July 25, 2006 at 10:58 pm (Uncategorized)

My car has been acting up and I’m betting it is something that I have already had fixed that shouldn’t be broken already. I looked for arcing and sparks under the hood which would indicate trouble with the spark plug wires but naturally when I popped the hood and gunned the engine the damn thing acted like it was ready to race the Indy 500 until of sputtering and clicking and missing like it has been for the past five weeks.

When I change the channel on the radio, I use the little buttons that I have my stations saved to, if I don’t, when I turn the station knob, it just fucks up my radio. It takes me twice as long to tune my radio with the knob than if I just hit a button because the stupid radio simply will not tune when I turn the knob. Stupid radio.

I bought a new watch face today and then proceeded to waste an hellavu lotta time trying to make a chain mail watchband to go with it. It has taken longer to figure out chain mail then the watch will probably last. Also, I have yet to figure out chain mail. Pretty, tough, pretty damn tough, maybe tomorrow. Regardless, I do not have high hopes for said watch. I will most likely bead a standard two or three drop peyote band tomorrow, embellish it, and call it a day. Not only do watches die on me in a relatively short period of time, battery replacement does no good. When the watch dies, it is dead, never to be resurrected.

We had a horrible, but welcome, thunderstorm on Friday night. The sweltering temps were driving me batty. It moved in fast and hit hard. Kind of like the thunderstorm described in my “Distortion by Thunderstorm” posts, except, it moved faster. A bolt of lightening came dangerously close to my house. Close enough that I could feel the static electricity from it all over my body and the lights dimmed very, very low. Close enough that, instinctively, I ducked. I feel as though had I not been home, it would have fried everything on the east side of my house, which is the important side of the house. TV, cable box, computer, air conditioner, refrigerator, freezer, and alarm clock, all on the east side of the house. Eh, who cares about the alarm clock.

I have a hard time with compasses. Street lights blink off and on. Ask Troy, he is a bona fide skeptical witness. We were standing under one of those quad streetlights favored by large parking lots when they went off like “Close Encounters.” Troy also was a witness to another streetlight phenomena when I snapped my fingers and made one go off.

Lights have come on in my house and the TV once, although I’m not sure if it was me or a spiritual being who happened to be passing through and knew I wanted the TV turned on. Sometimes, I can get all of the stoplights to turn to green.

The lady I buy beads from told me after hearing my lamentation about watches that, “You just have a different body chemistry.”

Tell me, are those little balls they use for the lottery magnetic? Damn. Didn’t think so.

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  1. Der Apfel said,

    I hear you about the different body chemistry; I tend to bleach the clothes I wear, ever since I was a kid. If you’re still into the chainmaille thing and have yet to figure it out, I’ve been doing it for more than three years now and have a number of patterns down fairly well. Let me know if you want any pointers.

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