Building Inspector Meets Violator Girl – Part II

March 11, 2007 at 11:28 am (Attitude in Overdrive, AZ, The House)

I called Steve in a fury. I dissolved into tears. I ranted, I raved, I yelled, and bitched. I asked him, “Why?”  Steve, who had not slept in my honor the night of the fire, told me he would make a well placed call to the mayor and he would call me back.


I went on about my horrible day until Steve called back and said he had spoken to the mayor. So, while out running errands, my phone rang and it was the mayor of my fair city. I told him everything that happened and I got a very political response back but also a promise that he would speak to Asshat about this matter. Whatever.


I then found out that Steve had not CALLED the mayor, he had stopped what he was doing, went to the mayor’s office, walked past the mayor’s secretary, shut the door, and told the mayor, “You sit on your man, or I will.”


Whatever Mayor Calloway said to Asshat didn’t work, because on my next trip to the house I found he was making unreasonable demands regarding the electric in the house and was basically making my contractor jump through all kinds of hoops and giving them a hard time.


Before this, Steve had already informed me that one of the ladies that he does rental managing for had called him about Asshat. Seems he had told her that if she did not contact a particular contractor and have said contractor fix certain items around her rental property that he was going to condemn her property. Bad corrupt move, Mr. Asshat.


This precipitated another call to Mayor Callaway on a three-way with Steve. This time, I was less than nice. Basically, I ripped the mayor’s head off and shit down his neck. I told him that I wanted the documentation Asshat was using to force my insurance company and me to do this particular work. I also told him that I felt that when said documentation was given to me that I would find it was open to broad interpretation, which would be reviewed by me, my contactor, insurance adjustor, and my attorney.


I have yet to receive any documentation, say, building codes regarding his threat to first condemn my home and then his demands regarding the electric. Asshat still has to do a final walk through of my home and once that is complete, Violator Girl is set to unleash a hailstorm.


I have zero tolerance for corruption. It is against the law for a city building inspector to make or enforce particular contactors in their city. They can give them a list of contractors but they cannot refer a particular one.


Ron, that’s my contractor, the hawt one, told me that they are not doing anymore work in my city if they can help it because of Asshat. The writing is on the wall. Asshat is referring people to a particular contractor, if they don’t use said contractor then Asshat makes it harder on the contractor to work in the city, basically making it so they won’t work in my city so his contractor will be the only one who does. Since, from his own words, “I’ve done this for years,” my guess is he’s a silent partner or is getting a kickback.


Not only that, when I went to get a building permit to enclose my porch, he informed me of just the same thing. He wanted to be oh so helpful, perhaps to disguise the fact that I didn’t need a fucking building permit because the cost was under $1500, but he gladly took my $5 anyway. $5 is $5, did they need it that bad that he couldn’t have informed me of the law in the city?  Or should I have asked for those building specifications that I have yet to receive?


That burns my ass and I’m going to burn his. I’m going to burn him folks. I had thought of going to the media and city council. Don’t worry, I am. But, I’m also calling a friend of mine who happens to, not only own rental property in my city, but also is a prosecuting attorney in a neighboring county AND used to be a prosecutor in the county I live in now. I believe government officials would find all of this very interesting.


For a city that garnered national headlines because they removed dear sweet baby Jesus from the manger in their Festival of Lights, seems to me they would try to improve their image. I’m a Wiccan and I wouldn’t have taken baby Jesus out of the manger.


And they call me a heathen.



  1. Jammie J said,

    It’s a shame that when people are down and out and dealing with losses such as yours that they also have to deal with assholes. I wish there was an answer as to why that is, but there’s not. It’s just the way of it.

    I don’t mean this to sound bad, but I’m glad that if someone has to deal with it it’s you. Because I know you have a steel core and you will find a way to shut asshat down. Someone else might just cave — you won’t.

    I love you, girl. xoxo

  2. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Boy, this is getting good. Go after ’em, Nanner.

  3. Inanna said,

    You know, J, I said the same thing to Steve. I told him it was one thing to do it to me, because I have the resources inward and outward to deal with it, but when you start picking on other people who might not have those resources, I draw a fierce line in the sand.

    Stick around, Hoss, its going to get even better.

  4. se7en said,

    Kick his ASS Nanner! That sounds like the kind of shit you would hear from a corrupt official in New Orleans.

    The next time he comes on your property for any reason, take his picture, and don’t tell him why. That’ll shake him up. 😉

  5. Esther said,

    Go get him!

    The worst for me is when someone in a position of limited power has this “attitude”. I’ve never had a good experience with any building inspector. There’s a whole saga there as well, up to and including the fact that the plans for my house that I requested from them are the wrong ones. This was met with a shrug and now I have to get an architect to redo the plans, at my own expense.

  6. Foundme said,

    Wow, this guy is the DEFINITION of asshat. Here’s to watching him go down via your blog!

  7. Inanna said,

    Se7en – WV is historically corrupt and more corrupt the further south you go.

    Esther – Oh girl, I’m so sorry that you have to put up with that and put out of pocket. I would file a complaint.

    Foundme – Oh, and you should see his arrogant face…

  8. cybele said,

    I can’t wait for the next installment….

    What’s the point of the manger with no Baby Jesus? That’s stupid. It’s as stupid as the woman who got fined for her peace-sign shaped Christmas wreath.

    I think kicking an Asshat is just the release you need.

  9. Serra said,

    Fuck ‘im up Nanner Peaches Baybee!!

    And if possible get video–it’s really hard to re-explain the shit this moron’s doing when confronted with video evidence.

  10. restless angel said,

    Nothin’ would be more satisfying than booting his ass outta town…….

  11. Vince said,

    You take this guy down. He deserves no less. Like you, I have little tolerance for that kind of crap.

  12. Susanne said,

    Go get him Nanner!! He’s not gonna know what hit him!! =)

  13. Inanna said,

    Cybele, you may have to wait, its playing itself out as we speak.

    Serra, what an awesome idea! Videooooo…

    RA, I’ll settling for running it out of town.

    vince, I’m woikin’ on it, I’m woikin’ on it.

    Susanne, oh, he’ll know a peach hit him when this is done.

  14. Liz said,

    This sucks. I am sorry to hear that you have to keep battling when all you need is your home back. It sucks that this guy doesn’t have a compassionate bone in his body. It sucks that he can’t work with people and try to make things a little easier on the folks who just lost everything they have worked hard for.

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