Show Me Your Horns!

September 17, 2006 at 4:28 am (Attitude in Overdrive, Beading, Black Stone Cherry)

Another incredible day banging my head at X-Fest. Yes, my people, say it with me… BLACK. STONE. CHERRY. They kicked X-Fest all over the map. I was just incredibly lucky to get to the gates a half of an hour before they opened and still was front row, stage left!! The only problem with that is that I couldn’t see Ben at all unless he went back to the drum riser. Argh.

Regardless, they sounded fantastic! As you would know too if you would just click this link —> Black Stone Cherry and go listen. Now.

Are you back already? I don’t think you spent enough time there.

Just so ya know. I have a picture on my cellphone of me and Jon and me, Chris, and Ben, plus an autographed drumstick (more about that later) and they all autographed my CD. I know you’re jealous and you should be. Again, not just a great band but great guys. Already planning my next roadtrip to catch their show. Maybe I’ll be coming to town near you. Also preparing to begin work on the BSC jewelry. I got some great ideas and a new black t-shirt. WOOT!

I’m full of it, can’t ya tell? It is almost four in the morning… I’m entitled.

The rest of the X-Fest… it had its good points and bad points.

With any festival type situation you also have the “bathroom situation.” In this case, port-a-pots lined up with lines of people waiting for them. I had the misfortune of actually using the bathroom at the other end of the festival area.

Holy. Hera. There was band there today called “Swamp Jeuce.” No honey, the swamp juice was in the ladies room. I rolled my pants legs up. Nasty, just nasty. Yeuch! Gross! Sick! Disgusting! *shiver*

Staind kicked ass, 3 Days Grace was good for what I saw of them, but I wasn’t bowled over by Evans Blue. I liked their music pretty well but they didn’t have much stage presence. You know the little “V” where the cups of your bra come together? Yeah, right there. I want a band to walk out and grab me by that “V” and not let go. Evans Blue didn’t do that, neither really did 3 Days Grace.

On the local stage, I caught most of Stone Buddha, who sounded great and Byzantine, who also sounded great. We do their t-shirts so I know they’re a nice bunch of guys. I did like the music but not crazy about the delivery of the lyrics. I like to be able to understand them. That’s a personal preference and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual delivery of the music, which was excellent. Except for some jerk lobbing a full beer can half the distance of the amphitheater to splatter on me and half a dozen others, I enjoyed watching peeps trying to kill themselves and others in the mosh pit.

I must give kudos to the lead singer of Staind who told the guys to stop grabbing girls’ titties as they body surfed around. He said, “Have some respect!” Amen, brother.

Of course, also an excellent opportunity to people watch. At some points I wish I hadn’t. I’m all for self-expression but, YIKES, I wondered if some of those folks had actually looked in the mirror before they their home. I saw some pretty freaky shit. And ya’ll know, if I say it’s freaky, it’s pretty damn freaky, not to mention, some of it was just downright painful to look at.

Before I go, the drumstick story. After Black Stone Cherry left the stage, I left the main stage area, got some Powerade, checked out Stone Buddha and endured my first round of swamp juice. Whilst on my way back to the main stage area, I ran into two of the security guards that I had chatted with while waiting for Black Stone Cherry. One of them had a drumstick from BSC and I sighed and oohed and aaahhed and thought nothing more of it. When I finally was able to squirm my way back into the crowd, the one security guard waved me over and then handed me the drumstick.

He told me that since I was such a big fan and sang along to all of the songs (and bounced around a lot which meant, yeah, my breasts bounced a lot, which he said made his job so much easier… sighhhh), he felt as though I would appreciate the drumstick more than he could. I hugged him and told him how much I appreciated it to which he replied, “No, I really appreciated you.. ” and then looked at my breasts again (which were fully covered, THANK YOU, not even any cleavage!).

I guess they’re worth something more than to just hold my bra out. Although it makes me wonder… what can I get with some cleavage? Hmmmmmm…. LOL!!! How about some sleep? Sleep sounds good.


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