What Lies Beneath

March 28, 2007 at 4:54 pm (The House)

(Said in Gollum voice) Creepy crawlies and nasties….


Welcome to my newest nightmare.  I called my claim adjustor Monday and told him that the floor joists under the computer room looked pretty bad and we should probably tear up that room, replace the hardwood, and while we’re there, let’s see how bad it is…


Some of the wood is still damp, there’s mold, there’s mildew, and worse, there’s tar paper.

Wood flooring layed today will have rosin paper or some type of felt between the hardwood and the floor joists or plywood to absorb moisture, prevent squeaking, etc. Tar paper only acts as a vapor/evaporation barrier between the crawl space and the hardwood.

But, if you put water or other liquid over the hardwood, tar paper acts as a barrier to that water or other liquid leaving the hardwood and draining past, in my case, the pine joists. It sits under the hardwood.

 They put so much water into the computer room and hallway that it actually did penetrate, in some spots, the tar paper, causing water damage under the house. 


On top of that mess, are the areas of the flooring that burned completely through the hardwood, tar paper, and inch thick pine joists.


Other places it just burned to cinders and carbon.



Luckily, I have a great insurance company and a great adjustor who just asked that I take pictures to verify blah blah blah, but, it just wasn’t the day to hear, “Yo, more time away from the homestead.”  Just. Not. The. Day.

As I was knelt down in the computer room, taking pictures, the overwhelming weight just sat me right down in the floor, and as Nathan told Ron when he tried to get my attention, “She’s having a moment, man.”

I broke when I realized I was kneeling right over the spot that Napoleon died and when I sat down it was though he was right there with me and then they were all there, one by one. It’s a strange feeling to describe, the sorrow, the comfort, but also and again, the knowledge that life goes on beyond the physical and love never dies.


  1. Aimee said,

    I love your claims adjuster for being so understanding. And I extra love your son for getting the “having a moment” thing. He’s way too cool, that kid.

  2. blackpunkin said,

    Oh, I love my son too Aims, but Nathan is one of the workers. I guess he’s “way cool” too because he got it, oh,and he was the one who handed the rum i was drinking down through the hole in the floor.

  3. Vince said,

    Girl, you got to get this house done so you can spend some alone time with all the ghosts and no one around you. I think that would help you heal.

  4. Celti said,

    They are all still there with you…they always will be. Such a well guarded house. As overwhelming as they may be, it’s moments like those that help you heal. Love you, Nanner. *huge hugs*

  5. restless angel said,

    So glad he got it, and your insurance is being so great to you. And that the critters are still there to love you… *hugz*

  6. Liz said,

    Good that you found out about the additional problems under the flooring before all was said and done. That would have been an additional nightmare. Maintain that strength… your almost there. Hugs.

  7. Serra said,

    Great big gentle hugs. You know there’s reasons for everything, even if things that suck keep happening. Hang in there.

    Oh, and what Vince said about healing–he’s dead on as always.

  8. cybele said,

    Nan, good thing you found this BEFORE, hmm? Really inconvinient to find it LATER.

    Another thing: ghost cats don’t need their litter box changed. So, advantage psychic human.

    and to bastardize some old lyrics which I’m sure you’ll recognize: … if you can’t be in the place you love, honey, love the space you’re in.\\xox

  9. Susanne said,

    Im glad you have a great insurance company – they’re definately hard to find. And they’re right about the kitties, they’ll always be there for you honey.

    Much love sweetie =)

  10. se7en said,

    Thanks for all the pictures, it’s hard to imagine the devastation without them. Sending hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. LisaBinDaCity said,

    I agree with Vince as well.

    And know the kitty’s will ALWAYS be with you in spirit in your lovely fresh new house. Real love is not foiled by anything, even death.

    Hugs, dear.

  12. kenju said,

    You have a very resiliant nature, don’t you? I bet you can handle absolutely anything!

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