August 3, 2006 at 10:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Nanner: I have a couple of questions for you.
AZ: And I may have a couple of answers.

Spoken like a true smart ass.

Nanner: I’m going to Pittsburgh in November.
Mom: Why?
Nanner: Her Evilness is getting married, I mean, having a reception or something in Pittsburgh. She’s actually getting married in Atlanta. I’m making her bridal necklace.
Mom: Who’s Her Evilness?
Nanner: One of my blog friends from At-lan-ta. I met her in Kansas City and Aimee is coming in from California.
Mom: Who’s Aimee?


… later in the conversation…

Mom: I want to go to the Statue of Liberty while we’re on our trip but we want to take a day trip on a charter or something.
Nanner: Yeah, dad shouldn’t drive in NYC, that would be dangerous. I have a few blog friends that live in the area, two in NYC and one in Jersey, I could ask them.
Mom: OH, could YOU???
Nanner: Of course, Mom, I got you covered all the way to Maine. Cybele is in MD, E-Lo is PA, Julie, Vince, and Lilo are in NY, Beth is in Jersey, BooBoo is in ME, and I could even dig up a sloth in MA. It’s the Blogger Roadside Assistance Program.
Mom: Why would you dig up a sloth?

I need a drink.


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