August 14, 2006 at 11:10 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m not panicked. Not at all. I just find myself not knowing what the fuck I’m doing. I don’t know any of the prices. Bob was AWOL this evening. Kevin doesn’t know. AZ is gone. And I need to work up two quotes. Lovely. Just fucking lovely.

I’ve also forgotten what wretched beings humans are. Take me out of customer service for five months and somehow I’ve forgotten what nasty, condescending assholes people can be. Nasty, I tell you, nasty. No worries. Nanner smiled and got her full metal jacket out of the cleaners. Tally ho!

Though honestly, so far, so good.

Although, there is that issue of all the shirts that need ordered… and the artwork that hasn’t been delivered… and those other 15,000 shirts… and the artwork that has to be submitted for work up… and the missing photocopy (which I’m sure is with AZ in NC – *ahem* *growl*)… and the alien abduction which has resulted in this rather interesting arroyo in my head that I have never noticed before, therefore will be chalked up to alien abduction… and the phone call at 4:50 a.m.

Oh yes, the 4:50 call. You see, I awoke Sunday morning to a “missed call” on my cell phone. “Unknown” it said. (Which should be pronounced UNK-nown, just because… play along children). Since I have practically the entire phonebook from 10 states and beyond (remember… alien abduction) and since no call has EV-AH come up on my phone “UNK-nown,” it occurred to me that a some certain someone, someone who has a habit of rising extremely early in the morning *cough*AZ*cough, and who was out of town and wouldn’t have an opportunity at another time, especially on a weekend, to make such a call, or rather, EXPLAIN making such call… yeah, well… I figured it was him.

AZ, not the alien.

And, how odd, out of the eight phone calls I received today, only one said, “UNK-nown,” and it happened to be from the one person who called me using a calling card since he is out of town. 4:50. Good Lord and Lady, the man hadn’t even been gone 24 hours!

I really must wipe this smug look off of my face… the aliens may leave another arroyo. Bad Nanner. BAD. NANNER.

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