Dear Diary

June 16, 2006 at 7:17 am (Uncategorized)

I was stood up on my date and then I went to the see that horrible movie, “The Break Up.” Honestly, what was the point of that movie other than to depress me?

I know that part of my problem is it is very difficult to let people into my life and to trust people. AZ said I need to work on that. Like he is one to talk. Pot. Kettle. Black.

This leads me to wonder though if I have pushed him away some how over the years. It would help if he would tell me. Vulnerability is not my strong point anymore, nor his. Perhaps we are destined to orbit one another, stuck in each other’s gravitational fields on elliptical orbits which bring us a breath apart and then sling us miles away from one another. Perhaps one day we’ll crash into one another and explode in large ball of dust and flame.

It’s the best I can hope for now.

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Things Are Looking Up

June 14, 2006 at 7:58 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, I’m feeling much better, now just back to being extremely busy.

Saw AZ yesterday and talked to him three times. He’s graciously allowed me to apprentice, sort of, as a screen printer at his shop. In other words, I walked in, told him I wanted to learn, and I was also going to organize his office. I like screen printing much better than document review. AZ and I have talked about me doing some secretarial work, sales work, and learning the screen printing trade in the past and now I’m just lining work up for when this job ends.

I also am applying for a part-time creative writing/research assistant position.

I still have my beads and I have a demonstration set for August.

I was even able to squeeze in a date yesterday. He’s very nice. We have another date this evening. Not sure if there is any spark yet, but we’ll see.

My sinuses are still draining although the TMJ has abated for the time being, yet, I am still unable to turn my mind off and go to sleep at night. I think I miss a certain little boy. I think I miss that little boy a whole lot.

AZ left the shop yesterday and I had a chance to talk to the guys who work there, who have known AZ as long or almost as long as I have and they were both very encouraged that I was there and were hoping that I was going to step in and relieve some of AZ’s workload. Good guys, both from where I grew up. One is actually the step-brother of a girl I ran around with in high school. Yet, as AZ has pointed out, they need a babysitter and that’s why he’s stuck there a lot. Heh. Enter Nanner.
As one of the guys said yesterday, “Ya know, you could help answer phones, do sales, help with the printing, do the books, pay some bills, order supplies, and if we’re not really busy, you could do your beading at one of the tables. We could really use the help.” Cross your fingers that Nanner will have a more interesting job by the end of summer.

Not to mention, I would get to work with one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I think the Lord and Lady are smiling on me.

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When The Shit Monster Says, “BWAHAAHAHAHAHHAHA”

June 12, 2006 at 7:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Nate is gone for the week to Washington, D.C., leaving me free to engage in debauchery without guilt.

I started my period.

My TMJ is acting up.

I haven’t had much sleep.

My house is still a disaster.

I called AZ, and he’s not answering his cell.

I have no beer.

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“Let me not mourn for the men who have died fighting, but rather let me be glad that such heroes have lived.”

June 8, 2006 at 10:02 pm (Uncategorized)

After Uncle Ted returned home, there is another sizable gap in the remembrances of those around him. My father was only 3 1/2 years old when Ted returned, my grandfather and grandmother have both passed away. Only one person I know still alive would have any idea what the next 40 years held for Ted and I have not yet had the opportunity to speak with him.

There was a rumor that Ted married and fathered a child before his wife grew tired of his ways and moved, taking the child with her and never returning. While Ted may have had a liking for alcohol before the war, he certainly took a great liking to it afterwards.

Luckily, in our small rural town, the County Sheriff was one of his best friends and when Uncle Ted got too full in his cups, the Sheriff would “arrest” him, dry him out, and then make him cook at the jail. Also, if the jail got without a cook, the Sheriff would call Ted and have him come over and cook until another cook could be hired or located.

A mystery of sorts surrounds his death. My father was present at the time and said that Ted was drunk, fell, and hit his head, killing him instantly. Ted’s death certificate said he “dropped dead, striking his head on a table as he fell.” As my grandfather died suddenly of a massive coronary, I’m inclined to believe the coroner, although medical technology just wasn’t the same then as it is now.

