what they do with those deposits don’t you? Yeah, they draw interest on those deposits, which means, they should credit me the interest as well, just like the electric and the gas company have. What do you want to bet that doesn’t happen.

Yes, I really need drugs. I really need something to help take the edge off. Nate doesn’t realize it, but Maximum Strength Pamprin and Icehouse saved his life this week, especially since he broke my wand. Yes, broke my wand, my oak wand, the wand that survived the fire. Broke, two pieces. I cried and he’s still living. Yes, thank our Lord and Lady for Pamprin and Icehouse. So mote it be.

I’ve lost 12 pounds since the fire. I’m on my way to my fighting weight of 122. Just 10 lbs. to go or so. I have a bet with the guys at the shop that I’ll be able to pull ink by the end of summer. “Pulling ink” means to manually apply ink to the shirts through the screen with a squeegee versus using the automatic to do it for you. It takes a lot of upper body strength and in that regard I’m a wimp, so, I’ll be working all of my arm, shoulder, and back muscles in anticipation of the big event at the end of August. I’ll also have to stand on a box to do it because I’m too short to do it otherwise.

I have a second design for Black Stone Cherry shirts and I told Rich I was printing them myself. Speaking of my guys, they are off in Europe and I miss them. I also miss Europe. I have needed to send them a package for a while, just like I need to send Vince a package, and Hoss. I found an Elvis album at the antique market which I picked up for Ben and I have been meaning to send Jon a copy of the Jubal Kane CD since January. See, ya’ll aren’t the only ones waiting.

I’m also making something very special for my guys in BSC. They will totally rock when I’m done… if I can ever get started.

My car looks like a dumpster. I had Ron and Cook fix the floors in the attic so we could move the crap from up there that was in Nate’s room back to the attic so they don’t have to keep moving it while they fix the floors. Nanner is smart. Now, I can also move shit from my car into the attic and move shit from here into the attic so I’m not stuck moving it all at once. Like Nate’s little nightstand thingy, the mirror, clothes, my new lamps, curtains, and other odds and ends.

T-Bird has a hernia and has to have surgery again. I’ll be going with her this time.

I have a huge order that has be done at the shop. I keep reminding Steve to give me the old order for another customer so I can quote a new order. Every time I mention it, he says, “Shit!” Meaning, “I forgot, again.”

Did I mention I’m blogging from my brand new laptop? This makes things much easier on my back since I don’t have a desk yet.

Can you tell after I got back to the apartment today I took a 5 hour nap? Yeah, Nate got to soak himself in Harry Potter on the laptop and watch Disney channel. Yes, he had his dinner.

And, because ya’ll love pictures…


I saw this today and thought of Jeanette and Tony.


Hermione, the cat who lived.


And Macy, the cat who can’t get her picture taken without looking like a demon.


Da Mommas and da Bubbas.


The Old Look


And the new look


And Nanner says, “Bye. Have a great weekend.”



  1. boo said,

    Your toilet paper made it through the fire. That’s weird.

    You and Nate are so darn cute together. I’m glad to see a smile again.

  2. boo said,

    BTW…the new digs are looking great.

  3. cybele said,

    Aw, honey, it sounds as though life is really annoying right this minute. However, you and Nate and the kitties are so adorable, I just want to grab you all up in my arms and snorgle all of you until everybody giggles.

    (Giggling cats is hysterical and rare. They hate for anyone to catch them at it.)

  4. Inanna said,

    Boo, amazing that the TP survived isn’t it? Especially since it melted the plastic from the walls not a foot away. Fire is weird.

    Cybele, we would love to be snorgled and I”d love to hear my cats giggle.

  5. Esther said,

    Love the new look, so much better than the old. Great so see the progress!

  6. kenju said,

    The new look is so much better than the old! I love seeing photos of you and your boy – so cute.

  7. Michael said,

    Lookin’ good, Nanner. Unlike photo-friendly Nate, the cats don’t look anxious to have their pictures taken. They hate the pussarazzi.

  8. restless angel said,

    They both have some kind of “Why are you taking my picture?” looks on their faces!

  9. kenju said,

    Thanks for the visit; that IS a guinea pig, of course. Don’t know where my brain was when I wrote mouse.

    Your boy and my grandsons both have big teeth to grow into…LOL. I think one of my grandsons will be a giant, considering he is 11 on Monday and wears the same size shoes his step-dad wears. His hands are way larger than his mom’s…..LOL

  10. Jen said,

    Hey sweetie.. I just got all caught up in the past few posts. Those are some pretty difficult pictures to look at. Yet so wonderful at the same time that you and Nate are still here and rebuilding! Both the house and the emotions 🙂

    {{big squeezes to you all}}

  11. blackpunkin said,

    Esther, it is wonderful to see the progress, just getting antsy about moving back.

    Kenju, I love taking pictures with my boy and I don’t think he’ll really ever grow into those teeth. He’s going to need braces, so I’d better get moving on that great American novel! He and I wear the same size shoes right now, well, actually he wears the same size as I do but in Men’s. His shoes are too big for me. Oy.

    Mikey, LOL!!! Oh, that was a good one!

    RA, you would think they would be used to Mommy running around with a camera.

    Jen, it is hard to look at the old pictures, especially because fire makes even the most beautiful homes look filthy. We’re working on ourselves and the house.

  12. Charmed said,

    You are looking WAY better in this post than the last… I too am glad to see that smile, even a small one is better than none at all.

    Still praying for you.

  13. blackpunkin said,

    I’ve dealt with a lot of pain since that last picture was taken, my Charmed lady.

  14. J. said,

    I’m thinking my tony would like that license plate, me i think my eyes would be rolling around for all the rolling eyes i’d be making. hehe.

    you have no toilet??? horror of horrors, honey. must have a toilet.

    wait, you’ll be going with t-bird to support her hernia, or you ‘ll be going with her to have an operation on your PFS hernia?


  15. LisaBinDaCity said,

    It all looks good, Missy, both you and the house!

  16. Inanna said,

    LOL! J. for now, I’ll just be there while she has her surgery… I’m afraidy my PFS hernia can’t be surgically removed.

    LisaB. OMG! You are sooooo totally southern! No one else I know but Southerners call girls “Missy” even if their names aren’t Missy!

  17. Vince said,

    Damn, girl, you’re breaking my heart. No one should have to put up with that much all at once. Wish I could come down there and lend a hand somehow. Just remember, anything I can do, let me know.

    Your cats look like the same animal, just with longer hair. You’d almost think you shaved the cat in the first picture to get the secon one.

    Hope the weekned treated you good.

  18. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Golly, Nanner, I didn’t know you was so beautiful. Also, thanks for keeping me in mind. She won’t have another birthday till October, so we got plenty of time.

    (And, nice looking Cats and Nate.)

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