What A Day!

August 25, 2006 at 10:13 pm (Beading, Shop)

Okay, first, by a show of hands, how many actually made it into the last post? Don’t lie, I know 17 of you did. 17 made it to the previous post so I feel okay about that blasted password that I picked. Just remember, capitalize the first “N” and everything should be fine.

As I forgot to mention, today was my first day at Tamarack. I’m giving a demonstration of my MasterBeader skillz. My most interesting visitor today was a 93 year old great-grandmother from the Ukraine. She has lived in the United States for 56 years and sounds like she just stepped off the boat or plane, whichever. She said her poor English skills were due to the fact she lived in Russian neighborhoods, attended Russian churches, and read Russian newspapers while living in Chicago for many years. A fascinating lady.

Also met a lady originally from France. She laughed at my experiences in the City of Lights and Love. The only person I met today that I had not been in their home state was a young lady from CT. Damn CT!

The other demonstrators were a quilter and a chainsaw woodcarver. Don’t laugh peeps, his work is the shizznet. I hope to post pictures of their amazing work. Heather is a top notch, almost impressionist, quilter who has received honors for her work.

I sold one of my bracelets, one I didn’t even have a chance to take a picture of, and I also sold a pendant, which I also didn’t get to take a picture of. The pendant was one of two unfinished earrings, because, as I’ve said, I hate making earrings. Making two of one thing just goes against my grain. So, I had made one, and a fairly large one at that, with a Southwest motif, gorgeous, if I do say so myself. It was on the section of my table that was reserved for works in progress. The lady asked me what it was going to be and I said, “Supposed to be an earring but it’s hard for me to finish earrings.” She asked if I could make it into a pendant, I said I could in about 15 minutes.

She was thrilled and so was I. Since I didn’t have to make that blasted second earring, and she was buying another piece, I cut her a deal. Everyone was happy.

Before my eight hours at Tamarack, I had to deal with life on this side. To bed after midnight, awake at five… almost. Up by six or so, called AZ, talked to him for 30- 45 minutes. Got dressed, got Nate dressed, left for my bank, got money, waited for the bank AZ uses to open so I could deposit into the shop account, didn’t open, bastards, went to Go-Mart, got cigarettes and breakfast, forgot coffee, went back in for coffee, gave Nate his meds, took him to his dad’s, drove back into town to stop by the shop to drop off a check that had to be deposited after three, picked up merchant slips since I don’t have any, drove back to different branch of same shop bank to try and deposit money, took forever to deposit one check, bastards, left late for Tamarack, broke several laws getting to Tamarack on time.

One of the general managers at Tamarack was one who snapped up some of my jewelry, at least, she told me that today. I got my picture taken and interviewed, for what, I don’t know, I’m assuming the website. Out of eight pieces, I’ve sold four in three months and I sold two today. I’m not complaining. Heather and I get along wonderfully and the chainsaw carver guy’s son, Ian, thinks I’m really pretty.

Then, I came back to town, stopped at the shop, nothing of interest there, left the deposit slip, used the bathroom, went to Summerfest to pick up Nate, bothered some of Jeff’s former co-workers, looked for the t-shirts we made, didn’t see them, came home, now I’m home, it’s hot and I need a bath!

Tomorrow, Adventures at Tamarack, Part Two.


  1. Charmed said,

    I know you are lovin it at Tamarack.

    Stoopid banks.

  2. Jen said,

    I’m so tired just reading how busy you’ve been! 🙂

  3. kenju said,

    Can’t wait to see photos taken at Tamarack.

  4. Michael said,

    As Billy Joel said,
    Working too hard can give you a Tamarack-ack-ack-ack…

  5. Esther said,

    Nothing is as good as taking a long hot bath after a day like that, with maybe a glass of wine in the one hand 😉

  6. Inanna said,

    Charmed, it is a wonderful, wonderful place.

    Jen, I am tired, make no mistake about it.

    Kenju, I need to get some batteries for my camera…

    Mikey, LOL!

    Esther, if I only had some wine…

  7. Serra said,

    Congrats on the great day at Tamarack! I loved showing my soap–not just the sales but the chance to talk to people about what I do.

  8. Ashley said,

    That all sounds so hectic and busy! I need a nap now.

  9. Inanna said,

    Serra, but it is tiring…

    Ashley, I need a nap too.

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