The Vegas Diet – A Continuation

December 31, 2006 at 1:31 pm (Black Stone Cherry, My Travels)

In the interest of getting the hell on with things, I have to finish my Vegas posts and I’ll just consolidate the BSC show and then say, I didn’t get sick on the way home, all my flights were on time, and all was well. Just remember, this was written at the beginning of the month. On with the show.

The Vegas Diet – Black Stone Cherry (Pre-Show)

There is nothing more disappointing to find that even though you got to the venue early and should be about third in line that you’ve been relegated behind everyone who bought something or ate at the House of Blues. Lucky for us though, we were second in line behind some cool peeps who gave us the 411.

Not only that, Kim and Matt flew to Vegas on the same plane as Ben’s parents. (May I just say that I am extremely grateful that I didn’t know anyone on my plane regardless of the fact I walked away with free clothes.) They pointed out Ben’s dad and then his Mom later. Joe came out and then Ben came out to get his Mom’s camera since they wouldn’t let her take it in and we were able to say hello. Two down, four to go.

Yes, it is just as important to see Dave and Joe as it is the rest of the guys. What would the BSC family be without their roadies/friends?

Finally, after much standing around being hungry, thirsty, and tired we were allowed in. Oh yeah! I made beeline for Jon’s side of the stage since the last two shows I was on Ben’s side. Kim and Matt followed very quickly and oh yes, first row baby! That’s how we got this gorgeous picture taken.

They were going to put “Black Label Society” and the very intoxicated lady to my left pointed out since we were BSC fans that they should put “Black Stone Cherry” on the bottom of it.

We spent a decent amount on the photos but ya know, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT! And what a great birthday gift for Kim. I wasn’t feeling so great standing there but there was no way in hell I was leaving. Priestess, the first band, I had seen in Columbus, and they put on a good show. I like their music. Then the guys came out and got their gear ready so we yelled and acted crazy. Just seeing them, the anticipation, I forgot about everything else that had happened. I forgot I was tired and sick and hungry. I forgave the fact I wore my tennis shoes instead of my boots because I was afraid I would fall right off of them given my state. I was in the zone.

And the lights dimmed….

The Vegas Diet – Black Stone Cherry (Concert)

Are you kidding? Nothing but five stars for my guys! They were SPOT ON, ya’ll! Sorry you missed it. They kicked all kinds of ass all over that stage. When I heard the first notes of “Maybe Someday” I looked around wondering where all the time went. I’ve seen them enough to know that is their finale and I was so disappointed. I couldn’t believe it was already going to be over. Then consoled myself that I would be seeing them (WITH NATE) in Louisville in three weeks.

Seriously, they sounded FANTASTIC! Chris sounded terrific, the guys were on, and John Fred dropped a drumstick, which was funny. Ha!

Is it Yule yet?

’’’’’ – Must See, Must Experience

The Vegas Diet – Black Stone Cherry (Post-Show)

Kim, Matt, and I stepped out of the theater to find something to eat and drink. We talked to the security folks about coming back inside the roped area and they gave us conditions and we accepted and off we went to find grub.

I ordered a big water and crab cakes and then we talked about the show. Kim and Matt are a great couple and I love them to death! They cracked me up though because it was almost like a counseling session. At least someone can use my elder stage of life and all the things I’ve learned about relationships although I’ve not been lucky enough to find The One yet.

Back to HOB we went.

Jon, David, and his girlfriend, Jess, came out first. The explanation that Kid Rock, Billy Gibbons, and Chad Kroeger were backstage which is why everything was on lock down, which, hey, is fine. Our purpose was to be there, see the show, say hello, and just have a great time.

Jess is sooo sweet and outgoing. What a lovely young lady in all ways.

She cracked me up because she and Jon were teasing back and forth and she said, “Don’t touch me. Thousands of girls may want you to touch them but not me!” LOL! Then they took off to play some slots etc. And then Ben’s parents came by and we talked to them for a while. Its no wonder Ben is such a great guy, he has great role models. Then Ben was back out, then Jon, then Chris, and they were all signing our pictures and talking about backstage and how long we were all going to be there. (I had to be checked out and at the shuttle at 4 a.m… hello!)

Honestly, after the show, I was drained. I didn’t eat much of what I had ordered because I just couldn’t. I ate enough. I looked around for John Fred and found he had been shanghaied behind us by some folks and once he came around and signed we started to say goodbye.

One of the most thrilling moments for me was when Chris exclaimed, “I am in the BEST mood EVER!” Or something similar. This is thrilling because Chris is more quiet and laid back than the other guys. Not that he’s not friendly, he’s just more reserved and shy and seeing him excited and smiling, because he has a beautiful smile, was a gift. I raised my eyebrows in silent question and he said, “Billy Gibbons shook my hand.”

I reached out and he took my hand in his while I said, “I have to touch the hand that touched Billy Gibbons’ hand.” Then he demonstrated how Billy shook his hand. He was absolutely thrilled beyond belief and I was thrilled for him. (I silently forgave him for reminding me the last time I saw them in Columbus that gelatin comes from horses and gelatin is in Jell-O, which is one of my favorite things in the world. I can now eat Jell-O in peace again.)

Finally, the pictures were signed, hugs all around, “see you in Louisville,” and we left to find a cab. We hit it right too, because I looked behind us and people were swarming out of doors and all around the merchant table. Good luck guys!


  1. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Glad you had so much fun…

    Happy new year!

  2. Serra said,

    I’m glad you had such an awesome time 🙂

  3. Seamus said,


    Happy New Year NannerBelle!!! 🙂

  4. kenju said,

    A great photo, Inanna. Have a very Happy New Year!

  5. Vince said,

    That is so totally cool. I really gotta start hanging with you. You meet the best people.

    Happy New Year!

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