August 29, 2006 at 10:46 am (Uncategorized)

Still recovering from this weekend.  Check out http://peachworks.blogspot.com where I have posted new and old stuff.  Please, do not mention this blog. Thanks. I’ll be around ASAP to visit with you all.


  1. Vince said,

    That first necklace is way cool! You got serious beading skills.

  2. Inanna said,

    🙂 Thanks Vince.

  3. Michael said,

    They’re all great — I esp. like the earrings. Get your rest and tell us the rest.

  4. restless angel said,

    Nice stuff 🙂 (looked earlier)

  5. Old Horsetail Snake said,

    Yeah, well I want that necklace thingie. Tell me again how to get to your bead blog. I’m at mbenditem@msn.com. Thanks, Nanner.

  6. Seamus said,

    Hi NannerBelle! *knocks on the walls, opens a couple of doors* Nice digs you got here! 🙂

  7. LisaBinDaCity said,

    Phooey no password 😉

    Nice work!

  8. Vickie said,

    Awesome beading work; you got some hellacious talent there. Much more intricate and delicate than what I do. I like it!

  9. kenju said,

    If you gave me the password, I have lost it. Otherwise, I’d be up there, reading.

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