Stoner Steve Meets Violator Girl

November 28, 2006 at 10:18 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, Crazy Shit, Memories, Shop, T-Bird, Writing)

Stoner Steve began calling my cell phone at 2:16 p.m. on Sunday and 2:18 p.m. on Sunday. He left a message the first time.

He then called my cell phone again 45 minutes later. Left another message.

He then called my cell phone on Monday at around 3:30, left a message. Then again at 5:00, left a message, then again at 5:30.

I did not want to talk to him. I was busy each time with something else. On Sunday, I was with T-Bird, helping her with her two nephews (ages 2 and 10 months) and her son and my son (ages 7 and 10). Did I have time to talk? Did I feel like talking later? No.

Monday, by 2:00 p.m. my cell phone was dead. I mean DEAD. I mean took an hour to show that it was even charging dead because IT RANG THAT MUCH. Did I happen to mention with the holiday that I completely forgot two stories for my writing job? Yeah, I did. So, Monday, I had to play catch up PLUS four additional stories for this week with a day less to do it because I’m leaving for Vegas on Friday.

PLUS, a local promotional company has me on speed dial as their direct link to the shop and suddenly they need t-shirts and sweatshirts.

PLUS, T-Bird called because she is seriously considering trying to get custody of her nephews because her sister is an idiot and a piss poor excuse for a mother, which is all very emotional, and that’s why I was at her place for the entire day Sunday, which was to dry clothes and offer moral support and chase kids, spank kids, change kids, feed kids, rock kids, tell other kids to shut up because the baby is asleep, piss off kids grandmother, and otherwise, you know, enjoy life.

PLUS, I had to talk to Jeff about going out of town and whether or not Nate was going to the Christmas Parade with his aunt and cousin or if he’s going with T-Bird and J3 to the movies on Saturday and did he need T-Bird to help him with Nate on Monday since I will be getting in late and could he please continue to be positive about school and what we were going to do if Nate missed anymore classroom assignments and then he needed to talk to me about the letter he received from Danlel, Nate’s sister, and the demands she made etc. etc.

So, after seven e-mails, 27 phone calls, 115 documents (because, ya know, I still have to actually WORK at the job I go to everyday), it is finally 5:00 and I’m picking up Nate. At 5:30, I was untangling Yule lights BUT I picked up the phone anyway, cuz, I’m nice like that.

With pissed off harsh tone “How many times have you called my cell phone in the past two days?” How’s that for direct? Bewildered “Ummmm… I … ummm… I don’t… ummmm… I don’t know.”“I do! Too fucking many! I will call you when I have a free minute to do so! Stop blowing up my fucking cell phone!”

“Ummmm… I’m sorry… I just felt bad because I broke our plans…”

“I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother and I hope she is okay.”

“I just wanted to call you because I was getting ready to go to work… ummmm….”

“Fine. Have a good evening.” *click*

Look, I seriously doubt that his grandmother was in the hospital and even if she was, if he’s too stupid or inconsiderate to call someone after a few hours then we are definitely not meant for each other, not that I think we were meant for each other to start with. Furthermore, I would have had more respect for him had he, when I rudely didn’t say “hi” or “hello” and instead bitched him out, hung up on me.

I’m thoroughly convinced, he’s either had a bad trip, a brain injury, or he really is just that dumb.

Did I mention that Nate and I hung up Yule lights outside last night? Yeah, they look like snowflakes having seizures. No shit. Then we had a picnic on the porch to celebrate.

Now, my son needs to finish his homework, he could probably use a shower, I need to visit some blogs, and, yeah, I need to make a phone call.


  1. KtP said,

    Seizuring snowflakes? Rock on.

    I love the mental image of you & the Nman hanging lights together.

  2. Sara said,

    No meaning on the optical illusion. Just some retards can’t see both of them until they are shown. I was shown today. And now when I look at it, I say where the heck did the young woman go?

  3. Foundme said,

    Any man who calls you that often is red flag city! Glad you schooled him, now lets see if he noticed!

  4. Michael said,

    Photos of the snowflake seizures, please.
    I’ve already got a good idea of what Stoner Steve looks like.

  5. Vince said,

    The title of you post sounds like a great comic book title. I can see Violator Girl now on the cover beating the snot out of Stoner Steve.

    Way to give him what for. I vote for him being just plain dumb. You leave a voice mail, don’t call back until the next day.

  6. Susanne said,

    If only I had the courage or guts or whatever it is you have, to do that. You go girl!!

    So – over at my blog we’re discussing (kinda) about a t-shirt idea… We all want a shirt that says Whatthefuckever on it. Any thoughts? =)

  7. brighton said,

    High expectations, you should have nothing less. Good girl!

  8. Your Trusted Friend said,

    I’m glad you have your priorities straight… take a shower and THEN visit blogs. Because I don’t want a stanky Nanner in my blog house.

    I mean, I’d still love you and all, but… you know.

    😆 at “snowflakes having seizures”…

  9. Jeanette said,

    Ummm, that was me just right there.

  10. JamDaddy said,

    I just like the name Violator Girl, sound like a fun filled date on a Friday night.

  11. LisaBinDaCity said,


    Glad you and Nate are doing good though! I hope you had a good holiday.

  12. Seamus said,

    Our snowflakes are having seizures too – ‘cept ours are the real McCoy – makes driving a bitch!
    Glad the yule spirit is “hanging round” though and yay for picnics! 🙂

  13. Julie said,

    I haven’t plugged in my lights yet. They might look like seizing snowflakes, too.

  14. se7en said,

    27 calls? Must be a new worlds record! LOL 😉

    I’ve never heard of lights having seizures…. 8)

  15. Kate the Peon said,

    You were in Vegas, right? So there’s no need to be concerned about the lack of posting, RIGHT?

  16. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    It’s hard to believe there was actually time left in the day. You’re a whiz.

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