May 29, 2006 at 10:53 pm (Uncategorized)

Not to be confused with serosanguinous, although both are about blood. Yes, it was once again time for the fam damily reunion. No, I didn’t get a date but I did get a number. Ba dum crash!

One of my cousins (second cousin – once removed, to be exact) was curious about our familial connections. She also wanted to know why she was once removed from me. “Because you stink.” Har, har, har. *Ahem* Her mother, the great-niece of my grandmother, and I, are second cousins. And what constitutes a second cousin? I just told you. Pay attention.

So, any children of the great niece of my grandmother, or the prodigy of first cousins, are second cousins, and any of their children are then my second cousins – once removed. However, the daughter of the great niece of my grandmother (or great grandniece) then becomes Nate’s third cousin and any of their prodigy will then be fourth cousins, but third cousins, once removed from Nate.

However, as not to confuse the poor child, since she was so curious, she is also my fourth cousin, once removed and my double fifth cousin, once removed. I am my own third cousin, once removed ( meaning my Mom is my third cousin and my double fourth cousin) which also means that I am also my double fourth cousin, once removed. Legally, yes, I can marry myself. We’re also distantly related through other branches.

Ha, and you thought I didn’t really have any branches on my family tree, didn’t you?

Oh, wait…

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