August 9, 2006 at 12:47 am (Uncategorized)

Well, my favorite reality peeps got married tonight. Yes, I admit it, I’m a fan of Dog and Beth (and Leland and Tim and Duane Lee, especially Leland, meowr.)

Anyway, I knew that Dog and Beth were getting married because I had read it in the news. What got me was they were all so cavalier heading into the final rehearsal, chasing bail jumpers up until the last minute, and then they got “the call.”

I already knew “the call” was coming since it happened actually in May and was reported in the news. Dog’s daughter Barbara Katie was killed in an automobile collision the day before their wedding. I thought I was prepared, but I don’t think I’m ever prepared to see grown men, men who go out and chase down criminals, with their mouths quivering, sobbing and crying. It’s a reminder that these are real people, with real problems, and real sorrow, no matter how over-the-top and crazy they act.

I sat and cried along with them, not even able to imagine the pain they must have been going through to have lost a daughter, a step-daughter, a sister, a niece, and a mother. Nate hugged me and I was thankful for one more day with my beautiful child. I cried again when Dog started crying right before the wedding and said, “God must have a reason to take my baby.” Then I cried again when they got married because I always cry at weddings.

What Dog said, about God having a reason, I believe is very true. My two male coworkers make fun of my religious beliefs but there is nothing they can say to ever make me change my mind. I do believe that we are here to learn. Our souls are here to learn. We make choices and we learn from those choices. We may wonder why bad things happen but I do believe that whether it our lesson to learn or whether it is through us that others learn, things happen for a reason.

Sometimes, we don’t know the reason, maybe we aren’t meant to know the reason. Perhaps the reason is to simply bring us closer to our Higher Power, whatever you believe that Higher Power to be.

Learn, everyday. Live, everyday. Love, everyday.

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