Perhaps the worst part of this whole scenario, besides the fact my uncle died before I ever had an opportunity to know him or listen to his stories, was what happened after his death. My grandmother, a harridan on a good day, threw away everything she could lay her hands on that belonged to Ted, including all of his service medals. I’m surprised his discharge paper survived, maybe she didn’t know where it was or my grandfather squirreled it away for safe keeping. Regardless, until my father and I can get his record from the government and order his service medals again, hopefully putting together a nice memorial, this is the little I have to remember him by.

Thank you, Jack for reminding me of the real meaning of June 6th. The title of this post and the previous post are quotes from General Patton.

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“Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no one – for I am the meanest motherfucker in the valley.”

June 7, 2006 at 10:09 pm (Uncategorized)

My great-uncle Ted was a World War II veteran. He died when I was just a baby. Uncle Ted was a true hero, although an unsung hero of my entire family.

I have attempted as best I can to piece together his war record. His discharge papers are not very accurate from the information I have received which is why it has been difficult to piece together his trek across Europe.

I do know he was a member of the 738th Medium Tank Battalion (Special)(Company B) which trained at Camp Bouse in Arizona. The existence of Camp Bouse and the “special” tanks they had there was second in secrecy only to the atomic bomb. The special tanks had a light near the tank turrent which flashed much like a strobe light in the darkness, making it nigh impossible to shoot as the opposing force could never get a clear bearing on its position.

Under threat of death and Leavenworth, the military personnel were not allowed to speak of it. Unfortunately, even after intense training, the tank was never used for its intended purpose and the lights only came on when barging into the Rhineland area of Germany.

While the discharge papers state that Uncle Ted entered the European Theater of Operations (ETO) on the 2nd day of June, 1943, that would be impossible as he was training in Bouse, Arizona. Had he entered ETO in June of 1943, then he couldn’t have been wounded in Rhineland in February of 1943, now could he? Sources state that the Infantry divisions he was most likely attached to were in Rhineland in February of 1945, not 1943.

Two of the special tank battalions from Bouse were supposed to be deployed on D-Day, however, they were not. More confusions sets in here. My father’s recollections of Uncle Ted’s war stories are very similar to his discharge papers which list the major campaigns he was involved in as Normandy – Northern France – Rhineland – Ardennes – Central Europe. However, an extremely abbreviated history of his tank battalion says they were never at Normandy, instead they debarked at Le Havre, France (well north of Normandy) and then entered Aachen, Germany, with Company A attaching to the 3rd Armored Division and then attaching to diverse units after that. It does not mention Company B. Perhaps Company B had entered at Normandy, I don’t know.

I have found that keeping up with one platoon from one company from one tank battalion in World War II is next to impossible, especially not knowing what platoon Uncle Ted was in. Battalions, especially those in armored units attached and detached within weeks, days, or even hours. Sometimes the companies from the battalions split and sometimes the platoons from the companies from the battalions split.

Uncle Ted was a tank gunner and because they weren’t using the tanks for what they were intended, the tanks became mine exploders, breaching and clearing mine fields while also providing combat support.

Uncle Ted received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star. His unit received the Distinguished Unit Citation (or Presidential Citation – which is something like the Medal of Honor for a unit). He also received the European African Middle Eastern Service Ribbon. He returned home in the Fall of 1945 . . .

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Mawhi-Mawhi and White Dressin’

June 6, 2006 at 6:52 pm (Uncategorized)

People ask what my new job is like. It’s not exactly new anymore since I started on the Ides of March. In a nutshell, it’s The Breakfast Club revisited, there are just four of us instead of five and Principal Vernon has been replaced by an attorney. (Let us all observe a moment of silence for the recently departed Principal Vernon – Paul Gleason.)

Our work is laborious and boring. Especially now that our team and the main headquarters team are slogging through boxes and boxes of paperwork doing privilege review. This entails sitting in a practically windowless room (the windows are at the very top of the room and only afford a glimpse of the blue clear sky if you stand due East at a 45 degree angle with your head tilted 90 degrees to the West with your back at a 15 degree angle with a half twist) and flipping pages looking for particular names and other sundries until your eyes cross and your neck feels as though there is whole box of documents sitting on it.

