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October 18, 2006 at 7:02 am (Attitude in Overdrive, AZ, Beading, Black Stone Cherry, Nate, Work, Writing)

* Please do not construe the last post to imply that I hate Christians. I don’t. I have many Christian friends who know exactly what my religious beliefs are and I their’s. The difference is, we respect them and find ways in which our beliefs are similar instead of trying to find ways we are not. It makes a world of difference.

* Black Stone Cherry is shooting their video five hours away and I’m not there. Why? Because I have no one to watch Nate. I would have taken him with me but he’s working toward having perfect attendance this year and for him to have such a lofty goal, and achieve it, is a big thing for him. Even if we had left right after school, there’s no way we could have made it in time to participate. Maybe next time. *sniff*

* Speaking of Nate, had a meeting with the school this morning. Long time readers of my WordPress/Blogger blog know this strikes fear even in a heart as ferocious as mine. All calm now. Nate is doing wonderful. The change in schools has made all the difference. His teacher said he is the first in the classroom, the first to turn his homework in, and the first to begin his morning work. Last year, they had to chase him through the school to get him to class. He’s in Title I math to help with multiplication tables and they have him in a self-esteem class, which we tried for two years to get at his last school without success. In this school, Nate doesn’t feel like “Special Needs Nate” but just “Nate.” Again, it makes a world of difference. *sniff*

* I had been contacted by my local Junior League to donate a piece of jewelry for their silent auction. I finished it today and it was soooo beautiful!! AB matte blue (AB is aurora borealis, a particular type of bead finish) with electric AB blue charlottes woven on the sides (Charlottes have a flat side which makes them sparkle). I put it on and walked outside to smoke, ran into an attorney I know, who had an associate with him who bought it right off my arm. The other attorney ordered two more in different colors. Never fear, I have another bracelet for the Junior League but that puts me one behind on my Tamarack order. Still, I love it when that happens.

* My first article was published this past week in the ad mailer. They tell me I’m doing a great job. I’m still crossing my fingers to move into the Graffiti position. Although their circulation is a bit less than the ad mailer, it’s more widespread and I may be able to convince them to let me do an article on BSC. Nope, I have no ulterior motive.

* I have this black cat named Lola. I always wanted a black cat and I got my wish. She has some white on her belly but you can’t tell unless she lays down. I’ve tried to give her away twice now. The first time the peeps moved, put her out, and she found her way home. This second time the peeps called and told me she was driving them nuts by meowing at every window. I picked her up and she’s back home, alternately purring and fussing with the other cats, which is why she was given away to start with. Be careful what you wish for, it might just never go away.

* I laid down to rest when I got home because my eyes were grainy and my shoulders were stiff and giving me a headache. I woke up with my shoulders still stiff, my head still hurting, my eyes still grainy, Nate skateboarding through the house in his underwear with every light on, and his Lego Star Wars video game playing the Darth Vader death march. I need two Advil, a backrub, and hot sex. My best guess is I’ll be settling for two Advil and dreaming about the other two.

* AZ called me at my other job this afternoon from his cell phone wanting to know if I remembered the phone number for our t-shirt vendor. I started to give him the number for the shop, which I got wrong, but was able to rattle off the 800 number for the t-shirt vendor after he laughed at me. So is my life this week, and it’s only Tuesday.



  1. Charmed said,

    I’m surprised you can even write with all the stuff going on. Get Nate to walk on your back for you. Works wonders.

  2. Michael said,

    or skateboard over it to the Star Wars death march scene. in any case, it’ll make for a great visual.

  3. Serra said,

    Gotta love it when folks buy something on the spot–I had a batch of soap I just made last week, and before it was due to come off the rack it was all sold. Cool that someone else gets to enjoy it, and cooler yet that I get to make more 🙂

  4. Seamus said,

    With Star Wars music and skateboarding happening it sounds like you won’t even get to dream!!! Hope you find some quiet time to…um…;)

  5. Vince said,

    It’s amazing what happens when you pair your kid with the correct educators. It shouldn’t have been so hard at the last school. I just got a call today from the social worker at Grasshopper’s school and he’s having some difficulties this year. I’ll do a separate post on it, but at least they were calling me to try and figure out strategies to help him, not complain about it.

  6. Jeanette said,

    I’m glad Nate’s doing so well. Even if he does skate around in his underwear. 🙂 Kids.

    I’m sorry you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. I hope you feel better. Poor thingy.

  7. Ashley said,

    I got a little teary when I heard how great Nate is doing!!

  8. Inanna said,

    Angi – Writing keeps me sane!

    Mikey – Yes, that does make for an interesting visual!

    Serra – One day, I’m gonna get me somma dat der soap!

    Seamus – Oh, I’ve learned to sleep through a lot…

    Vince – Yeah, I wish I had done this years ago!

    Jeanette – I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but life goes on.

    Ashley – I get a bit teary too. He’s so much happier!

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