Nigella Schmigella – Give Me Some TY

January 22, 2007 at 11:34 pm (AZ, Crazy Shit)

All I hear about are all these cutesy, hot, girl-crush inducing cooks on TV. No, I’m battling my ever increasing waistline and if I want to see a cutesy, hot, girl-crush inducing cook all I have to do is look in the mirror… mmmmkay?

Ladies, Ty Pennington is where it’s at. He’s hawt. He’s buff. He actually works for a living. He likes dogs and small children and doing something for humanity. Move over Rachel Ray and Niglellalella, you got nothin’ on Ty.


Talked to Steve this morning and it was a good conversation. I’d tell you what we said but it wouldn’t make any sense to anyone but us. Well, it might make sense if you live in WV and have ever called the radio station about school closings and are aware of the protracted litigation in our great state about ATV safety.

Hold on, I need to go look at Ty Pennington again, without his shirt on… yum, yum, yum


My friend Lisa and I had lunch today. Well, she bought me lunch as a late birthday present. Too bad I had to work and her boyfriend is a jerk overprotective cuz I could have sat there and got totally shitfaced with her today. Sadly, we both left sober. She also has the URL here. HI LISA! MUAH! I love ya girl! She’s weird like me. You’d like her.

Gotta go look at Ty again. Did you know he used to model? Yeah, that’s why he looks so sexy swinging a hammer or just, you know, standing there with his rock hard abs and rippling pectorals. Not that I noticed or anything. Ahem.


I’m really trying not to be so gloomy. Since January 23rd is the gloomiest day of the year, I’m trying to ward off the evil gloomies by being not so gloomy. I’m looking at Ty Pennington. No woman in her right mind or even left mind, can be gloomy while looking at Ty Pennington without his shirt on, on a boat, with the sun, sand, and surf. *Tip* If you go to Ty’s website at the shirtless pic is in his journal, not the gallery. Did ya’ll know he used to live in Germany. Mein Gott! So ladies, go ward off the evil gloomies and look at Ty without his shirt on. Or just look at him. He’s hawt.


I tried online dating and it just wasn’t for me, again. I specifically put down WITHIN 100 MILES. Obviously, some men don’t know where in the world WV is… *tip* its about 800-1000 miles from Texas, so if you’re from TX and live in TX, chances are, its not within that 100 miles radius I specified. Same thing for Hawaii, Oklahoma, New York, Nevada, California, Maine, Utah, and Florida.

Look, I know that some people don’t realize that WV is an actual state. Some peeps think we’re still a part of VA, the same people who actually believe some Third World ousted prince wants to share his billion dollar fortune with them, but even if you still believe WV did not tell VA and the rest of the southern states to go fuck themselves during the Civil War and hasn’t been a bona fide member of the United States of America since 1863 (I know, just seems like yesterday), then I’m thinkin’ your still believin’ we’re a part of Virginia, which is fine, but still doesn’t explain why you believe Virginia is within a 100 miles of Texas or Oklahoma or Hawaii for fuck’s sake, or Utah, California, Nevada, New York, or Maine.

Yeah. I’m gonna go look at Ty again, even if he does live in California.


  1. Aimee said,

    Oh Nanner, you just make me laugh. 🙂

  2. kenju said,

    So, you sort of like Ty, do you? He was here in Raleigh, a couple of months ago, doing the house that was on the show last night.

  3. Jeanette said,

    I’m glad you like Ty… ummm, he kinda does nothing for me. I like my boys tall. 😛 Hehehe.

  4. Foundme said,

    Ty is Yummy. But I like the male crush inducing cooks. Like TYler Florence. See, he’s a TY… Just makes hella good food, and it’s good FOR you if you eat at applebee’s.

    Or Paula Deans boys… Yum. And yes, I have a thing for Bobby Flay!

    You take the men with hammers, and I’ll take the men with pans, let the rest squabble over the nigela rays!

  5. Vince said,

    I got no comment on Ty, cause that would be icky. But if you got a crush on him I’m fine with that.

    Men don’t do geography. Or reading profiles on dating sites. We see hot chick, we want. Pretty simple.

    Oh, no comment on WV. As far as I’m concerned there’s only one thing there worth seeing. If you move, there’d be no reason to want to visit it at all.

  6. Susanne said,

    MMMmm … Ty =) yeah – very nice to look at!!

    And, im with ya with the online dating stuff…. i’ve tried, a couple of times. No thanks.

    Love ya Nanners!!

  7. boo said,

    I like Ty too and dislike internet dating and sadly I know that Maine is more than 100 miles away or I would be camping on your doorstep once in awhile.

  8. Serra said,

    Don’t get me started on Internet dating, truly. Even when I use small words like YOU MUST BE SINGLE, I get shitbags asking if I’d mind a “discreet” relationship. Of course, by discreet they mean, “Are you willing to do the most disgsting sex acts I can think of? Cuz, like, my wife won’t do that stuff…”

  9. Inanna said,

    Aimee, but did I make you snort?

    Kenju, ACK! Did catch a glimpse? Just a glimpse?

    Jeanette, that’s okay, I’ll take him. I’m short.

    Foundme, DEAL!

    Vince, what? No base jumping from the New River Gorge?

    Susanne, love you too!

    Boo, why camp on the doorstep, come in and camp on the couch!

    Serra, and people wonder…

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