The Fourteen Years War – 1994 – Volume II

June 26, 2006 at 7:59 am (Uncategorized)

When Jeff and his wife separated, we started seeing each other on the sly. Oh Holy Hera! Did we ever! And then, he and his wife reconciled for a period of time and then they separated and then they reconciled, over and over and over. I have no doubt that Jeff didn’t love her but he loved his daughter.

Now, fucking fantastic, I was stuck between two men, both of which I loved, both of which were doing things to stay with “their children”. I totally understand that but some of it, I didn’t understand.

Eventually, I heard that AZ was having a remote for the radio station and as Jeff was off somewhere or mad at me or something, I went to see him. He was sitting at the bar like the world was sitting on his shoulders. I sat down with him and asked him what was wrong.

Julie, the horse ugly fat bitch? Yeah, she didn’t have cancer. Healthy as a fat ugly horse. I asked AZ, “So, who finally tipped you off?” He looked at me with death in his eyes. “My Mom. You don’t seem very surprised, like a lot of my other friends.” I told him I had suspected all along she was lying but it was pretty much confirmed when I saw her. He was furious. “Why didn’t you say something?” I told him that I wasn’t willing to risk our friendship over her, he refused to listen anyway, and that he knew I loved him and I was afraid he would have thought I was only jealous. I was jealous, not of the child, but of Julie.

He denied he would have thought any of those things. I hate to tell him, but I’m not sure he would have. Sometimes you don’t realize how deep you’re in until you’re out.

Oh, the reason Lex left? Because he found old tapes of when “Jenny” had called the radio station and compared them electronically to the voice tapes of Julie when she had called. He said they matched. He quit his job and left. That’s right. “Jenny” didn’t die because Jenny and Julie were the same person.


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