So Katey Can Do Something Else Tonight…

November 21, 2006 at 10:52 pm (Crazy Shit)

I can say it was a rather phallic day…


Hot firemen! This is a picture I took from my car as I was stopped in traffic for an industrial fire.  This, in addition to the car accident on the bridge over the river, meant a 10 mile detour for Nanner to get home to find her beads which she didn’t because she was looking for the wrong bag.

To make up for my lack of nookie, I was blessed with a male fork but no fortune cookie to go with my lunch of Chinese. Oddly enough, Steve, Bob, and Rich also had Chinese today.


I told the guys they had to give me birthday hugs and Rich commented that he had heard of birthday whoopings but never birthday hugs. I told him that if he took me out to dinner, then he could smack my ass. He blushed.  Steve sang me a song about fucktards.  OMG! I laughed so hard I snorted.

Fucktards, it’s what’s for breakfast.  *snort*


  1. Michael said,

    I swear, I thought it was someone surfing, and then a tiny surfboard atop a magazine. didn’t know people could surf in WV…

    Happy birthday, Peaches! Hope you get everything you want this year, including lotsa fucktard-free nookie.

  2. KtP said,

    Okay, so maybe I’m the fucktard, but where’s the pic of my beautiful Peach?????????

  3. Kate the Peon said,

    Okay. Yes. I am a fucktard. I am confirming it now for all who read.


    Still hoping you had a GREAT day today, darling!

  4. Inanna said,

    Mikey, don’t make fun of my phallic fork… although it does look like a surfboard from that angle.

    KtP – You are not a fucktard, just hoping to see a beautiful peach … instead you got hot firemen and a phallic fork.

  5. Vince said,

    First off, Happy Birthday a day late. Ain’t no way you look 36. I’d peg you 27 tops.

    Birthday hugs are good. And you know I’d take you out to dinner just because, but to be able to smack your ass besides? I’d be so there.

  6. Inanna said,

    Flight to WV: $350
    Dinner for two: $ 65
    Smacking Nanner’s ass: Priceless


  7. Lois Lane said,

    I had a big ol’ bowl of fucktards this morning!

    Hi! I am retarded and lost your password again! Please email it to me so I can read all the other posts.

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