The Vegas Diet – Sunday Day

December 10, 2006 at 9:25 pm (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, My Travels)

I awoke from my sound ghost-free sleep hungry as a bear or still ill, couldn’t tell. I hate that. I went to the breakfast buffet at Circus Circus. It lacks. I had fruit, bagels, and croissants and took two more bananas and two apples for later. They would come in handy. I also had my first cup of coffee in three days. The glory. And, another water. Having arrived in Las Vegas dehydrated and with the humidity 10% and a cold arid wind blowing at 20 mph., one could say I was wind burned and even more dehydrated after my vast desert wanderings the previous day.

Back to the KOA grocery. This time I skipped the 20 oz. water and went straight for the 1/2 gallon and another fifth of Gatorade. I went back to the room and took my fifth or sixth hot shower. It seemed as though the hot water and steam made me feel better and even more hydrated as I would stay in the shower through cycle after cycle of hot-hot, hot, sort of hot, lukewarm, less than lukewarm, hot-hot, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat etc. I sucked in the steam like a drowning person which makes little sense because I needed fluids wasn’t drowning in them. I’m blonde, okay.

I bumfucked around watching Fair and Balanced My Ass Fox News before hailing a cab to the CORRECT bead store over on Stone Mountain Rd. between Polaris and something. It didn’t have the same stock it did before, the people were not as nice, and I bought only $36 worth of stuff. Any good bead store will suck at least $100 out of me. Grumpy over an over $8 cab fare for 20 minutes of time and not all that great a bead buying experience, once again, I wandered.

This time, over to the Rio, which, while not in the neighborhood of my hotel, was closer than the $8 fare. I went back to the hotel and made my friend Kim a bracelet for her birthday, which was that day. I started feeling a bit ill again, very ill, and weak. This was not good since we were leaving at 5:30 for the Black Stone Cherry show. I ate my banana and felt a bit better, so I ate my apple too. Hot damn for fruit! Oh, and I took another shower. And at some point I got a text message from Jon of BSC that they didn’t have any stickies (backstage passes) available but they would be there to hang out. Cool.

By the time I got dressed for the show I was having serious doubts as to whether or not I was going to make it. My stomach was rolling and pitching, my intestines felt like they were twisted in a thousand tiny knots, waves of nausea were rolling over me. Oh hell. I spent a lot of time trying to do something other than belch but belching seemed to be the only outlet I had at the time. I have to say though, I looked a hell of a lot better than I felt. I have photographic evidence. And, as soon as Kim gets home and downloads or scans the picture, I’ll show you. I have one too but my scanner is buried. More on that later.

I met Kim and Matt in the lobby and we hailed a cab. Off we went to House of Blues at Mandalay Bay.

Circus Circus Breakfast Buffet – 1/2 – Skip It (1/2 mark for great bananas)

Vegas Beads – ’’ – Worth a Look


  1. Seamus said,

    It’s just hard acclimating to 10% humidity – and no coffee for days? I would have died or gone comatose. 😛

  2. LisaBinDaCity said,

    LMAO @ Fox News. Yea right 😉

    Don’t you love Mandalay Bay? That and The Venetian are my favorites.

  3. Foundme said,

    Banana’s and Cherries(ha) should fix it! I hate being sick on vacation!

  4. Crypto said,

    Ok…if you say you went to Vegas for longer than 24 hours and didn’t place one bet, I will hand it to you. Because…..I couldn’t do it.

  5. Esther said,

    It’s no fun being sick on vacation. At least there’s hot showers!

  6. Inanna said,

    Seamus, better comatose than puking.

    LisaB., oddly, I’ve never been to the Venetian.

    Foundme, bananas and cherries, they rock!

    Crypto, does playing the slots count? Cuz, I put 20 bucks in the slot machine, otherwise, I did not bet.

    Esther, horray for hot showers!

  7. Crypto said,

    Slots count (kinda). Odds are way against you, but can provide fun. Only 3 games in Vegas where the odds are good. But, $20 can be fun and get you free water and coffee.

  8. James Fry said,

    I went to the Circus Circus Buffett back in 93 when visiting from Australia… Fried chicken was available for breakfast…. Very Very Disturbing! (A lot of fun though!)

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