January 2, 2007 at 10:55 pm (Memories)

This time last year, the Mountaineers were preparing to play the Sugar Bowl (and win) and these 12 men had spent their last New Years with their families and friends.

Thomas “Tom” Paul Anderson, age 39

Alva Martin “Marty” Bennett, age 51

James Arden “Jim” Bennett, age 61 (shuttle car operator)

Jerry Lee Groves, age 56

George Junior Hamner, age 54

Terry Michael Helms, age 50 (fire boss)

Jesse Logan Jones, age 44

David William Lewis, age 28

Martin Toler Jr. age 51 (mine foreman)

Fred Gay “Bear” Ware Jr., age 58

Jackie Lynn Weaver, age 51

Marshall Cade Winans, age 50

Let us not forget those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep the lights on.


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The New Year With Nate (2007 – Part I)

January 1, 2007 at 3:01 am (Nate)

Not long ago I was visiting the shop and Nate cajoled someone’s cell phone away from them. They turned to me and asked, “Is he going to reprogram that?” I responded, “Its quite possible that he will.” Ask Boo, she’ll tell you all the cool things Nate found on HER cell phone.

Just this evening, after receiving a text message from my best good friend Troy (reveling the New Year in Paris no less) an odd icon appeared on my phone. After looking at said icon and running through the menu on my phone for 5 40 minutes, I finally asked my TEN YEAR OLD what he thought that strange little icon could be. After reviewing said icon for 5 minutes seconds, he brings me the phone and says, “I think your inbox is full Momma. Try deleting some of your messages and see if it goes away.” He then walks away muttering something about old people not being allowed to have cell phones.

Of course, he was right.

Happy New Year from an old Momma and her 10 year old technological smart ass genius.

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