When The Weight Comes Down

October 15, 2006 at 7:26 pm (Black Stone Cherry)

Ya’ll, I need a new tat. I’ve had my other one for almost three years and it’s time. The guy who did my other one is back and forth with keeping his shop open, which sucks, but he’s also a nurse, which rocks because he’s very clean and, well, clinical about it. I also haven’t decided whether I’m going for the right hip or my back. I have a deep trough where my spine is so having a tat across my back is not very viable. I think he and I had discussed designing vertical tats to go on either side of my spine.

If anyone has instant inspiration, hey, let me know. I’m open.

Lights out on 42nd street in New York City
The Ohio’s runnin’ backwards down in Louisville, Kentucky
There’s a fire on the plains of Kansas City, Kansas
Somebody dropped the bomb
The Louisiana swamps are turnin’ red
The Memphis train ain’t ever gonna run again
There’s a fog rollin’ on to Boston, Massachusetts
Who’s got the smokin’ gun
So where to you wanna be
When all hell breaks loose
Where do you wanna go
When the weight comes down
Watch for foreign soldiers
They’ll try to break your neck
And I just wanna break your heart
When the weight comes down
Better run for shelter
These times will break your mind
And I just wanna break your heart
There’s too much blood down in the Texas oil
The Rocky Mountain Tops are the only place free
What ever happened to the Carolina beaches
I miss those Georgia peaches


Fat wonder this is one of my favorites. Out of the ten places mentioned, I have been to seven to of them. No matter what happens in the world, our lives go on. The sun comes up, we live, we love, our interpersonal relationships continue.

It reminds me of Armageddon, which is a not so nice thought, but is also about who would you want to face your worst days with? Whether it be personal proportions or Biblical proportions. In some ways it reminds me of knowing someone is breaking your heart, that they don’t feel the same way, or if they do, they’re not ready for it. They can’t accept what you’re offering.

My friend Beanie and I were chatting and I asked her why it is that when I’m interested in someone they aren’t interested in me, or they just want to be friends or they have a girlfriend or they’re married? She said she wished she could answer that. I reason so that when I do meet that special someone, I’ll be more grateful and less likely to take them for granted than I would otherwise.

People break your hearts in more ways than one. It’s not always about being heartbroken because someone leaves you, is mean to you, or cheats on you. Being in love alone is sometimes enough to break your heart, just because you know they love you and you love them, but it just won’t work out. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just the way it is.

All that sounds negative but really, when you hear it, when you hear how it’s sang, it’s beautiful. And the guitar, its almost a religious experience. It reaches out and takes you by the “V” where the cups of your bra meet and doesn’t let go, just sucks you right in. (If you don’t wear a bra, well, make up your own analogy) When the weight comes down, who do you want standing by your side? Who would you seek shelter with? Who would you allow to break your heart and still forgive them?


  1. Aimee said,

    Bring some designs with you to PA–we can talk tats in the hotel room. 🙂 I can’t WAIT to see you again!!!

  2. ESC said,

    Yeah…and if you can wait that long…I know a GREAT tattoo artist in pittsburgh…


  3. Aimee said,

    OH MY GOD! I totally forgot about him! Hey Nanner, maybe we should get new tats at the same time. That would be weirdly cool.

  4. Esther said,

    The whole thing of loving someone and that person not feeling the same is frustrating. I’ve learnt the lesson the hard way that you can’t make someone feel/do something. I’m starting to think there’s some truth to polygamy. 😉

  5. Inanna said,

    Ohhhhh… Aimee and ESC, what a great idea! Hopefully, I’ll have some ready cash.

    Esther, yeah, I can see some truth to polygamy… sort of.

  6. Susanne said,

    Well, being that im kinda in that position – I can completely relate… I think it has to be the worst place to be. It’s such a helpless feeling, in all the worst ways…

  7. cybele said,

    Wait….y’all are going to be in PA? ‘Sup with that?

  8. boo said,

    Guess I am on that same wavelength today. feeling more matter of fact about it though. It IS getting easier. Yeah I really do believe that. really…….I’ll just keep repeating until I do believe.

    Don’t know what you should get for a tat but I definitely wanna see it when you do.

  9. Charmed said,

    I’m too chicken to get a tat, except for henna ones, they don’t hurt. My sis, the one you remind me of, well, she has tons of them, ONe is a beautiful color flower vine starting at her right(I think) butt cheek swirling around her back and ending up on her left shoulder. It is gorgeous. It took a LONG time to do but it’s still gorgeous. She got it to cover a property patch she had put on when she was with the ghost riders. She also has an artists’ rendering of her spirit self on her right forearm. It’s my fav of her’s. So Maybe an “Inanna” tat?

  10. Vince said,

    Tats on both sides of the spine sounds totally cool! I always thought a snake tattoo spiralling down the arm and ending with it biting into the wrist would be cool, but I’m not that flashy.

    I know what you mean about just being in love can break your heart. Being married can be a series of heartbreaks, makeups, and new understandings.

  11. mrsmogul said,

    I just wanted to thank you for my welcome back to the USA!

  12. Inanna said,

    Well, thanks for any suggestions, but I think Cybele takes the prize since she e-mailed me the idea of PEACH! Can we all say DOH! together now?

    Yes, love is tough, but good love is worth it in the end. Now, let’s all find some good love!

  13. Tina said,

    On your back? You have guts, dude! I can’t wait to see what you decide on. I am ready for a new tat myself. 🙂

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