In order to pass the time more quickly, Bender, Claire, Brian, and myself (Allison), share tales of our travels and travails, sing ass songs (My hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps), and attempt to find covert sexual innuendos in our paperwork (like nipples).

Claire shared with us her college days job as a waitress at a local seafood restaurant where a customer came in and ordered mawhi-mawhi. She said, “We don’t have any mawhi-mawhi, but we do have some mahi-mahi.” I didn’t say she was nice about it. Another customer told her he wanted white dressin’ on his salad. She inquired, “Would that be the white dressin’ with chunks or without chunks cuz we have two white dressin’s.” He said, “I don’t want no chunks.” She said, “We call that Ranch.”

Between that and Bender’s impersonation of the Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs – It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again – and Brian’s impersonation of Hank Hill from King of the Hill – That boy ain’t right – and the ass-biting, snarky zingers that fly from the four corners regularly, I guess it’s worth the 945,000 documents about nipples we have to review.

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June 4, 2006 at 2:43 am (Uncategorized)

The past week I didn’t have much sleep. After attending the family reunion and sucking down bucketloads of pollen which aggravated my sinuses which then began dripping into my throat which then caused my tonsils and uvula to swell and get all kinds of gross gunk on them, I was unable to sleep well.

One morning in particular, I had horrible lucid dreaming. If I’m having sex or fooling around, I don’t much mind lucid dreaming, but I wasn’t, I was fixing cars or watching cars be fixed, over and over and over. I only lucid dream when I drink Jim Beam or if I’m in some type of gnawing pain which isn’t painful enough to actually wake me, but painful enough that I’m half awake and attempting to dream at the same time.

Then as I was beginning to feel half-human, I met this guy who is really interesting and smart and was staying up way too late chatting (among other things which would give my mother a heart attack) and then since Nate was at Jeff’s and this interesting guy is leaving for Afghanistan very soon, we decided we should meet and off I go. No, he’s not military, he’s an international contractor (having spent time at both the North and South Poles and several other foreign countries, I figure he can say that with all honesty). Anyway, it was a decent drive to where he was and then it was up early in the morning and I drove home and with all good intentions but that bed just looked too inviting.

Upon waking at some point I realized I hadn’t eaten and watching simulations of how catastrophic an eruption of Mt. Rainier could be was not filling my gut, so I went to Applebee’s and had a nice quiet dinner, all by myself, with booze and dessert. I still had good intentions but watched an episode of “Forensic Files” when I heard it start thundering so I plodded outside to grab the comforter off the clothes line and of course the air cooled down and the wind picked up and the comforter was fresh. Not to mention, it was thundering, which we have all now determined is some type of sleeping draught for me, and I didn’t wake from my slumber until after 10. I was supposed to be stopping by T-Bird’s and she had called, although my phone was on the floor buried under some clothes, I guess I heard it and it woke me.

So, now it’s 2:38 and I should be wide awake but it is one again, nappy time. Sweet dreams.

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I Want You. . . To Be My Wife!

June 2, 2006 at 12:09 am (Uncategorized)

Jeff called this evening in all of his drug hazed glory and asked me to marry him, more than once. Yeah, I’ll get right on that. After I firmly refused his most appealing offer, he asked what I wanted, meaning “tell me how I can change to win your love, sweet NannerPeachyOne.” It’s kind of useless to tell someone in a drug haze that one shouldn’t have to change but be loved for who they are and even if by some strange stretch of the imagination, a serious head injury, nuclear holocaust, and Armageddon, it ain’t happnin’. I don’t like to say “never” but in this case I’ll capitulate and say nusquam ad infinitas. For you non-Latin speaking individuals, that means: nowhere, in no place, nothing, for nothing, never for eternity and evermore.

If he could understand, I’m sure he’d ask, “Do you mean, ‘ever, ever’?”

Let’s recall the last time I blogged about Jeff. I believe my parting words were, “If he were to lay prostrate at my feet on fire I wouldn’t piss on him.” Those are strong words, even for a Peach.

So, I quoted one movie in the title and about half quoted another movie with the “ever, ever” line. Do you know which two movies?

Isn’t life in Peachtown just a hoot!

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