I Met Them At The Door

March 20, 2007 at 10:34 pm (Memories, The House)

After a restless night and little sleep, the alarm went off at 6 and Jeff called me at 10 after to inform me I needed to pick Nate up for school, which I had previously been unaware of. So, I drug my exhausted ass out of bed, picked up Nate and was at the house at the butt ass crack of dawn. I know this because sunrise was 7:30 and I was there before then and I was there directly at the crack of dawn, again.Okay, call me obsessive.Then, I dropped Nate off at school at 10 til 8 and I was back at my house at 8 a.m. on the dot. And luckily, so were they.

Maybe it was the tone of my walk which Nathan noticed and prompted him to say, “Here comes trouble.” Yeah. Ron turned and said, “Well, hey there.”

I said, “Hi. Do you have an extra key to my house?” I was po-lite, thank you, but I swear that man forgets nothing or he’s psychic or an empath. He said, “You stopped by last night didn’t you?”


“I’m sorry. I almost called you last night but I knew you were working long hours and I didn’t think you would stop by.”

“Yeah, I was tired but I just wanted to come home for a little while and I kind of had a conniption when I couldn’t get in. I know you didn’t mean to and I forgot when I left yesterday about it.”

Nathan made a comment, which now I can’t recall exactly, but it was. . .snarky. I raised my deadly stinger.

“Are you making fun of me?” Deadly serious, I was., young padawans.

He cracked up and said, “Uh, yeah!”

“Don’t make fun of me.” Deadly serious, again, I was, young padawans. (Weird, I just heard Star Wars music playing from the living room. LOL)

Ron, perhaps sensing the impending doom, handed me the key and tried to move us along. But, I was really having none of that. Also, while I tend to have an extremely quick temper, I also make up extremely fast and Nathan is a gregarious cut-up who probably had no clue as to why I was upset, whereas Ron and I have had this discussion before and as he forgets nothing about my moods or personality, knew exactly why I was there at 8 a.m. to get the key to my house.

I know to some folks it seems stupid or even, ridiculous, but just having the key in my possession made me feel so much better. I know why the Lady sent him to me because if I had to deal with some jackass, I probably would in a mental institution right now. He laughed at me again today as he brought by samples for my flooring and countertops for the kitchen and flooring for the bathroom. Oh, and the countertops he has in his house, will be the same countertops I’ll have in my house, all warm tan earthy tones to go with my warm earthy toned flooring, my warm honey oak cabinets, and my warm Ivory Tower paint. Luckily, my friend Lisa was at the shop when he stopped by and she helped because, as everyone knows, “I’m not a interior decorator!” I described the bathroom to Ron and let him pick out the vanity and mirror and toilet and bathtub. He knows I’m not checking up on them when I show up at the house although it is . . .different to see the changes they make everyday.

He knows, he has to know because not only have I told him, I’m extremely easy to please and only make a fuss about really important things, like the oak trim that I wanted replaced. To me, that was important. And the fact there should be no pink in my house. When I commented about painting the door red (*snort* I have green shutters ya’ll and a white house… the Yule house) Nathan said, “I tried to talk her into green,” and Ron grinned and said, “I don’t know, maybe you should paint it pink.”

He makes me smile.


  1. kenju said,

    There’s no pink in my house either. Peach, but not pink.

  2. LisaBinDaCity said,

    “He makes me smile”…

    Honey, please consider this as a mantra.

    He’s married to someone else. He is not available.

    How would you feel if he was your husband and another woman was talking about him like this?

    I appreciate how amazing he has been to you, but this is information you need to keep reminding yourself over and over. This man belongs to someone else.

    You’re extremely vulnerable right now, and he has been wonderful. I get that. I truly do!

    BUT, please ask yourself, is all you want, (and deserve,) an affair with a married man?

    None of this is said to hurt you in any way. And I’m sorry if it does. I am just concerned about you…

  3. se7en said,

    I know what you mean about keys, I get nervous whenever my keys are out of my possession for ANY reason. It’s a sinking feeling knowing you don’t have access to your sanctuary! 🙂

  4. Aimee said,

    Well hell, Lisa–I make her smile, too, but that doesn’t mean she’s hot to get into my pants.

  5. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Aimee, I have no desire to get into a “pissing match” with you, especially on someone else’s blog.

    These are however open forums to post our thoughts. And I don’t say things to be mean or nasty. That is not my way, and many other bloggers will confirm that.

    But if you will check out the second post down, (and read the comments,)you will see this is not the first discussion about this person. Perhaps I should have written my comment on that post (and please move it if you feel like it’s more appropriate there, Inanna.) I am simply responding to what was written. And I think we are all on the same page in wishing Inanna only good things, (especially right now after all the horrid things she has endured of late.)

    I know all too well what’s it’s like to make choices that are not necessarily in our best interests when we are vulnerable…

  6. Liz said,

    There’s nothing wrong with eye candy and feelings of swoon. pfft.

    Sounds like your house is going to be beautiful when it is done.

  7. Esther said,

    I’m with you on the no pink!

    This is why I have 3 sets of house keys, wait, make that 4. My brother has one set and my petsitter has another. This is mostly because I’m scared of losing my keys and then I’m stuck up the creek without a paddle. Which reminds me, I’m not sure where my extra set of car keys are.

  8. brightonandbear said,

    Love green shutters and a red door, but I’m biased on that one.
    Glad all is going well in putting the house back together : )

  9. Inanna said,


    For the record:

    I prefer peach over pink.

    Unavailable? Maybe he should remember that too.

    Would I like it if I were his woman? I don’t like it and I’m not his woman.

    I am hot to get in his pants and his heart and his soul.

    I’m no angel.

    I love keys.

    I know everyone wants what is best for me but that’s a whole nother blog post which i wrote but probably won’t publish.

    Eye candy works.

    I love keys.

    i think I may need a red door and a scarlet letter.

    I’m going to go fix myself a big fat drink with lots of alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. All the alcohol I can find in this apartment and try to sleep, which is coming increasingly more difficult.

  10. J. said,

    Oh, Nanner. You are so precious.

    I just felt the need to tell you that.

    Life was so much easier when we were all together in Texas a year ago, wasn’t it? Remember how we all climbed in bed together the morning after the Blogmeet? 😆 Brighton slung her frillies over the celing fan… those were good times.


  11. Vince said,

    Your shudders should totally be pink! That would rule! It will mess with people’s heads when they come to your place. Or perhaps I’m just missing my old guitar.

    I love warm tones in the kitchen. Ours is similar. Honey cabinets and hardwood floors, flowing into the family room with all earth tones. It makes it so comfy.

    So when are they going to be done so you can have your place back?

  12. restless angel said,

    I’m not a pink person either. And I’ve lost my keys before… okay, so they were on the kitchen table and I was on the other side of the door, locked out…. that was a fun day. 🙂

  13. cybele said,

    If the door’s red, the scarlet letter won’t show up. Make the door white.

    Look, attempt to behave yourself. You allow your hormones to lead you all sorts of places that make the rest of you miserable. Try to keep that in mind, is all I’m sayin’.

    I’m glad you can be in your house now.


  14. Aimee said,

    Wait–you forgot to say that you are, in fact, hot to get into my pants, too. Come on, Nanner. The gig is up. They all know now. 😉

  15. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    I missed something. Tell me, why no pink? (Other than that it is a horrid color…..)

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