Maybe Someday

October 12, 2006 at 11:06 pm (AZ, Black Stone Cherry, Memories, Shop)

First things first. Angi tagged me to tell you five weird things about me. The list is long and distinguished, but I narrowed it down.

1. Like Angi, I can pick up things with my toes.

2. Like Angi, I hate Lifetime and girly shows and prefer to watch sports, loudly.

3. I hate to wear shoes, but I love shoes.

4. Unlike Angi, I love the water, but I’m not fond of the ocean. I stay in the sand.

5. After sex, I don’t want to talk, I want to sleep. Sex…mmmmmmm…. sleep… mmmmmmm… where was I?

Oh, news of the weird. I read in the newspaper where a guy was arrested for a DUI on his way to be arraigned for a… guess… go ahead… yeah, a DUI. Worse, I recognized his name. WordPress peeps, you remember the guy I met for coffee who had gone out the night before and couldn’t figure out where all the money he had went and I had to buy breakfast? Yeah, it was him. And people wonder I don’t date. If they only knew.


I was a young boy
Sittin’ in an old house trippin’ on rock & roll

You were
A pretty little girl who never listened to what you were told


Maybe someday
You and I will be together
Maybe someday
You and I will find forever
Maybe baby, maybe baby can’t live without you
Why? I just don’t know
But for now I’ve got to
Rock & Roll

See you
Sittin’ over there messin with your blonde hair but it’s alright
Now I’m
Gonna rule the world just another pretty girl who’s walked in my sight


Maybe someday, maybe someday
I’ve got to

Maybe someday, maybe someday
I’ve got to

Maybe someday, maybe someday
I’ve got to

Rock & Roll

“You were a pretty little girl who never listened to what you were told.” Who? Me? I listened. I just put a very healthy spin on things. Okay, maybe I didn’t listen much but that’s how I’ve always been. I’ve found that telling people things is useless. That’s what life is about, experiencing things for yourself and I’m just that kind of person.

I make up my mind about things when I’m ready to and not before. Talk until you’re blue in the face, argue, reason, cajole… it doesn’t do any good. When I’m ready, I’m ready and when I’m done, I’m done. I’ve already told ya’ll that. I think the word “stubborn” and “headstrong” have been used quite frequently in describing me. Never a dull moment.

This song also reminds me of a very special guy named Dave. Dave was a singer in a band from North Carolina. I met him while they were touring the club circuit. He was … a gentleman. Very different than the other musicians and singers I knew. For one, he didn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. I only knew one other musician who abstained to that degree and he was such an asshole, who cared?

Dave even met my parents. My uber-conservative parents and Dave, 5 foot 5, 100 lbs. soaking wet, long hair, ripped jeans, eating spaghetti. He really was a trooper. Very down to Earth, respectful, didn’t try to land me in the sack the first time (or the 2nd, 3rd or, 4th) we were alone, and very talented. He didn’t mind I was sweaty from dancing and headbanging, especially since it was to their tunes.

We actually had to correspond via US post since e-mail was still in concept versus practice. (I know, the horror, no e-mail), and on occasion we would call each other and of course, we would see each other as often as I could travel or the band swung through a local town. Then, Dave dropped off the face of the Earth. My letters and phone calls went unanswered. Eventually, I moved on…. to Nate’s dad. Oy.

But, Dave did show back up eventually without explanation as to his absence, only that he was sorry. He refused to tell me where he had been. I tried everything… married? In jail? Sick? It didn’t matter to me, I just wanted to know. He refused to tell me, which was disappointing and frustrating. I still remember the night we couldn’t find a hotel room and had to sleep in my car, were awakened by the police, which is when I found out his first name really wasn’t Dave (it was his middle name), and when we finally did find a place to sleep (still in my car), he woke me up by saying, “Nanner, people are staring at us.” It was Sunday morning and we were in a church parking lot. *Angels singing* Hey, at least I had my clothes on!

Regardless, I was already with Nate’s dad and whether or not it was a mistake to send Dave back to NC without me, is something I will never know. You can’t know how life would have turned out if you’ve never lived it. You can only imagine, which is useless, because we imagine best case scenario, not reality. I just hope wherever he is, he’s happy and still rock and rollin’.

Please pray for AZ. He just found out his grandmother has metastatic lung cancer at the age of 93. He’ll be leaving soon to visit with her and leaving me in charge of the t-shirt shop. Perhaps you could slip a prayer in there for me as well, not just to keep things running smoothly, but also that I know the right things to say and when not to say anything at all.


  1. Serra said,

    I’m opening up a chicken vein just for AZ and you. ~hugs~ I’m all out of potato salad though (for, you know, afterwards?) so we’ll have to make do with cole slaw.

  2. Vince said,

    My prayers are with all of you.

    I’m sure you’ll know what to say and when not to say anything.

  3. Seamus said,

    Lots of good thought heading in that direction! 🙂

  4. Esther said,

    Lots of prayers for things going smoothly with the shop and with AZ’s grandmother.

  5. blackpunkin said,

    Cole slaw and open veins work for me Serra.

    Vince, I hope so.

    Thanks Seamus and Esther.

  6. se7en said,

    Hehe, I don’t like wearing shoes much either.

    At least the DUI guy is consistent! LOL If he holds true to form he’ll get another one on the way to his next court date!


  7. Jennifer said,

    Not only don’t I like to wear shoes, I hate buying them, and looking at them.

    My prayers are being sent straight away.

  8. Charmed said,

    Our lists were strangely similar…. what does that say about us?

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