October 31, 2006 at 9:23 pm (Black Stone Cherry)


Smoke another cigarette
Reminisce on a girl I met
Watch another day pass me by
A country road that takes me home
The only place that I’ve ever known
I sure do love that Rocky Mountain sky
(Chorus)Just like the seasons I’m gonna change
Like the clouds I’m rollin’ on
Hey, Merle Haggard I know what you mean
When you say sing me back home
Got my wheels stretched out on a road
Them yellow lines that free my soul
Mama always said that I was born to roam
I’m headed down the highway
Livin’ life the free way
Today I’m here but tomorrow I’m gone


I’ve smoked another cigarette
Reminisced on the girls I’ve met
Watched another day pass me by


I’m a rollin’ on.

This is it. The last song on BLACK STONE CHERRY’S CD. Thank you for sticking through this with me. I appreciate it. I know you’re out there even if you don’t comment.Originally, this was to be a 13 part series, posted back-to-back from Oct. 1st, the day after I saw BSC in Atlanta, to Friday the 13th. It didn’t quite work out that way but ending on the 31st is somehow more appropriate. This has been a very trying month for me and I’m glad I had already committed myself to writing this. When so much went wrong, I had a reason to look for the right.

Chris, Ben, Jon, and John Fred, you guys KICK ASS as musicians and as people. I wish you every success you’ve ever hoped for. Keep living your dream.

Everyone, be safe tonight and have a blessed Samhain.

I love this song! I love all the songs for different reasons but driving home from Atlanta, this song was played the most. I also change the lyrics. I sing, “I sure do love that Appalachian sky” instead of “Rocky Mountain sky.” It fits. It has an awesome bass line and drum beat, makes you bounce in your seat. Plus it says, “a country road that takes me home.” There’s nothing more important to a WV girl than country roads.

It also reminds me of all the places I’ve traveled to, sometimes just for one night (Today I’m here but tomorrow I’m gone.) I also included part of the lyrics in this song on my BSC t-shirt… Born to Roam. Given that I’ve traveled the equivalent of over one and a half times around the Earth, I think it’s fitting. I want to travel more. I want to visit the other 25 states, I want to see Poland and Italy but right now, my sights are set on Transylvania. They still get around by horse and cart in Transylvania. I’m sure a lot of people would find that much too rural but even in WV, even at my parent’s farm, I still hear cars and trucks, farm equipment and planes overhead.

I really do want to be somewhere where its quiet. When you close your eyes, you can smell the Earth, fresh dirt, flowers, the wind, where the land is so old you can feel the bloody battles, the history, the people who have walked that ground. Its so real you can soak it into your bones like sunshine. You’re so free and everything is so simple and beautiful, it makes you want to cry.

But as Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

My guys, Chris, Ben, Jon, and John Fred, they sing me back home. That’s why I love their music.



  1. Seamus said,

    Hope you had a great evening! 🙂

    I hear you regarding the longing for non-mechanized quiet!

  2. Kristin said,

    How you and Nate had a blessed eve. *smooch*

  3. Kristin said,

    Grrrrrrrrr, that was suppose to be HOPE!

  4. Vince said,

    You you’ve been around, eh. I’d love to get back to Italy, haven’t been since I was 10. I absolutely LOVE Europe.

  5. Julie said,

    This Samhain I learned how to get cnadle wax out of my carpet. Because the Southern watchtower candle in my circle (you know, the element of Fire) decided to drip all over my damn floor. Did the other candles do this? No, they did not. Water barely burned, Air blew itself out early, and Earth acted like a normal, dependable candle. But that Fire one…man, watch out when you invite it to a party!

    I get to see you in two days! 🙂

  6. Tina said,

    You don’t happen to like this band do ya? 😀 Not to worry, they are growing on me too.

  7. Michael said,

    Next, do a retrospective on Pink Floyd. I love those guys.

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