The Great Thing About Life…

September 12, 2006 at 11:11 pm (Attitude in Overdrive, General, Nate)

Is that you never know what’s going to happen. You think life is pitching straight down the middle and then it hits you with this curve ball.

With life, there is always the potential to fall flat. on. your. face.

Which then affords me the opportunity to stand up and knock the shit out of anyone who stood over top of me and laughed.

Some people are as attracted to failure as they are success. It makes them feel good about themselves. Some people are never happy and never satisfied.

I’m not one much for satisfaction either, not in my work, not at the shop, not in my beading. It’s called “ambition.” But there are other types of satisfaction, those that we shouldn’t take for granted. I appreciated that satisfaction every time I stood up, right after I had fallen on my face.

I can’t say I’ve had the best day ever. I’ve alternated between weepy and snotty, hacky and hoarse, burning up and freezing cold. But, I wanted to see “Invincible” and I wanted Nate to see “Invincible.” Wasn’t our typical swashbuckling, CGI laden extravaganza so Nate ended up a bit restless, but he got it. He got the fact that Vince Papale, he got knocked down a lot, but he got up every. single. time. And when he did, he fought harder and he knocked the shit out of a lot of people.

I’m not sure I mentioned it, but we changed Nate’s school this year. Jeff told me today that Mrs. R. was taking Nate out of class to work on his math skills. I said, “That’s good. He’s having trouble with his multiplication tables again.” I asked Nate about Mrs. R. and whether she was helping him with his multiplication tables. He said, “Oh, no. We’re way passed that, Mom. This class is for Math-Magicians, like me.”

Holy Hera, my son is in an advanced math class. He barely passed fourth grade and now he’s in an advanced math class!?! Now, that’s the way to stand up and shake the stink offa ya! KNOCK ‘EM DEAD, KID!

Yeah, life can throw you a curve ball. You get knocked down. Sometimes, you’re down for the count longer than others. But you get up, and whether literally or figuratively, you start knocking the shit out of people.



  1. Charmed said,

    Way To Go NATE!!!!!! Kickin’ butt and takin manes! WhoHoo!

  2. Charmed said,

    teehee— that was supposed to say names, not manes—

  3. Jeanette said,

    That’s great. 🙂

  4. Serra said,

    Excellent to hear it!

  5. kenju said,

    That’s wonderful, Inanna. Tell Nate a big “way to go” from me!

  6. Seamus said,

    “Math-magicians” – that’s priceless! 🙂

  7. Esther said,

    Excellent news !

  8. Inanna said,

    Yes, way to go Nate! I’ll send him all of your good wishes! He’s working very hard and has a lot of big goals for this year…

  9. Celti said,

    Awesome for Nate! Way to go, kid! See? Sometimes when you get knocked down, you get up stronger and better for it.

  10. Vince said,

    Way to go for Nate! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he appears to be in a school where they’re actually motivating him and trying to make him succeed.

    Maverick used to suck at math and is also a math-magician now. The math-magician club seems to be a cool one to be in. Can I join?

  11. Michael said,

    This doesn’t surprise me. to be honest, Nate NOT kicking ass didn’t seem right to me. Also, drawing inspiration from a Marky Mark film seems a little odd, too, but now things are starting to go as they should. He’s a smart tough one, like his mom.

  12. Susanne said,

    Way to go NATE!!!! Thats just awesome!! I needed a “pick-me-up” story today 🙂 Thanks Nanners!

  13. Beth said,

    Yeah! What Michael said. 😀

  14. Zelda said,

    Way to go Nate! We’re proud of him.

  15. Inanna said,

    Thank you, I have passed along the good wishes to Nate.

  16. Crypto said,

    I’m glad the change in schools is working well. Much better than the last set of teachers.

  17. Julie said,

    Yay, Nate! That’s the kind of stuff we want to hear!

    He’s his mother’s son, Nanner – he’s tough, he’s smart, and he’s not going to go down without a fight. And in the end, because of those three things, he’ll always end up on top. 🙂

  18. letterstolyric said,

    Yay Nate! I wish I could have been a math magician… I had so many shitty math teachers in grade school that I STILL have math anxiety!

    Takes after his mom, huh? 🙂

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