September 15, 2006 at 12:02 am (Nate)

We received Nate’s standardized test scores yesterday. The scale is Novice – Partial Mastery – Mastery – Above Mastery – Distinguished.

Nate’s Scores:

Reading/Language Arts – Above Mastery

Mathematics – Above Mastery (4 pts. from Distinguished)

Social Studies – Above Mastery

Science – Distinguished

Ahhhhhh… is that the sound of harps playing and angels singing? Needless to say, Nate is very proud of his scores and Jeff and I are also very proud and enjoying the sound of angels singing for a while. Nate’s little friend who lives here in the neighborhood was riding bikes with Nate and told me she has Nate’s teacher from last year. She said, “She’s mean.”

You’re tellin’ me sister. Word through the grapevine is that several teachers transferred out of Nate’s old school during the summer. I also heard from a reliable source that other teachers have taken retirement when they couldn’t transfer.

Nate’s current teacher told Jeff that Nate was doing fine except he talked too much to the classmate sitting next to him.

Really? I can handle that. Wait… did you say he’s talking to a classmate? Ummmm… okay. That’s probably never happened before.

Jeff and I have volunteered for just about everything in the school but have yet to be contacted. PTO/Open House is next week and we’ll reiterate our volunteer status.

Nate went to school this year with a new attitude. That has helped a lot. He’s adamant that his classmates don’t know that he has any kind of disability, so he’s working harder. He wants to be a patrol in November, and wants to make the Principal’s List (all A’s, all S’s, no tardies, no unexcused absences). He’s enjoying an acceptance that he’s never had before and basking in the glow. It helps that this school… it lets kids be… ya know, kids.

But, my little man still has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Today, my cellphone woke me up because Nate figured out how to set the alarm to go off every morning at the same time without setting it every night. (Boo, Susanne, are you surprised???) It was a good thing because the power went off last night which meant my alarm clock was jacked up. Still, we were late getting on the road and got to the school later than ususal. Nate still had time to get to class but he was really upset, to the point of crying, that he might be late.

Right after I got over the shock and amazement that my son was crying because he might be LATE for school instead of crying because he had to GO TO school, I stood and watched him run down the sidewalk (right after he checked to make sure the coast was clear before hugging me), his bookbag tripping along behind him. I saw a woman get out of her vehicle with what appeared to be a kindergartner or first grader and walk toward the building. Nate opened the door and went inside but I saw his arm snake back out to hold the door open so it wouldn’t shut before the woman and child got there.

NOw THAT is Distinguished. *sniff*


  1. Serra said,


  2. Tina said,

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from the little guy! Glad he is enjoying school!

  3. brighton said,


  4. Ashley said,

    That is fantastic. You have no idea how glad I am to hear all of this.

    As for your comment on the shooting. The school was in Montreal, Quebec, I actually live in the next province over (Ontario) so while it has put it’s mark on our country it did not directly effect me. Thank you for your concern.

  5. Susanne said,

    Nanners – you’re givin me chills!! I went through this very same thing with my oldest (now 20.. but we wont go there – cuz im WAY too young to have a 20 yr old lol) he started first grade in a terrible school, with an awful teacher. We moved halfway through that year, to a wonderful school system, and the new first grade teacher made such a great impression on him – it was remarkable! I can totally relate to you and Nate, and how wonderful it all is!!

    Yay for Nate!!! and yeah – the cell phone thing, not a surprise at all!! He’s a great young man =)


  6. se7en said,

    Hiya Nanner! Way to go for Nate! Awesome!! 🙂

  7. Kate the Peon said,

    What a good kid. What a good momma.

  8. Jeanette said,

    Awww, oh man, that is so cute that he held the door. I’m so glad he’s doing well. I know how your worries have weighted you. (hugs)

  9. Beth said,

    OMG…I’m all verklempt here! What a smart, sweet man he’s going to grow up to be! Way to go Nanner!

  10. Catt said,

    Oh Dear. I love the “new” look (yes, I am behind the times), but I have always found the mahority of WordPress sites to have a font too small for me to read. Perhaps I am getting old? Pshaw…that can’t be it!

    I can read the text by cutting and pasting into a document and upping the font, but only ’cause I love ya! In the meantime know that this comment is rambling incoherantly and without editing because I can’t see crap and am typing blind.

  11. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Hurrah for Nate!!!

    I’m sure you are thrilled 🙂

  12. Jen said,

    I can just feel the pride over flowing from here. You’ve got yourself one distinguished little man there. So happy for him taking on life with great hold on the strings.


  13. brighton said,

    If you get a minute today go and read my post, I need someone who knows this stuff….

  14. Zelda said,

    I am so happy for him! What a great thing.

  15. Vince said,

    Sounds like someone’s doing a good job raising thier kid.

    Congrats to both of you!

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