Not Much To Say…

September 8, 2006 at 6:50 am (General)

I’m going to see Boo this weekend! Woot! Nate is going with me and we’re hitting the zoo as well. Woot!

The shop job is done, done, done. Thank the Lord and Lady.

I had lucid dreams about the shop last night. AZ said, “Oh no, dear, those were nightmares…”

He’s having a rough time this week.

I’ve been out of sorts, disconnected, pissed off, but belly dancing kicks ass! The teacher was showing us an upper body movement and I started doing it and she asked, “Have you done this before?” When I stated I hadn’t, she said, “I know belly dancers who have danced for years and can’t do that.” So, I was pretty happy. Roma blood comes in handy.

It has been a very hard week emotionally.

AZ said, “How is it that when we actually have time to talk, I have nothing to say, and when we don’t have time to talk, I have so much to tell you?”

I haven’t had much to say this week either. A lot going on upstairs, lots of things on my mind, lots and lots, but, it’s just not ripe yet. It will be ripe next week when we have seven print jobs due, the computer crashes, and the world is topsy turvy.

I’m just sorta here. I guess maybe I’m introspective. For the most part, I’m just here. Just here. For once I’m content to just sit and not think. Overload? Exhaustion? Worry? Suppressed anger? Thinking too much? Thinking too little? Can’t say what I want to? Just have nothing to say?

Nope, just not there yet.



  1. kenju said,

    That belly dancing thing? Soul memory!

  2. cybele said,

    When I clam up, I’m usually angry about something. Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out exactly what.

  3. Serra said,

    “AZ said, ‘How is it that when we actually have time to talk, I have nothing to say, and when we don’t have time to talk, I have so much to tell you?'”

    My guess is that when you’re together, vocalizing some things just isn’t necessary?

  4. Seamus said,

    You are SO going to enjoy the BooBabe! Perhaps the time out will help clear the head of excess noise!
    Hooray for finished job! 🙂

  5. Charmed said,

    Any chance a bit of content has slipped in?

    Maybe you just aren’t ready to go up a notch yet. You know, the whole “be happy where you are” thing and all that?

  6. Jeanette said,

    I hope you have fun this weekend. 🙂 Road trip?

    Don’t worry about stuff, you’re just in digestion mode. That means you’re working stuff out. No biggie.

  7. Vince said,

    Well, if you have nothing to say, I have nothing to answer.

    I would like a demonstration of your belly dancing skills, however. Stop by my place sometime.

  8. Beth said,

    Whether you’re here, there or everywhere, I know you’ll sort things out. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

  9. Inanna said,

    Kenju, that’s the only thing I can come up with. I was born with dance in my soul.

    cybele, oh, yeah, I got pretty hot this week… pretty hot.

    Serra, hmmmmm… you may be right as we had seen each other more this week in person…

    Seamus, talking to her is like talking to a best friend and a soul sister!

    Charmed… content? No.

    Jeanette, *burp* Yes, to Columbus!

    Vince, *shimmy* It’s what I do when I miss someone. 😉

    Beth, well, it’s not TX but it’ll do!

  10. noonie said,

    have fun, have you been designing a costume yet? With your beading skills making one should be easy.

  11. Esther said,

    Hey, the zoo is always good, watching a bunch of monkeys monkeying around and looking at the animals 😉

  12. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Have a great time!

  13. brighton said,

    Have a great trip, take the time to sort out whatever and let it ripen.
    We’ll be here to listen when your ready to spill…

  14. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    It sort of seems to me you are just about at that place where it all comes together. Let’s see if my intuition is working….

  15. Sara said,

    What is the difference between wordpress and blogspot?

    Anyway, I always have a zillion things going on upstairs and then again I have nothing.

  16. blackpunkin said,

    Hi guys, thanks for your comments.

    Sara – I can password protect in WordPress, that is the difference.

    I’m sickly… must sleep.

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