The Fourteen Years War – 1999 – Volume I

July 4, 2006 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

By late January, AZ had talked me into applying for a mortgage loan. I wanted to be pre-approved so that whenever I found a place I wouldn’t have to worry about the loan issue. I was approved and we started scanning the market for a good place for me and Nate.

Being alone together, without fear of interruption, was still not our forte. At the house on Hudson Street, standing in the emptiness of the living room, he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. It was like it was us looking for a home, not just me.

Once we were at the real estate office together and were caught in a compromising position by the fax machine. *Laugh*

However, he was still with Jean. I knew something was wrong there, but still couldn’t figure out what. AZ avoided my questions and often mumbled and murmured about what was going on. Anytime we were alone, he was very affectionate with me, like he was starved for it. I know AZ and I know how he is, I knew something was wrong. Whether unwilling to tell me or unwilling to admit it to himself, it went undiscussed.

AZ called a day or two after my grandmother passed away in April and told me in no uncertain terms to meet me at a particular house. I felt as though it was out of my price range but AZ insisted that I meet him there. It was everything I had ever wanted. Close to the train tracks, three bedrooms, nice yard for Nate, and roses were already planted beside of the porch. I told him I would think about it and the following day I called and told him I wanted to make an offer on the house. We met at the real estate office to fill out the paperwork and when I told him the price, he gave me a classic AZ look.

“Just do it, they can counteroffer if they want to.” He agreed and put it down and took my earnest money. That was on a Saturday. The next day would have been my grandmother’s birthday so I went back to the homestead to spend time with my family. When I got home, there were seven calls from AZ on my Caller ID. He was at an open house and was calling to tell me they had accepted my offer. The next month I spent getting the house inspected and preparing to move.

At the closing, AZ and I sat side by side, across the table from the other realtor and the lawyer. As I was signing my life away for the next 30 years, AZ started making snarky comments under his breath about the other realtor and then started the “LOVE-ly” thing. “LOVE-ly” was a sarcastic, roll your eyes, LOVE-ly. He was making me giggle under my breath and I whispered for him to stop but he kept on until I joined in.

Then, to make Freud proud, out slipped, “I love you.” Yep, right there in my closing. My mouth dropped open and AZ looked a bit surprised as well. Then while my face turned red and I wanted to wither away in my seat, AZ smiled.

Eventually, all of the papers were signed and AZ dangled the key out to me. I almost asked, “Did you keep a copy for yourself?” Inside, a tiny voice answered, “He already has one.” I know the look on my face must have changed briefly but I smiled and took the key.

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