Tamarack – Take Two

August 26, 2006 at 10:07 pm (Beading)

Another busy, busy day. I sold four pieces today, including the brown crystal necklace I posted back on blogger. Woot!

They had a bluegrass/country band playing today. That was interesting. I asked the bassist, who looked like the Doonesbury guy in a Hawaii shirt, what their name was. He looked at me and said, “Uhhhhh… River’s Edge?” Yeah, okay. I called them, “The Soggy Bottom Boys.” The chainsaw guy has now been dubbed, “Leatherface,” although he is quite cute, rather talented, but… there’s that whole chainsaw thing. Jacques, the hot-hot-hottie security guard, he’s just Jacques. With a name like Jacques, who needs a nickname? No, he’s not French, per say, from France, although his first and last names are very French. He’s actually at least part African American from Staten Island, New Yawk.

Heather is “Quilt Bee” and she was quite upset today. They have her display in front of someone else’s quilts. Talk about major suckage. She’s feeling like she’s being sabotaged by her buyer and frankly, I can’t blame her. Politics. Ya know. Anyway, I called the floor manager and she called the guy over her and he showed up a bit later and talked to her. She’s still not happy. Again, can’t blame her. Would you want to work 37 hours on something and then have someone ask about the quilt behind you which is not yours? Me neither.

Anyway, I told her not to leave me with The Soggy Bottom Boys and Leatherface. Have a heart for a fellow artisan! She laughed.

Have I mentioned the food? The food!! It is worth it to get $20 worth of meal tickets a day. The Greenbrier does the all the food there and it is exquisite. The pan fried rainbow trout with lemon butter, ta die for folks! And get this, buttermilk mashed potatoes. Mm, Mm. MMMMM! Yesterday for dessert I had the coconut cream pie and, I forgot. Darn. Today I had the cake of the day which was some coconut raspberry filled thing. It was good, but I was full from the cherry glazed barbequed chicken breast with buttermilk mashed potatoes. And then I had ice cream, butter pecan. I might be a bit richer coming out of this but also, a bit heavier.

And, my coup d’etat for the day. Before noon, a beautiful sweet lady with an accent stopped to admire my precious jewelry. I could tell she was of “my people,” my German speaking people and I asked where she was from and she said a US town and then added that she was originally from Austria. I told her I had lived in Germany and that I had visited Austria while there. Then she started speaking German to me and that got my juices flowing. Her husband came by and she told me good luck and departed.

This prepared me for my next foreign encounter. A woman stopped and began gushing over my jewelry. She had two men, a woman, and child with her. Again, I could tell she was of “my people.” Before I had a chance to say anything, her husband said, in German, “I think it’s a bit too expensive.” Fucker. I replied, in German, “It is not too expensive. I worked long and hard on that.” He was rather taken aback while his wife smiled at me. She bought a pair of earrings.

I. Rule.


  1. blackpunkin said,

    P.S. It was Key Lime Pie which I had as my first dessert. And, tomorrow, not just bluegrass folks, but, GOSPEL BLUEGRASS.

  2. Serra said,

    I like showing in good places like that. But what the FUCK is up with putting the quilter in front of someone else’s work?? That’s just messed up and should never have happened.

  3. Tina said,

    You DO rule, girlfriend! I will have to stop by the Tamarack sometime to check out your stuff!

  4. Vince said,

    You indeed do rule! Congrats on all your success there! As if I doubted you for a moment.

    BTW, I tried the password you emailed me (at least I think I’m remembering it right). I’m going to try it again tomorrow when I’m at a PC that actually has it on it.

  5. JamDaddy said,

    A good time and you made money. You really do rule.

  6. kenju said,

    Would I ever have loved to be a fly on the wall when you spoke German to that guy! I bet his mouth dropped open to his chest!

    Next time I stop at Tamarack, I will eat. Previously, I only bought coffee. I did see Gaston C. eating there once and pointed him out to my daughter. He and I were in Lincoln Junior High together. She wanted me to talk to him, but I didn’t want to interrupt his lunch, and he probably doesn’t remember me anyway. LOL

  7. Inanna said,

    Serra – Politics… it sucks.

    You know I rule, Beanie!

    Vince, thanks, I’m glad you have confidence in me!

    JamDaddy… about that money thing… LOL… well, yeah, I did, just not as much as I had hoped.

    Kenju, it was a classic moment. I called my host parents yesterday morning and told them about and my German father laughed and laughed.

  8. Celti said,

    I just love it when you can catch someone off guard like that. They think they can say what they want, but…lol Sounds like a blast – glad to hear things are selling. 🙂

  9. cybele said,

    It sounds like a wonderful craft show, except for the bluegrass. Sorry for your suffering.

  10. Charmed said,

    You soooo rock German! I love it, it totally suits your personality to do something like that.

    If I were the chick with the quilt, I would be raising cain!

  11. Zelda said,

    Ja! You fucking rule!

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