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October 28, 2006 at 2:25 am (Beading, Black Stone Cherry, General, Shop, Writing)

*Written late Thursday night*

My new writing job is going well. It’s definitely keeping me busy. I went to the Shop on Sunday and realized how much I missed it, which sucks.

My “twin,” Stacey, called to ask if I wanted him to drop my ticket for the BSC show off at the shop. I was like, “Dude, we’re riding together…” It is kind of strange though. He called me the other night and asked about what time I wanted to leave for Columbus and I said, “About noon.” He said, “Oh yeah, me too! Thought I’d get there, scout it out, find parking, get a bite to eat, stand in line, see if I could talk to the guys, come home. I’m just going for Black Stone Cherry. I don’t really want to see BLS.” Those were MY plans exactly. I swear, if he didn’t have a girlfriend… I’d give up this whole “separated at birth” thing and just go for it.

I like Stacey’s girlfriend, except she’s clingy, possessive, jealous, and rarely smiles. Wet. Mop. See, I know if Stacey and I get separated at the show, we’ll meet up later and have great stories to tell each other about what happened while we were apart. If she’s there, he won’t be able to move sideways without stepping on her. Now, from what I understand, Stacey isn’t the most faithful of individuals, so her close tabs on him is somewhat understandable but on that same level, if someone drives you THAT crazy that you can’t let them out of your sight out of fear of what they will do and with whom, I’m not sure I’d call that healthy or fun in any way. Its really a “he said,” “she said,” sort of thing and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

So, if she doesn’t come with us, which frankly, I hope she doesn’t because I don’t want to deal with all that drama (Lord and Lady know I have enough of my own) maybe I can investigate this situation further, figure out the deal. I guess that’s unfair in a way because Stacey is her boyfriend and I’m a girl but its not my decision and I can always drive to Columbus by myself and do my own thing. If I don’t get to go to Vegas, then this will be my last time seeing BSC for the rest of the year unless they add dates and I just want to relax, eat good food, bang my head, see my guys, and come home, happy.

Did you notice I mentioned food? Yes, German food at that! Mmmmmmm… I loves me some German food! Schmidts Restaurant & Sausage Haus. They have Weiner Schnitzel. I doubt it’s as good as my Mama made when I lived in Germany but I’ll give it a try. They also have 1/2 pound, HALF POUND!, cream puffs. Since I’m notorious for buying desserts as big as my head, I’ll have to get one (or two) of those suckers. Check ‘em out! http://www.schmidthaus.com Click on “MENU” to see those glorious half pound cream puffs. http://www.schmidtshaus.com

I’M SO EXCITED!!! Can you tell??? *bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce*

I need to order beading supplies. I forgot… sigh. That MUST be done!

I have to send out my bead order for Tamarack on Monday. Everything is just about done. One more bracelet, which should only take… 1/2 an hour… has to be done. Maybe another pair of earrings. I need to put French wires on two of them. I have to do an invoice. Pack it. Ship it.

I have two articles due tomorrow. One is finished, just need to delete one sentence and upload the picture. The other is practically written, just need to spruce it up. Find a photo and I’m done. Then there’s another story that I have all of the material for but no print date yet. I’m trying to get a hold of a lady who is notorious for being … difficult. See, after Columbus on Wednesday, Thursday night is the WVU/Louisville game and then on Friday, I’m leaving for Pittsburgh and I have NOTHING to wear to a wedding reception. I wonder if it would be okay if I wore my BSC t-shirt with a turtleneck and a pair of camos….

Speaking again of BSC, I will be working this weekend on finishing up some more jewelry. As always, it’s not the beading part that gets me, it’s the “putting it together” part that gets me. I’m quite frustrated. I’m about ready to skip the whole “sinew” thing and get some tigertail. I bet if I used tigertail, I wouldn’t be having this problem. But, I’m also out of beads and that’s what I need to order, and I need some crimp beads and a crimper, but Nate has a Science test tomorrow and I have his party and I need to call his doctor’s office and these articles and then next week is trick or treat and Samhain services and paying the mortgage and the concert and the ballgame and then Pittsburgh… did I mention I have NOTHING to wear???

The good news is… my bank account appears to be holding steady. But, I haven’t bought beads, camos, or a new outfit yet. Oy. Ya’ll have a good weekend!

*Friday late afternoon*

Get this… my writing job… the first two weeks, I did one story, this week I did two stories, and you know I’m going to be out after noon on Wednesday and I’m leaving Friday at noon for Pittsburgh, so THIS week they need FOUR stories!!! Three of which I have to go out on interviews. Luckily, I got two of the interviews set up for Wednesday morning, hop-hop, and the other I’m hoping for Tuesday, I can write all of the articles while Stacey drives us to Columbus. Send them all out Thursday morning…. get responses… send in Friday morning… leave for Pittsburgh.

I still need to order beads! I still need a crimping tool and crimp beads! I haven’t beaded today! I need a box! I need my invoice sheets! I NEED A CURE-ALL! (Cure-all = hot shower, massage, hot sex, not necessarily in that order).


  1. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Wow, you are one busy girl!

    I’m happy to hear your writing is going so well… now order your beads, damn it 😉

  2. Esther said,

    OMG, half pound cream puffs *drool* I could also do with a sausage platter 😉

  3. brighton said,

    Sounds like fun, travel safe : )

  4. kenju said,

    If you are that busy, what the heck are you doing here??!!

  5. Charmed said,

    I’m exhausted just reading it. phew.

  6. Vince said,

    Shit, sounds like you’re bored. You ain’t got nothin to do, do you?

    Damn, those cream puffs look good. And don’t ask me why, but I can see you in one of those frau outfits with a big ass beer in one hand and a plate of Wiener Schnitzel in the other.

    All hail Frau Nanner!

  7. Susanne said,

    Honey – those cream puffs are to DIE for!!! drooooooooooooool

    Hope you have a great time!!

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