Crosstown Woman

October 18, 2006 at 7:04 pm (Black Stone Cherry, Memories)

So much negativity, it must cease! It was another rough day at the office and I’m fed up. Time to break out the headphones and MY music, not that hip-hop/dance/techno/pop stuff anymore! I have an appreciation for all music but I really do prefer MY music – Black Stone Cherry, something by Hinder besides “Lips of an Angel,” something other than “Photograph” by Nickelback (like any other song on the CD), a little W.A.S.P., H.I.M., or even John Mellencamp. I didn’t want to bring my headphones because I work in the same room with three other people and I think it’s rude. I’ve gotten over that.

Today it was either leave, slit my wrists, or commit murder, so I left, and not a moment too soon. I don’t see how these peeps have survived this long with their negative, dreary, complaining outlook on the world. (I just misspelled “world” as “wold” and spell check didn’t catch it, so, being the geek I am, I had to go look it up. “Wold” appears to be an obsolete variation of “will” but is also an elevated tract of open country or moor and is used in England, and is also a variation of “weld”. You just gained a brain cell.)

Anyway, I’m done with the negativity. It’s beginning to affect MY outlook and I can’t say I’m happy about that at all. Life is hard enough without pointing out everyday how hard it can be. Now, where are my headphones?

I am just a man of blood and bone
And simple means
That old bossman works my body long and hard
But on the weekends you know I’m free
Got me a crosstown woman
Got me under her spell
Got me a crosstown woman
She’s like my heaven with a whole lot of hell

I have seen the girls of New York City
And the Frisco bay
But there ain’t no woman on this earth, make me
feel her voodoo
Quite the same


There comes a time in a blogger’s Internet life where they have to decide how much to write and what to leave for the imagination. While I’m not old, I’m old enough to understand the far reaching ramifications of being someone’s “Crosstown Woman.” You think it might just be a for a little while, that spark, that need to see each other, the need to hear the other’s voice, that need to just be together. Sometimes it doesn’t end but it doesn’t begin either. It just is.

I’ve been accused of putting men under a “spell.” HA! If someone doesn’t want to be with me for who I am, then I’m certainly not going to waste good magick on trying to convince them. Me thinks some people don’t like to be responsible for their own actions and have to blame it on something else. I will admit though to using a bit of mojo to keep them away. Sometimes “no” needs a little help.

I’m sitting here thinking of things I could admit to, but won’t. Just use your imagination as to what “spell,” what “voodoo,” you would want your Crosstown Woman to use on you. And if you’re a woman, you already know what I’m talking about.


  1. restless angel said,

    My fave Nickelback song right now is Far Away… I think it’s because of the video, mostly.

    Read the post below, as well. Glad Nate’s doin’ so well in school now!!

  2. Vince said,

    I can just imagine what kind of magic you could put on a man if you wanted. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time.

  3. Seamus said,

    You know, it’s not rude at all IMHO to wear earphones if others are forcing their music on you. When I was in an engineering cube farm we were required to wear earphones if we wanted to listen to music – it was very effective at drowning out the yawns, farts, arguments, discussions of other’s not-so-lovely lives, threats of suicide and snoring! 😉

  4. Beth said,

    Voodoo or not, when you do that thing that you do, who could possibly resist? 😀

  5. blackpunkin said,

    RA, that is a great Nickelback song! and Nate is doing great, finally!

    Vince, Vince, Vince… you know me so well 😉

    Seamus, *snort* Yes, I believe various threats of suicide have circulated our office.

    Beth, you would be SURPRISED!

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