Just A Few Pretties

December 26, 2006 at 10:01 pm (Beading, Nate)

Until I can get back and post for real.


Vince’s wife’s necklace and matching bracelet which was sold to someone else.


This is a Russian ornament which I finally completed today. I will be sending this to my host family in Germany.  This thing was a pain in the ass to photograph!


My dude! and his first guitar.  Be back with a real post soon.


  1. KtP said,

    Vince’s wife’s necklace (and matching bracelet sold to someone else) are BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Ashley said,

    LOVE the picture of Nate! Did he want to learn guitar? I think that it will be fantastic for him (for as much as that counts).

    And yes, both the ornament and bracelet/necklace combo are gorgeous.

  3. kenju said,

    Beautiful jewelry and I love the photo of Nate. I hope he gets a lot of enjoyment from the guitar!

  4. Serra said,

    I love the necklace and bracelet set–I’d adore wearing them, and I’m not big on highly ornamental jewelry.

  5. boo said,

    OMG….Nate is so handsome with his guitar. Won’t be long before he has a bunch of groupies after him.

    Your beadwork is incredible.

    Hope you had a great holiday.

  6. Jen said,

    Wow.. haven’t seen a picture of him in a very long time. My he’s getting SO big!

  7. Seamus said,

    Your work is stunning!!!

    Looks like Nate fits his guitar very well! Rocker in the wings! 🙂

  8. Jeanette said,

    As always, beautiful work… your jewelry and Nate. 🙂

  9. Vince said,

    The Wife absolutely loved the necklace! Everyone was totally impressed with your work. It was a tad big. I’ll get you the Wife’s neck size and send on the necklace for you to resize.

    Totally cool guitar! If you like, I can send on some tablature chords to start learning. I recommend starting with E and A.

  10. Tina said,

    Go Nate!

    Do I see a future rock star here? 😉 The kid DOES have great taste in music. Lord knows where he gets it from. 😛

  11. Julie said,

    The beading is gorgeous, Nate looks well on his way to his first band, but the real question is “What Jack Sparrow loot do I spy in the background???”

  12. Inanna said,

    Thanks, KtP!

    Ashley, it was one of Nate’s major requests that he get a guitar for Christmas.

    Kenju, he’s already enjoying it!

    Serra, I like these pieces because they’re beautiful yet not too flashy.

    Boo, Nate is TOTAL rock star material.

    Jen, I KNOW! He needs to stop growing right now!

    Seamus, thanks!

    Jeanette, I only have 50% in the kid but I got a 100% in the jewelry 😉

    Vince, send me an e-mail so I can tell you how to size the necklace and I also bought Nate a poster with guitar chords on it and then Navy Boy from work wrote out some of the most popular chords, but thanks!

    Dude! He gets it from ME!

    Julez…. Jack Sparrow gear… I’ll post of pic of ME in it later.

  13. Esther said,

    The necklace set is stunning! and the ornament looks like it was rather difficult to make. I’ve started beading and have had to redo a lot of stuff halfway through.

  14. Inanna said,

    Esther, practice makes perfect. This is my second ornament. The other one is around here somewhere waiting to be finished. And yes, it was hard!

  15. brighton said,

    Nate looks so grown up! Love the first necklace and bracelet!
    I need a beaded thingy to hold my badge for work, e-mail me girl!
    I also ordered a bracelet from you some time ago, need to pay you for that too!!
    Happy New Year Nanner : )

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