Wicked Wind

May 26, 2006 at 8:50 pm (Uncategorized)

So, I settled in for a right good storm. Lights are out, windows open in the bedroom, fan running, listening.

Suddenly, it’s as though the fan has been turned up on “Catastrophic” as a gust of wind from nowhere buffets my house, rustling leaves and limbs, making dogs bark. I listen. . . for the sound of tree limbs cracking from next door, as they often do, but they don’t. I listen. . . to the Venetian blinds alternating banging and rattling as they are lifted away and then sucked against the panes as the wind breathes inside my house. I listen. . . for thunder . . . I watch . . . for lightening. . . *tick* *tick* *bang* *rattle* *rustle* *breath in* *breath out* *tock*

I fall asleep, certain in my mind that the approaching rain and lightening and thunder will wake me.

Certain that droplets of water from the window above my head will wake me.

Nothing wakes me but the radio playing at 6:00 a.m.

I ask the lady at the convenience store about the storm. She said, “Freaky wind, sounded like a tornado.”

“No lightening? No thunder?”

“Nope, just a wicked wind.”

It stormed today. I wouldn’t describe it as foreplay, more like premature ejaculation. It got off way too soon.

Story of my life.

The yo-yo is down today. Always full of big dreams, hopes, and wishes, full of promise and then… I get out of bed. Blogging for two years tomorrow. Happy Blogiversary to me.

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